Sunday, January 31, 2010

you had me at hello

Things that complete me:
(at 8:34 pm on a Sunday evening)

  • my husband
  • sunsets
  • the smell of the ocean
  • snuggling
  • hh with the girls
  • venti half caf drip from the buck in the am
  • my family
  • kristy laughing at her own jokes
  • a good writing pen
  • teaching (the good and the bad moments)
  • lorie saying you rock
  • sushi sundays
  • the beatles
  • ojai. always ojai.
  • friends that are like family
  • family that are like friends
  • ideas that are becoming reality
  • all things macintosh
  • julia's one liners
  • golden spoon
  • twinklelights
  • ryan, tiffany, and laura's confidence in me
  • and so much more.....


I ran across this adorable etsy creation by cozyblue on a wedding blog and I have to be honest...I need this. Okay do I need it? NO...but I sure as heck want it. How adorable is this? My friend Quinn is getting married in July and I threw her an engagement all themed after The Giving Tree (we are teachers people so Shel Silverstein and his fantastic writings are pretty much god to us). Wish I had known about this then! Check out the pictures below or check out the site by clicking HERE!

Why didn't I think of this????

This would have been an amazing wedding shot! Maybe at our 10 year anniversary?!?!?
What do you think?

I'm Smitten...

When TD and I got engaged, my best friend Kristy had a little BBQ to celebrate with our friends when we came back from Ojai. It was a blast and really sweet of her to do. Needless to say, Julia (one of my other besties) and Kristy decided that no impromptu party was complete without fake mustaches.
 See the pictures to note how much fun ensued from these little patches of fake hair:

The Ladies enjoying the mustaches

Julia and Daigs (Best Man) strike a pose!

Which brings me to this AMAZING idea that I found on Brooklyn Bride. There is a company by the name of Smitten Sticks that provides these fun and unique accoutrements for your photos! Check out the pictures below and visit their site! What great things to add to a photo booth option at the reception!

BIG YOUTH: Screaming Target

"Big Youth was one of the most influential DJs on the Jamaican scene in the 1970s, helping to popularize the tradition of singers "toasting" over records. The shrieks that kick off the title track command the listener's attention immediately, and belie Big Youth's jazzy, laid-back style. "Screaming Target" is a clarion call for Jamaica's youth to educate and better themselves, and typifies Big Youth's cool, mesmerizing performance with razor-sharp, socially conscious lyrics. "Screaming Target" is still on the shortlist of historically important reggae albums decades after its release."

+ + +

I don't know the photographer for the covers of Big Youth's first full-length debut album, Screaming Target, or his later Dreadlocks Dread, but the preceding post on Bob Marley prints at Snap Galleries reminded me to go in search for them. Screaming Target has some killer cuts Big Youth made with then 20 year-old producer Gussie Clarke. Both continue to be my all time favorite reggae albums ever. At an early Big Youth concert long ago, we watched as two men had to hold him up to get on stage and prop him up throughout the entire incredibly pure stoned-out stream-of-consciousness performance. Screaming Target: Big Youth, with background vocals by Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown, K.C. White.


Bob Marley, Positive Vibrations II
Photograph (c) Dennis Morris
/All Rights Reserved

Bob Marley, Live at Lycheum
Photograph (c) Dennis Morris /All Rights Reserved

Bob Marley, Kings Road, London
Photograph (c) Dennis Morris
/All Rights Reserved

Bob Marley, Leeds, 1974
Photograph (c) Dennis Morris /All Rights Reserved

"It was while bunking off school to wait for Bob Marley to arrive for his soundcheck at the Speak Easy Club on London's Margaret Street that Dennis's music photography career really began. Bob Marley was so taken with the young teenager who was waiting for him that he invited Dennis to come along and take pictures on the remainder of the tour. Running home to Dalston, Dennis packed his bag and jumped on the bus. His photographs of Marley and The Wailers became famous the world over, appearing on the cover of Time Out and Melody Maker before Dennis had even turned 17."

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Introducing Kelly Christina Jewelry

Looking for that perfect gift for a bridesmaid? Maid of Honor? Mother of the Bride? Something for you:) Let me introduce Kelly Christina Jewelry and the amazing creator. Kelly is someone I have known since high school and truly has a heart of gold. PLUS, she makes unbelievable jewelry at a reasonable price! Such a bonus! I remember that during my wedding I entertained the idea of wearing a piece of jewelry as my something blue. Only wish I had known about Kelly and her gorgeous pieces before! If you would like to get in touch with her let me know and I will give your her contact info.

Here are some ideas for your something blue (but of course, she does pieces in every color desired)!

Ninety-nine red balloons..Floating in the summer sky

Something I am seeing more and more of is the use of balloons in engagement pictures, ceremonies, etc. and I am not going to lie...I think it's peachy keen. 
There truly is something so magical about balloons. 
Take a peek. 
Get lifted. 
Feel inspired.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday I'm In Love.

I think Fridays are going to get some love on this blog! Here are some things that I am loving on today!

They say rain is lucky on your wedding day. While the rain is not my favorite thing, it does appeal to some. And can make for some amazing pictures. Check out this adorable one.

Wow. Wow. Wow. I found this picture on The Blog Is Found and I am smitten. Wouldn't this
make for such an amazing guest book display? You could even take pictures from when
you and your fiance were kids all the way to present day! 
This was all done with a Fujifiilm Instax Mini which runs about 80 bucks. They say each print is about 1 dollar. I say you can do this with a digital camera as well if you feel so inclined. 
I just think the options are truly endless.

For all my teacher friends...

This is why they marry us:)

Sugar! Ah Honey Honey!

"Sugar, ah honey honey

You are my candy girl
And you've got me wanting you."

Who doesn't love a good old fashioned candy buffet? This is a trend that is hitting the wedding scene by storm and why shouldn't it? While I personally am not a huge fan of cake (and let's face it, the cakes you get at a wedding cost WAY too much money), a bride can make a candy buffet that can act as dessert option for guests, a party favor, and ultimately tie in their color scheme just by putting together a little candy buffet. is a cute way to get your guests to mingle while they admire your adorable candy buffet! 

Here are some inspirations for you: