Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Drawings

i: Erron and Peter

I didn't post much in september. So I've started banking some drawings with the goal of two posts a week this month. Yay.

October Drawings ii: Lisa & Amber Hug Colour

Payed rent today. Next month rent will be less than one paycheque as I'm moving into a house with people. YAY!

Download Do Dooni Chaar(2010) Mediafire Mp3 Hindi Songs Link

do dooni chaar(2010) movie wallpaper[]

Music By
Meet Brothers Anjan Ankit

Tracks List
01 – Sunidhi Chauhan & Meet Bros Anjan Ankit – Baaja Bajeya

02 – Shankar Mahadevan & Vishal Dadlani – Do Dooni Chaar

03 – Meet Bros Anjan Ankit – Ek Haath De

04 – Rakesh Pandit & Krishna – Maange Ki Ghodi

05 – Shankar Mahadevan & Vishal Dadlani – Do Dooni Chaar Jam

06 – Shankar Mahadevan, Meet Bros & Vishal Dadlani – Do Dooni Chaar Club Mix

07 – Meet Bros Anjan Ankit – Ek Haath De Dj Phukan Mix

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'Fess Up And Own It!

P. J. Harvey.
To Whom It May Concern,

Dear ana and Ellesee,
Thank you for sighing in. May you find that which you seek!

Currently listening to...

These girls don't fuck around!

One fine day, (yesterday), curious to know the performance of my metabolism, I went in search of a device that could tell me what I wanted to know. I found a free metabolism calculator. I entered the appropriate information, height, weight, age, etc. and clicked on the little button. Thereafter, I checked my pulse to make certain I was actually alive! My metabolism is virtually non-existent. It appears that my metabolic rate is less than half of what it should be. No wonder I'm such a chubby monkey! In fact, all things considered, I should look much, much worse! (Well done, body!)  I was left asking the only question left to ask. The most important question of all... "What have I done?"

I realise now that no matter how appealing it may be to starve myself to the brink of insanity, with my metabolism being in the state that it's in now, there's no way in hell I'll do anything other than increase the damage that I have done. Actual, physical damage. Emotional damage is one thing, but spending the rest of my days physically damaged as well is a concept I cannot bear to contemplate.

Nope, instead,  I'm standing up and taking the blame for this one entirely. All the years of bad habits, crash-dieting, binge eating/drinking, all of this is my fault. I did this to myself. Me. I am the master of my own misery, the maker of my own undesired body. I claim full responsibility, I own this one and now I'm ready to make amends and regain control. The power to change lies within me, no one else. I'm dedicating the rest of my life to restoring my metabolism and repairing the damage that I've done. This is the only way that I will ultimately restore my slender frame as well as my smile! For more on how to boost your metabolism click here and here.

On a more positive note, I'm rather pleased with myself. Despite a)- not feeling like it AT ALL and b)- having an egregious headache, I still went out running last night. Yay me!

Don't we all have days like this?!
Cinnamon Brown.

"I Gonna Save My 'Wacky' Prince!" (Mall Mario Mania Experience)

Malling is part of our everyday lives and of course we have our dreams too for our future shopping bags.
Of course, my Bahrain adventure last vacation would not be complete without a malling experience in the island in the sun. And this was taken to a higher level through great friends I met in Bahrain. (M.E.S.S. photogroup)My last day was fun as we dine, stroll and searched for fancy stuff in one of the collectible stores. And with a camera in tow, I couldn't help but shoot my new-found friends with their "dream-pose" per se..hehe. So here it is, a Super Mario dreamlike mall experience the Pixel Rocket way. It's another light and fun photomanipulation from me before my 'darker side photomanips' will arrive in due time..SOON! (^_^)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ALINE SMITHSON: collect.give

Photograph (c) Aline Smithson /All Rights Reserved

a limited edition by photographer Aline Smithson
edition of 25 - print price of $40
100% of the proceeds go to the organization Change The Truth

+ + +

CHANGE THE TRUTH (CTT), founded by photographer, Gloria Baker Feinstein, supports St. Mary Kevin Orphange Motherhood in Uganda. CTT provides shelter, food, security, clothing, medicine, love, access to education and training in vocational skills to children from Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Chad and Niger. For children abandoned, abused, mistreated or who have lost their families to war, CHANGE THE TRUTH provides hope and a future:

+ + +

After a career as a fashion editor, Aline Smithson now works in Los Angeles. Her photography has been featured in numerous publications and she is represented by galleries in the U.S. and Europe. Though she was nominated for The Excellence in Photographic Teaching Award in 2008 and 2009 and for The Santa Fe Prize in Photography in 2009 by Center, she considers her children her greatest achievement. Smithson's work is coming out in the October issues of Fraction, Visura, and Rangefinder. Read more about Aline here and view her blog Lenscratch.

Annual "Blessing of the Animals" Service is back!

In honor of St. Francis Day, many Catholic churches nationwide offer an Animal Blessing Service, where animal lovers bring their pets to be blessed by a Priest, and to share in a magical blessing of animals from rescue shelters and farms!

The Church of St. Anthony of Padua in Soho offers a beautiful service to honor St. Francis of Assisi. This year, Rational Animal will be there to hand out Trails to Tails maps & Orange Ribbons! Come stop by our table & say hi!

Sunday, October 3rd. Service starts at 1 pm.

For more information, contact:
154 Sullivan St
New York, NY 10012

Day 2 - Paris Montmartre - 80 days in Europe

Log Diary
Day 2

Apparently, winds do not want to help me... I have not left Paris yet, and still fly above it, which allows me to admire this romantic city, so beautiful seen from there...
Here is Montmartre , where the poets and all great artists of Paris have stayed, in the past, now, and will in the future..

Aphiles, Paris 3:12 pm

Beautiful Natural Tree Wallpapers And Photos, Pictures

The trees are built mostly of air and takes carbon dioxide out of the air, adds in hydrogen from water, a trace amount of other chemicals. The it all together with the energy of sunlight to build all the stuff that makes it a tree. A tree is a machine that turns air into tree. The trees literally surrounded by solid air, by air that’s been condensed and solidified over tens, hundreds, or even thousands of years into wood. Life changes the universe, molds it into unique, amazing, highly-ordered structures like trees. So the seed seperates the carbon from the oxygen, and then it mixes the carbon. The carbon dioxide from the air forms 93% by weight of the sugar formed by the tree, the hydrogen from water forms 7%. The oxygen that’s released as waste gas is the oxygen from water.

tree wallpapertree wallpapertree wallpapertree wallpapertree wallpaper

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CRITICAL EXPOSURE: Silent Auction Oct 21!

A Vision So Clear With A Sound So Faint
Photograph by Byron, 12th grade

"I put a photo of my brother on the keys of an open piano, and I took the picture. To me it represents what my brother stood for. My brother graduated, so it says “Graduation Picture 2006,” and it also captures the music side of him that is also in me. I feel like this piano in the background in the photo, along with the photograph, really represented my brother in a way that words can’t. I took this photo while I was at school in the auditorium. He graduated from Spingarn STAY, the same program I’m in. He graduated in 2006 before he got killed.

I’m going back to school because of my brother, actually. He got shot and before he got shot he graduated from high school. I made a promise to him that I was going to graduate from high school so I enrolled in the same program as him in 2006. But, later on that year, while I was in school, he got killed. So I dropped out of school, I lost my focus, I couldn’t really concentrate. And now, the 2008-2009 school year, I’m just getting back in here because I know he wanted me to finish school, and I made him a promise that I would finish school and walk across that same stage that he walked across. And I’m going to make sure that I fulfill my promise--my word is my bond."Byron, 12th grade, Spingarn STAY Senior High School

Broken Window, Baltimore
Photograph by Ian, 10th grade, Teen Leader for Change

Martin Luther King Elementary School 2009
Photograph Jaime Windon

Critical Exposure: Higher Achievement Program

ABOUT: Critical Exposure teaches youth to use the power of photography and their own voices to become effective advocates for school reform and social change.

DONATE: Give Cameras to Kids; train them in documentary photography and writing; encourage them to capture images that illustrate the realities of their lives; and show them how to use photographs and writing to tell their stories and advocate for improvements in their schools and communities. You can be part of the picture. Donate.

SILENT AUCTION: Picture Equality: An Evening of Empowerment Through Photography The 3rd Annual Silent Auction will benefit low-income youth by providing cameras and training in photography so that students can become effective advocates for school reform and social change. Photographers Damon Winter, Ami Vitale, Joni Sternbach, Jason Florio, John F. Martin, Aline Smithson, Russ Martin, and Ed Kashi, as well as many more from National Geographic, Getty Images, and VII Photo Agency, have donated images for sale. (stay posted as the list of photographers keeps growing)

PICTURE EQUALITY 2010 Silent Auction + Fundraiser
October 21st, 2010, 6:30-8:30 PM
Atrium of the DLA Piper Bldg
500 8th St. NW, at Gallery Place, Washington, DC

( Auction Images post mid-Oct)

Treasury Day 1

Discover these wonderful treasures on the theme of Paris, I wanted to illustrate the first day of Aphiles through objects found on Etsy.Hope you enjoy !






Advanced Flash on Devices ebook Mediafire Download

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Finally Done with Crafty Cart for Blogger

March last year i was playing around with Crafty Cart – a free theme for WordPress e-Commerce store created by Billion Studio especially for King Cart.

I Started porting it to blogger around summer last year but wasn't able to finish it due to tons of work in the office. Also i later found out the somebody already ported it to blogger. You can checkout Beta Templates blogger version of Crafty Cart here.

Couple of weeks ago experimented with Dot.Tk free DNS service. Using Dot.Tk's free DNS i was able to use Blogger's custom domain and create an online store. You can checkout my experiment by going to  and this inspired me to finish Crafty Cart. Unlike Beta Templates version mine is a fully functioning online store powered by Currently the checkout process is handle by Paypal but i will try to integrate Payvments shopping cart in the coming weeks to handle both Paypal and Google Checkout. You can go to to see Payvment in action.

Without further adieu... Here is my version of Crafty Cart for Blogger by 1ijack

I feel like keeping this one for myself hehehe or maybe not! :)

My next project is wpStore. Hopefully it won't take me another year to finish this.










Monday, September 27, 2010

As Promised... Fresh Ideas!

Fresh herb salad with nasturtium and lobelia flowers.

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Kat,
Thank you for signing in. As you can see, cats of all kinds are welcome here!

I know most of you avoid eating like the plague, but for those of you who do indulge in a bit of 'moderate mastication', this one's for you!

Have you ever noticed how we eat with our eyes? How the look of something can be twice as enticing as the smell or even the taste? I did a bit of research into this matter and found that when it comes to food, appearances are everything! Apparently, eating food that's attractive, even if it's a simple salad, can have a profound effect on the psyche. Essentially, pretty food makes you feel satisfied. Think about it, which would you rather eat,


or this?

Just by adding fresh herbs and a few edible flowers (available at most fresh produce stands, farmers' markets etc.) you not only enhance the beauty of what you are eating, you up the enjoyment levels as well. The great thing about herb and flowers? The calories are VERY low! Many herbs and flowers are rich source of vitamins and anti-oxidants and are linked to weight loss. For more info look here and here.

For an extra boost, add fresh citrus like grapefruit segments or tangerine wedges.

For a Japanese twist, add honeysuckle and fresh cherries.

Or for something utterly delightful, try a provocatively purple platter! Rocket leaves, violets and dandelions just scream 'goodness'!

I realise these dishes may not appeal to everybody, but it is the sort of thing you can eat plenty of without the guilt.

Take a little trouble the next time you nibble, a little culinary creativity can go along way! Make yourself something beautiful, for as the girls in the L'Oréal ad said, "you're worth it"!

Cinnamon Brown.

Photography Day 1 - Paris La Defense - the Statue Profile - 80 days in Europe

Log Diary

Day 1

Here, this is it. I took off very early this morning, in the Defense area in Paris... I am very excited by the first moments of my trip.

I fly above the Defense Arch, and start towards the centre of Paris.

Here's my first photograph.

Aphiles, Paris 7:30 am

World Class Amazing Statue Wallpapers And Photos, Pictures

The Statue of Liberty stands 305 feet and one inch over New York City and represents freedom to the world. The national monument is a popular tourist attraction, and many people visit the statue everyday to gaze and its beauty and feel everything that it represents.There are many ways to experience the statue and all it represents. Here one can experience the Statue of Liberty Exhibit. The exhibit features photographs, videos, museum objects and more that illustrate the history and symbolism of the statue. The exhibit opened in July of 1986, and has been a popular site for visitors. This plaque symbolizes the message of hope and freedom for people across the globe. The image's steel frame was built in nearby Lebanon, Ohio, and the body, made of Styrofoam and fiberglass, on the beach in Jacksonville, Fla. The body was then trucked north. But when workers started installing the statue on an island in a man-made reflecting pool behind the church, they found that the head and arms were too small for the chest. The statue, erected in 2003, was the inspiration of Lawrence and Darlene Bishop, evangelical Christian pastors of the 3,400-member Solid Rock Church.