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nicki minaj family in trinidad

nicki minaj family in trinidad. MTV is set to air “Nicki
  • MTV is set to air “Nicki

  • vocaro
    Apr 2, 07:42 PM
    Except for a minor cursor glitch, I haven't encountered any bugs in Pages, and it does everything I've asked of it. I especially love the way it handles graphics. Being able to drag pictures where you want them and keep them there, letting text flow around them as you type, is sooo much nicer than what I've experienced in Word, which is usually "Dammit, Word, why did you bump my picture to the next page just because I typed three letters?"

    So contrary to most of the posters here, I'm quite happy with Pages. I agree that the user interface could use some remodeling, especially the tedious Inspector pane, but overall I've been impressed with the quality of this 1.0-level app that only costs $40 (so to speak). It's a great Word alternative for those who don't need Excel and don't want to shell out several hundred bucks (MS Office) just to get something better than TextEdit.

    nicki minaj family in trinidad. nicki minaj family in trinidad
  • nicki minaj family in trinidad

  • kntgsp
    Apr 5, 11:58 AM

    Consumer Reports was clearly pageview trolling with the iPhone 4.

    They rated it as their BEST smartphone, but said they wouldn't recommend it.
    How does that make any sense?

    Because the signal attenuation due to the design was abnormally high. 20-25dB attenuation that can be accomplished by simply touching the tip of your pinky finger on the gap or in the normal position when making calls. That is a design problem and something that should not have made it out of QC.

    Overall it is a fantastic device, albeit with an antenna issue. People who only use the phone in very strong signal areas won't notice or be bothered by it. For a majority of people who live in those areas and only use the phone in those areas it isn't problematic. But you either accept what reality is or continue to delude yourself into thinking that there is no design problem with the antenna. It's a simple black and white issue.

    If I was using an IOS device for my phone I'd have no problem buying an Iphone 4 because I understand its limitations going in. I wouldn't be insane enough to claim that because I had no signal issues in my daily use that it was evidence there was no attenuation problem.

    nicki minaj family in trinidad. nicki minaj family in trinidad
  • nicki minaj family in trinidad

  • state_of
    Dec 6, 01:49 PM
    Well I've noticed something really weird by pure accident is not that important but it did got my attention and if anyone knows why I would like to know for sure

    first of all i have an ibook, an adsl line and a telindus adsl modem. With the modem I have two computers connected ibook and my brothers windows based machine...By accident in my ibook i used a crossover cable to connect with the modem..and by suprise the internet worked. I tryied the same cable in the windows based machine kai ofcourse it didn't work.... It really seems weird (the straightthrought cable works fine with both mac kai windows computers).

    thnx :D

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  • dukebound85
    May 5, 11:27 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2 like Mac OS X; en) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C134 Safari/6533.18.5)

    MS just doesn't get it. No OS X, no sale. Whenever MS tries anti-Apple marketing, they lose. They're completely out of touch, deer in the headlights style, in this new market situation. It's now becoming comical.

    They tried this garbage with their Laptop Hunters campaign a couple of years ago, where they showcased some yokels walking into a big box store and passing over Macs due to price.

    Apple went on to sell more Macs than ever before.

    Desperation breeds a lot of baloney. The PC and netbook market are contracting at an alarming rate, thanks to the effects of the post-PC era, where MS barely has any presence.

    Keep milking that Windows licensing cash cow, MS. Google and Apple have you right where they want you.

    May Steve Ballmer continue to drive MS into the ground. It's fun to watch.

    Ahh, another pro apple, anti ms post from LTD lol

    No they get it perfectly well. They know Apple has a premium charge compared to other manufacturers so why not try and exploit it:rolleyes:

    The microsoft usability tax costs even more, in wasted time and low productivity.
    I think it really depends on what your needs are. You have been around here long enough to realize that...

    Or perhaps you would be willing to show how I can be more productive on my mac when it comes to using industry standard CAD software like ProE? or Solidworks?
    Pretty please?? lol


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj Family In Trinidad. Nicki Minaj released her new; Nicki Minaj released her new. Hissori. Oct 9, 02:51 PM
  • Nicki Minaj Family In Trinidad. Nicki Minaj released her new; Nicki Minaj released her new. Hissori. Oct 9, 02:51 PM

  • Fiveos22
    Sep 27, 07:33 PM
    I guess I am sorry I created all the confusion,

    Yes, my original post was a joke,
    yes, it was referring to "Quake I",
    yes, Quake I never required video hardware,
    yes, Quake I runs like a bat out of hell already on the new machines,

    so the OpenGL multithreading would make Quake I run much faster, because I need to see the difference between choppy 300 fps and much smoother 375 fps.

    I apologize for the humor.

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  • Synchro
    Oct 24, 04:48 PM
    I was as the opening of the Regent st store. Got there about 7am for a 10am opening, and there was already a 300m queue!

    Not sure that I'll make it this time.


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  • optophobia
    Feb 23, 03:54 PM
    ...or Apple could allow returns, like every "normal" store.

    No it is NOT Apple's fault. This is CLEARLY the parents fault.

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  • Juventuz
    Apr 1, 01:11 PM
    You're misunderstanding. It's not a cobranded box that says TiVo, that's coming in the future, but DirecTV outsourced their DVR software development to TiVo years ago....

    "It's official! TiVo and DIRECTV have renewed their partnership"

    They're working on a true Tivo box that'll support directv, whereas in the past it's just been software they've developed as private label for DirecTV... hence the "renewed partnership" wording.

    Their renewed partnership is because there used to be a DirecTivo (which was a dvr separate from the other boxes) that was launched back in 1999 and went through a series of upgrades until 2007.

    Their current software found in their boxes is done in house, I know a few people who test it.


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj may be the
  • Nicki Minaj may be the

  • Arcady
    Apr 12, 01:01 PM
    The correct link for the change notes for this release is here:

    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj#39;s #39;Pink Friday#39;
  • Nicki Minaj#39;s #39;Pink Friday#39;

  • javaGuru
    Jan 7, 08:51 AM
    So far the push notifications are working very well. However, the contact syncing actually deleted all of my contacts and replaced them with some contacts from facebook that were NOT even close to being correct. I'm not too happy about this at all. It ended up pushing these changes to my MobileMe cloud so I have basically lost all of my contacts. Way to go facebook!


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj performs in kooky; Nicki Minaj performs in kooky. windkoh. May 5, 04:51 AM
  • nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj performs in kooky; Nicki Minaj performs in kooky. windkoh. May 5, 04:51 AM

  • gatepc
    May 2, 02:55 PM
    Performance note: just thought someone might want to know what kinda performance I getting.

    Computer: 2010 i7 15" macbook pro
    Res: 1680x1050
    Graphics settings ultra ( highest it goes )

    perfectly playable it only starts to stutter under heavy battle scenes and you can fix that by dropping back down to high settings.

    the only thing that was not set to ultra is the textures which were set correctly according to SC2 for a 512vram gpu

    also its perfectly playable with everything set to high on the native res of a 24" LED ACD 1920x1200

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  • fourthtunz
    Sep 13, 04:06 PM
    I think peecees are a great value if, you aren't using pci cards and you build your own but I just got the new dual 867 and it rocks! If your doing video you should check out final cut pro on OSX.2 Very solid and very fast!
    I adimit I don't have the very newest pc with the newest apps but the reason the Mac is now an even better deal is the very real speed of the new Machines,the new OS, and the Included apps are very good. Final cut does not exist for the Pc, its nearest competitor, from avid is about $700 more and not as good,so if you factor in everything,the New Macs are the best values in a long time. It will be interesting to see what happens on both sides next year:D


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. HER ROYAL MINAJESTY#39;S

  • AppliedVisual
    Oct 22, 12:31 AM
    That is idiotic, there are plenty of low power graphics solutions that blow the doors off Integrated garbage, Almost like saying I hope they use the least expensive cheapist solution they can find that uses no power. A computer is a tool and for you to say 97 % dont need a GPU is a lie. In that case they could be using G3s with rage 128's. More spin from the fan club of crapo graphics. What they should do is offer a option for those people who expect a modern computer to be just that.


    Apple using the integrated GMA950 is a bunch of crap... They just went cheap, it has NOTHING to do with power savings. Even an old Radeon Mobility 9700 would be better. I can't understand why Apple chose to do this seeing how they don't support it with some of their own software (FCP, Motion). They should have at least offered an upgrade option or put the GPU option in the blackbook only or something.

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  • Nicki Minaj opened up

  • WannaGoMac
    Apr 5, 05:06 PM
    :( I am starting to think why do i have a mac, as i need so many dam adapters.

    Exacly what a friend of mine said when he got his new macbook and found out he needed to buy new adapters since in the 3 years they removed many (such as the analogue audio ports)


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj amp; Rihanna Tapped
  • Nicki Minaj amp; Rihanna Tapped

  • cube
    Apr 23, 09:57 AM
    The 320M is CUDA-capable. Intel is still evaluating OpenCL.

    nicki minaj family in trinidad. nicki minaj family in trinidad
  • nicki minaj family in trinidad

  • dscuber9000
    Mar 28, 10:52 AM
    Wow, this is going to over-lap with E3. It'll be a hell of a week. :D


    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Nicki Minaj
  • Nicki Minaj

  • queshy
    Nov 13, 12:15 AM
    Why did they replace Justin Long in these ads? ...I could have sworn he spoke Japanese. ;) :p

    Ya! remember the camera one when he talks to the japanese camera!

    The first time I watched I couldnt even tell which one was the Mac lol....I still liked it.

    nicki minaj family in trinidad. Last night MTV aired Nicki
  • Last night MTV aired Nicki

  • hankk
    Jan 29, 06:54 PM
    I'm trying to install Panther on our G3 iMac DV from the back up disks that came with our new G5 iMac. (G3 iMac DV: 10.2.8; 768MB; 80GB)

    Among the bundled software is Nanosaur 2.0 (pretty fun). It is not supported on the G3.

    The install options are:
    1. Panther + bundled applications
    2. Bundled applications only
    3. OS 9 only

    There is no Panther-only install option that I can determine.

    When I attempt to install on the G3, the installer determines that the target machine does not support the bundled software (as noted above) and stops.

    I've inspected the directories of all the back up disks and have not found anything useful.

    Does anyone know a work-around to this issue? Or if I want Panther on the old machine, will I have to purchase a Panther upgrade?

    One final question: Will my proof of purchase coupons entitle me to a copy of Panther or Tiger that I could install on the G3 iMac?

    Thanks, Hank

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  • imahawki
    May 5, 01:40 PM
    I didn't read the whole thread so maybe someone already said it but if they put 30 crapware and trial programs on Macs they could probably drop the price... but they don't want to. The Windows machines should say $1200 - $400 from crapware vendors to be more fair.

    As far as why people buy Macs? Windows has gotten a TON better but a lot of the same problems still apply. I got tired of trying to make backup rotation work on my Win7 machine (it won't do it you can only backup to ONE destination. If you want to change that you edit your ONE allowed backup policy but you can't even have multiple policies to allow for not changing the policy every time you rotate your disk), I got tired of driver problems with my Wacom Intuous (certain apps wouldn't let you click buttons with the mouse but worked with the pen [random crap like that]) I got tired of all the registry trash that every program you want to demo leaves behind, I enjoyed the alleged openness but honestly got tired of the lack of real-world compatibility (the esata card I bought "worked" but not in AHCI mode so I couldn't hot swap. And even just leaving it in IDE mode I got a BIOS error every time I booted).

    I could go on. I'm pretty objective and there are areas where Windows and generic hardware provide advantages but its not that cut and dried and people aren't suckers for paying more for a mac.

    Lesser Evets
    Apr 25, 02:01 PM
    Too early to quit dvd altogether:confused:

    If its up to me to should throw that medium into the wastebin asap.

    I agree, but the simple fact is that DVDs are still dirt cheap compared to USB drives. Give it a couple years. DVD is scheduled to be dust in 2015, anyway. Probably sooner if the price of 4 & 8 GB thumb drives become super-cheap.

    Fear not: the thumb-drive IS the next media step unless some huge player in the industry pushes for something else.

    BluRay will hang on until 2020, or whenever large GB thumb-drives are cheaper than such disks. The moment those chips are manufactured like Skittles, they'll cost nothing and be universal. Goodbye all mechanical garbage, please. (Aside from fans)

    Oct 9, 04:16 PM
    hm, wait, people don't already download movies??

    **hides torrents**

    Feb 24, 01:37 PM
    What about regulations to protect the consumer from those that find loop holes to make big bucks....

    Parents need to do their part, but government needs to try to protect from the greed that that brought us to the mess we are in today....

    Are we really comparing looking into in-app purchases with the crimes committed by Wall Street? Wow.

    This is a 100% parental issue. As for Apple, the least they could do (and it might be there) is to post a video teaching parents to use parental controls.

    Dec 21, 05:26 PM
    Just like Michelle McManus, Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward and Leon Jackson eh Louis?

    I don't know anyone who bought Joe's single. Indeed, I don't know anyone who bought a single by any of the people listed above. Why would you? They're not that good, the singles are not that good, it's just musical magnolia, dull, tedious, indeed - off all the things it could be described as, having the 'X-Factor' is not one. Will Young was something a bit unique and he has a personality. Leona is fairly damn good as well. THey are clearly the exception, however, not the rule.

    Yet somehow, every year, this crap fills out TV screens for months, it fills the news for months, it fills the airwaves for months. Hours and hours of freaks embarassing themselves, then hours of programs talking about the hours of freaks embarassing themselves. Then the news, every news outlet, reporting on the freaks. Then it starts all over again, the finalists, none of whom exhibit any exceptional talent. Then hours and hours of programs dedicated to those 12, more hours dedicated to re-covering it, and again, it's in the news everywhere.

    At the end of it, an average singer, a tedious song, and a very brief career.

    I think this entire campaign was the rest of the country just saying "We're bored of this ****"

    If that makes me pathetic or meaningless, then so be it.

    Mar 13, 04:27 PM
    Phones keep time while they're off. Phone's also don't check to see what time it is, every hour, they check when they're turned on. The network provides a fallback, but the phone should know what time it is, too. There's no excuse for Apple's spotty coding. None.

    Agreed. My macbook air correctly adjusted to the right time without needing an internet connection, so I don't see why my phone should rely on the carrier.

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