Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • ras
    08-29 01:39 AM
    We have a wealth of information from A to Z on US Immigration, why dont we ourselves write articles and editorials and get them published in the News Papers, Journals, etc?

    Why are we waiting for some one to come to us and take information to write articles on us. Does Newspapers check the background of authors to verify if they are citizens/non-citizens/green card holders/ H1B's. What all matters to them is quality and authenticity of the articles.

    Do you folks think this a good option to pursue?

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  • sweet_jungle
    10-15 07:30 PM
    Use the reply from Ombudsman's office and do an inquiry via your local senators office. Also call up central customer service and open a service request. (Get the number and info of the call like the timings and officers name). Finally if you date is current and is not getting picked up for adjudication. File a WOM.

    Called up USCIS customer service. SR was not opened as they cannot open SR on wrong info on response letter. Writing letter to service center is the only option.
    I sent off another Ombudsman case sheet requesting PD fix.

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  • lvinaykumar
    09-09 08:39 AM
    I am going to meet TANA organisers again this month. I will try get more details for them on what kind of help do they need.

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  • desi3933
    07-09 08:06 AM
    LCA at 485 level should not be considered and that could be the reason u never heard of one .....

    There was one case where in appeal his claim for AC-21 was upheld, but his job location was different from LCA location, so he was termed out of status on H1 and since his out of status > 180 days, his I-485 was denied.

    This happened in early 2007.

    Not a legal advice


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  • Sakthisagar
    11-30 03:58 PM
    I checked on the website, and it has a note - " Important Note: In certain cases of an old passports issued by an office other than the Consulate General of New York, a passport is issued for one year. In such cases, applicants have to apply for extension of the passport any time after 45 days. A passport is also issued for one year in cases of expiry of valid U.S. residence visa. In such cases, applicants have to apply for extension of validity as soon as valid U.S. Residence visa is approved. "
    Here's the link that I was referring to...

    What I meant to ask was, I cannot apply for a renewal until I get my new I797, right ? And, once I get it, and plan to travel, I'll go for a new visa stamp and I just want to make sure that I get it for the duration applicable and not until the expiration of the passport, and also that if i get my passport renewed here, I get it for another 10 or so years and not one.
    Also, could you please tell me how long does it usually take to get the passport renewed ? I'm in NY area.

    Thank you.

    To my knowledge.. Indian passport is renewed now for 10 years, of course Please apply for the renewal of passport as soon as you get the new I-797. (Otherwise they might give it for one Year). So You should get for a 10 year renewal.

    And regarding your stamping, I do not know your personal situation, If the travel to India is not very urgent, Please postpone it at least til you get your EAD/AP if you are planning for a permanent residency. Otherwise if you are going for stamping, its all your GOOD LUCK! especialy nowadays for H1B stamping.

    Usually it takes one and half months to renew the Passport in US. I have done it way back in 2003. I am not aware how long it will take now.

    Please talk to your attorney,and decide.

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  • doggy
    10-26 01:40 AM
    I'm just curious. How will the driver read "No right turn on red"? There is no sign for that.


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  • wandmaker
    12-30 12:17 PM
    Here is an idea: say we have roughly 500 members out of this vast array of 35000+ members who have the heart and the will to contribute. we get $2000 from each and place it in an escrow trust account that does not release money for expenditure unless we reach $1 mln

    We need to identify number of people who can really make a big chunk of one time contribution (like $500,$1000,$2000), and we should aim at scoring atleast 2000 committed members, so that per person share would be $500. Once we have the pledge from committed members; IV shall announce the fund raising day (instead of fund raising thread) in advance, all committed members will contribute the same day (optimistic).

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  • aksaharan
    08-07 08:18 PM
    > Immigrants from ROW (Rest Of World) seem to be immune from it
    Certainly not true for EB3


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  • number30
    02-19 08:55 PM
    Two years back I was arrested for felony domestic violence. My parents were here visiting. Father was also arrested for felony and mother for misdemeanor. Mothers case came up first. We won the case and jury decided not guilty. Me and my father were not formally charged by DA. Also at that time I was charged with violation of no contact order. I contested the case and the case was dismissed w/o prejudice.
    Since then me and my wife are living together. I recently applied for citizenship and declared my arrest and the court documents.
    I have also had couple of traffic for following too closely and second for speeding like 18 miles above speed limit. Got both the tickets dismissed. I did not declare traffic tickets in N400.
    I have been given a date to do the finger prints...
    How all of this will affect my application for citizenship. Both me and my wife applied for citizenship..
    if my application is denied then could I be deported. I came to us based on immigrant visa granted to the family because wife is a registered nurse. my GC is valid until five more years..
    The court finding in violation of no contact order was "dismissed w/o prejudice". I pleaded NOT GUILTY at the time of arraignment and my attorney moved knapstead motion and on lack of action from city to contact the witness, the judge granted the motion and dismissed the case w/o prejudice.
    And for charge of "unlawful imprisonment and interference in reporting", the DA sent a letter to my wife saying" this notice is to inform you that the Prosecutor's Office has made a decision not to file criminal charges in th above matter. The decision was made carefully and in accordance with office policy and charging guidelines. A decision not to file charges does not necessarily mean we concluded that no crime was committed. We must consider many factors in making a decision whether to file criminal charges." I on the other hand never got any letter from Prosecutor's Office.

    Me and my wife were interviewed on 02-18-10. We were interviewed separately. My wife got the citizenship and I got N-652, saying a decision cannot be made at this time. during my interview I presented all the paperwork I gathered from the courts.i passed both the english and civic exams.

    As I already said that I was charged with Violation of no contact order and I contested the case and the case was dismissed w/o prejudice. In the court dockt it was written " THE COURT FINDS PROBABLE CAUSE." but the case was dismissed in the pretrial thru knapstead motion. There is NOTHING wriiten in the dockt that suggest that " COURT HAS FOUND THAT THE VIOLATION OF NO CONTACT ORDER OCCURRED". Could I be deported?

    Much thanks in advance

    I guess it is an approval. In the cases where officer needs an approval from senior officer they issue N-652. That is standard practice.

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  • MCQ
    08-07 05:28 PM
    I should have added - I'm STILL employed by them - that's how smart and forward looking they are - been bought over twice, but same management is still in charge of my division and same attitude still prevails



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  • payur
    08-09 01:45 PM
    It is your passport number

    See his/her post, this is the first post. If you are not sure why confuse others, you can always say that you are not sure, why on earth did you think it was passport number?:eek:

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  • geesee_99
    12-14 03:52 PM
    Thanks RANKSXY..You Made my DAY.


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  • GoneSouth
    04-12 08:05 AM
    Yes, you should have applied in 1999, before the labor and visa backlogs. ;) (I kid - above posters are correct, you *may* have enough time if you can get PERM and I-140 done very quickly, then apply for three year ext.)

    - GS

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  • adGurkha
    06-29 12:47 PM
    I asked this before but did not get any answer. Trying my luck again. I lost my OPT card and unfortunately have no records what so ever of it.
    Is there a way I can get a copy of this from USCIS?


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  • ysramu
    03-27 10:21 PM
    You apply for H1 transfer before you join new company. Once u get the H1 receipt (2 weeks) then u can be in their payroll. Then file for AC21. If all goes well this is my plan in June 08.

    My question is my wife has her EAD expiring 10/10/2008, AP on 11/19/08. She wants to travel to india in May and return in november. is it ok if I change employer while she is in india, my concern is when she comes back in november her EAD is expired, will it affect our 485 status?

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  • sayantan76
    07-30 06:25 PM
    I got the following email alert today from USCIS:


    Current Status: Notice mailed welcoming the new permanent resident.

    On July 28, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we had registered this customer's new permanent resident status. Please follow any instructions on the notice. Your new permanent resident card should be mailed within 60 days following this registration or after you complete any ADIT processing referred to in the welcome notice, whichever is later.

    Does it mean my GC is approved or is there any other step - what is this ADIT processing?

    Anyways - for statistics I140+485 was filed concurrently in Dec'2006. 140 was approved last week. FP was scheduled for Jan 2'2006 - I could not make it on that date - got FP done in mid Feb'06. EAD and AP came in Feb'06.


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  • saimrathi
    08-10 02:13 PM
    Please post in Media thread...

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  • hemanth22
    07-10 09:43 AM
    I feel there is no better country than India in the long run..believe me!!!

    thats correct , india is booming right now and it will only go up
    So i think that even if we succeed in getting the green card , we should always have one option to going back.

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  • Ramba
    07-29 12:55 PM
    He did ask me who filed for the GC so he knew mine was EB case.
    Is there any document on USCIS website that clearly states that EB AP holder's can visit outside US and return without need of emergency?

    If you see the instruction of form I-131, it clearly says AP is an exdraodinary measure and should be sparingly used, for emergency purpose (page 1). AP can not be used to by pass the visa or visa issuance process. It clearly says that if AP is based on pending I-485, then the travel should be for family emergency and bonafide business purpose (page 3).

    As because, USCIS/CBP is flexible for AP admission it does not mean that the rules are flexible. If the CBP agents at POE wants to flex their muscles they can deny the admission of AP holder, if they found the travel was not an emergency or a bonafide bussiness travel.

    08-19 05:50 PM
    Can that flyer / poster be made available to other here?

    I was thinkining of posting it in indian stores etc...

    04-09 09:57 PM
    Can you get conventional loan with 10% down in New Jersey?
    ANd that too for H1B/EAD. My broker says that you cant get conventional loan with work permit status.
    Is that true?
    The FHA option he is giving ,looks expensve to me.
    Paying 9000usd upfront and then PMI for 5 years will be expensive.
    Any suggestions appreciated.ANY good lenders ?

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