Friday, December 31, 2010

Bouguereau - Helnwein

Tonight I did something way different. I've manipulated a painting for a Photoshop contest requiring that you combine two paintings into one. I used William Adolphe Bouguereau's "The Curtsey" and Gottfried Helnwein's "The Disasters of War". I chose them because I wanted to use extreme opposite type art. I'm not really pleased with the results but thought I'd post it anyhow. Don't worry folks; I'm not changing my style. I love caricatures and will continue to do them. I have posted the source paintings below. This just isn't my thing so I'll be back to caricatures tomorrow. BTW, this piece has been featured on

Original source paintings:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

ORCHARD: A Series of Collaborative Journals From Raymond Meeks

ORCHARD: A Series of Collaborative Journals From Raymond Meeks

ORCHARD: A Series of Collaborative Journals From Raymond Meeks

Download Anaganaga O Dheerudu (2011) Mediafire Mp3 Telugu Songs

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08 – Sonu Nigam – Tere Bin (Remix)

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Revelations and Resolutions!

XXX Everyone!

To Whom It May Concern,

I think I'm in the twilight zone! Despite last weeks big 'binge fest', lack of water and serious lack of exercise, the scale reveals that I weigh 55kg! (121lbs) I weighed myself a few times and even changed the batteries in the scale and still I'm only up by 0.5kg! (1.1lsb) I don't believe it! I thought for sure I'd be at least 5kg (11lbs) heavier. I can only praise kelp and green tea tablets for this post Christmas miracle! Thank you, my body, you're doing a great job. I'm sorry I'm such a greedy cunt! Needless to say, I'm super relieved. I can start the new year without totally hating my own guts. Yay!

Yesterday was rather stressful. I had to take my eldest kitty to have two teeth extracted. Belladonna was not pleased with me, but she was extremely well behaved, unlike her brat-sister, Sphinx! I was very worried about how the anaesthetic would affect her, she is 12, after all, but the vet called later that morning to say that she woke up from the anaesthetic in record time and that she took the operation like a pro! That's my girl! She's the most awesome cat! I love her so!

Hai Tooth Fairy, I gets 2 toona fishes, see?!
Ai sleepz now. Kiss my furry butt! Zzzz...!

Resolution wise, you all have some great ones! Here are mine:

To lose weight and keep it off!
To reach my U.G.W. of <;3!
To exercise more and sleep less.
To drink more water.
To be more creative.
To focus more on my textile art.
To keep a cleaner, tidier home.
To be more frugal with my money.
To cherish my loved ones more and
To be a better friend to you all.
I hope this coming year will be better than the last. May we all live our dreams,  reach our goals and be the best we can possibly be!


Cinnamon Brown.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gareth Bale

Tonight I did a full body caricature of Gareth Frank Bale (born 16 July 1989) is a Welsh footballer who currently plays for Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur and the Wales national team. I've had a lot of requests for soccer players but have had a hard time finding good images to work with. This one, posted below for comparison, was a pretty good image.

Original image below:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

MELANIE MCWHORTER: Interview with PhotoBook Designer Elizabeth Avedon

12.29.2010 Melanie McWhorter posted:

Interview with Photobook Designer Elizabeth Avedon

I first met Elizabeth Avedon when she was the Gallery Director at photo-eye. Since the time Elizabeth departed Santa Fe, she established her own blog which has become a recognized voice in the photography community featuring portfolios and interviews, including my first interview about my photography. I am delighted to turn the tables on Ms. Avedon and allow her to discuss her profession: Book, Exhibition and Web Design + Curatorial Consultant. Here she discusses the photobook, print-on-demand, and some of her favorite projects.

Melanie McWhorter: At what point is it important to involve a designer in your project?

Elizabeth Avedon: There are different stages for a designer to step in for every project. It really depends on the artist/photographer. Some photographers will start talking to me years before they actually are ready to begin the layouts, others hand me a complete, finished edit when I first meet them. I can easily begin to sequence the work for them from that, but I think it's an important step in the overall process for the designer to be involved in the edit of the work from the start, to get a feel for the point of view of the photographer. Many times the designer will see an interesting "book" the artist hadn't imagined for themselves. Other times the photographer will be overly critical in their edit, second guessing themselves and their audience, leaving out images that may show important steps in the evolution of their work. Other photographers may not be critical enough with their work, unable to edit out images because of the people, place or action going on which may not actually come across so well in the image as they think. They are still visualizing the moment, but we don't see it in the frame. It's important for everyone to have an outside eye.

MM: Are most of your clients individuals and do you consult with them one-on-one or are most publishers?

EA: I'm not really a trade book designer, although I love the work I've done for them in the past. (Favorite was An Open Heart by The Dalai Lama for Little, Brown & Co). Almost all of my clients have been individuals or at least the projects start out as someone approaching me and then suggesting to their publisher they would like to work with me. I'm mostly asked to work on special projects. I recently had lunch with the son of a late great photographer to discuss a book of his father's iconic images. Fortunately I knew his father and many of these images are part of my own history, so it could work out well for both of us. We discussed whether to bring in a publisher at this juncture or design the completed book and package it to a publisher. Other times I'll design and print a 20-page dummy for someone to shop around to publishers.

MM: What do you feel is the role of a designer in a creating a photobook?

EA: I think a designer is there to organize the work, whether through a timeline, chapters, subcategories or just by the sequencing into a narrative. The way the works flows from one image to the next, one spread to another, should intuitively guide the viewer through the photographer's world - his or her intention with their work. It's really fun to do a very creative design, with crazy fabulous typography and collage the images and show off as a designer, but that isn't going to showcase a photographer's work. I try to let the work dictate what kind of book it wants to be and stay out of the way. Let the work speak for itself. I've worked on several long-term projects that began as one kind of book and when they were completed, I could see they wanted to be an entirely different kind of book. The work needed to be organized into its first incarnation, to see it was meant to be as an entirely different kind of more HERE

...Richard Avedon's 30-year retrospective of fashion work: AVEDON: 1947-1977...Authors Mary Virginia Swanson and Darius Himes...'Real Photography' books vs Print-on-demand Books and Blurb more HERE

Melanie McWhorter Photo Blog

Photographer Melanie McWhorter has managed photo-eye BookStore, the best online Photography Bookstore in the world, for over 13 years. She is a regular contributor to the photo-eye Magazine, co-founder of FiniteFoto Magazine, curator and lecturer.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Brandless Notebook from China

I got this notebook as a present of sort from a friend who bought a bunch of these Chinese notebook for his business. He gave me one and told me if i fix it its mine. So after the Christmas rush, after sending out the last orders from my online store i went about fixing this thing. The problem was very simple the power cord/charger needs replacing. Since this is a brandless notebook i couldn't find the supplier here to replace the charger. So the next best thing to do is get a charger from a different brand with the same specs. I was able to find a HP charger with the same specs and now i am able to charge and turn on the notebook... yey! At first the OS didn't load but a couple more tinkering with the BIOS i was able to load the Chinese version of windows XP. And since i don't know Chinese i nuke the OS and installed Ubuntu 10.10. Now i have a new notebook. The only thing to gripe about is the measly 2 cell battery that i can't replace. But hey its a free notebook who am i to complain. :)

Specs i gathered using Hardinfo in Ubuntu.

Intel Atom N280
Intel Graphic 945GM/943/940GML Express Chipset
Intel HDA Audio
1gig DDR2 Ram
Samsung 160gig HD
12.1 Screen with 1366x768 resolution
Realtek Wireless RTL8187SE
1.3 Megapixel Builtin Webcam
2 cell LION Battery

Stephen Colbert

Tonight I Just felt like doing a portrait, so after an hour of trying to decide who I wanted to caricature, I finally settled on Stephen Colbert. He has some interesting features like that one wild ear. He was on a blue background so I decided to stick with the color scheme. I've provided the original image I worked with below for comparison. I think I'm going to do a soccer player tomorrow. I'm still looking for Heavy Metal stars and I'm taking requests provided I have a good image to work with.

Original image:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Baltic sea treasury

and here I am in Poland.
Discover the color of the Baltic Sea, this country is like a magical treasure,discover the other treasures 
here .....

hippiekingdom, anakim, polkadotmagpie, Iovelycrochet, euphorianchic, InnerWild, NangijalaJewelry, dancingintherains


Photograph (c) Craig Semetko /All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Craig Semetko /All Rights Reserved

Published by teNeues

Photograph (c) Craig Semetko /All Rights Reserved

"...he is the essential photographer. That is, the one who sees what others could not have seen."–Magnum Photographer Elliott Erwitt

Jan 14 – Feb 26 2011
Leica Gallery • 670 Broadway/ NYC

"None of the pictures were staged...This requires a great deal of wandering around aimlessly with an empty head–a skill many teachers told me I had a gift for–only now I carry a camera to record all the strange and beautiful things in front of me. I look for the ironies and oddities that cross cultural boundaries and are common to the human condition. I strive to show authentic moments of joy, melancholy, irony—the full spectrum of human experience. To borrow a phrase from Henri Cartier-Bresson, Photography is nothing-it’s life that interests me."– Craig Semetko


4:02 PM, J Train, from Dark Day series
Photograph (c) David S. Allee /All Rights Reserved

10:37 AM, from Dark Day series
Photograph (c) David S. Allee /All Rights Reserved

5:31 PM, from Dark Day series
Photograph (c) David S. Allee
/All Rights Reserved

David S. Allee: Dark Day
Jan 6 – Feb 19, 2011
Morgan Lehman Gallery
535 W 22 St NYC

Morbid Fascinations!

Spot O' Thinspo!

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear PhotoPixie,
Thank you so much for signing in. May your day be as awesome as your photo's, little shutterbug!

Hey gang! What's shaking?! I've just discovered the morbid delights of Evelyn Evelyn, A wonderful Washington duo! (Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls and Jason Webley) I must say, Mrs Neil Gaiman is a very quirky and interesting lady, indeed! My kinda gal! Check out their site, the eyes follower your cursor! So fucking cool!


So, this week, I thought I'd continue until Friday with the Fab.500! After a big binge, I find a week or so on 500 calories a day is just necessary! Breakfast involves 200, dinner is at 300 and I just give lunch the old 'skip-a-roni'! I get more done in the day if I don't have to stop at midday to stuff my fat face! Also, I'm sucking down my fifth glass of water, while I type, to stay hydrated! Three more to go! Exercise-wise, I'm planning a 30 minute interval training session on the elliptical (weather's pretty shitty!), followed by isometric exercises and a spot of  resistance tube training (similar to dyna band). We got a set of these for the house, they're just awesome! Resistance training is known for it's fat burning qualities as well as encouraging lean muscles. Don't be put off by the bulky, carbo-loading models at these sites, they eat a hell of a lot to look the way they do. We'll get the benefit of their exercises with the benefit of our diets and use it to look fabulous! Adapt, adopt, improve!

I heart this!
Well, may the rest of your week go swimmingly! Don't forget to write out your new year's resolutions and stay strong, everybody! Catch up with you again on Friday. *BIG KISS*!

Cinnamon Brown.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

George Wein ~ "Jazz Master"

I've been fixing computer problems all day today so I didn't get to do the caricature I wanted. I decided to do a quick one to have something to post tonight. I chose George Wein named a "Jazz Master" in 2005 by the National Endowment for the Arts. I did some experimenting on this one with recreating skin textures where they were totally lost. It was a good exercise and I learned a couple of tricks. It's to bed.

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Day 28 - Leba - Dune - 80 days in Europe - 2010 - Original Signed Numbered Fine Art Photography Print

Log Diary
Day 28

The winds are being kind to me; they have taken me above Poland, and more exactly above the town of Leba. The landscape is absolutely amazing! I love Poland and especially the Baltic Coast - I am happy I can share this with you! I'll go and meditate a few hours in front of this dreamy view ... talk to you soon! 

Aphiles Poland Leba 9:34 am"

Best Singapore Hotel Photos And Pictures Collections

The Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel in 800 deluxe guestrooms and suites providing some of the city's most spectacular views. The Pan Pacific Hotel won Executive Traveller's (UK) "Best New Hotel" award for 1990 .InterContinental Singapore Hotel Review From the lobby to the intricate wall tapestries and finally. InterContinental Singapore was first established in 1995 and located strategically in the heart of our local cultural hub, Bugis. There is always the 24-hour Fitness Centre on the third level, featuring a gymnasium, sauna, Jacuzzi and massage services. The Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel (formerly known as Meritus Mandarin hotel) stands in the heart of the main entertainment and shopping districts on fashionable Orchard Road. Raffles Hotel as a place one should visit in one’s lifetime – placing Raffles Hotel amongst the world renowned seven wonders of the world, alongside the Great Wall of China, Taj Mahal of India, Grand Canyon of the US and the Pyramids of Egypt.

Singapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel WallpaperSingapore Hotel Wallpaper