Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MICHAEL BÜHLER-ROSE: Constructing The Exotic

Kumari, Alachua, FL. 2006
Copyright (c) Michael Bühler-Rose /All Rights Reserved

The Conversation, Alachua, FL. 2006
Copyright (c) Michael Bühler-Rose /All Rights Reserved

Afternoon in Alachua, Alachua, FL. 2007
Copyright (c) Michael Bühler-Rose /All Rights Reserved

Michael Bühler-Rose, received a Fulbright Fellowship to India and obtained his BFA (2005) from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University. At present, he is a Graduate Alumni Fellow at the University of Florida (MFA, 2008), critic and Assistant Professor, Department of Photography, at the Rhode Island School of Design. He's an accomplished photographer who has been collected, exhibited, and published internationally. He received a Humble Arts Foundation Grant for Emerging Photographers to support this project.

October 2-November 24, 2009
Michael Bühler-Rose | Constructing the Exotic
Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, St. Augustine

Michael Bühler-Rose Website
Whitewall Magazine: Construction of the Exotic


Zalmaï's The Human Cost of the War On Terror in Afghanistan

Chinafrica photographs of Paolo Woods in Moving Walls 16 exhibit

Chinafrica photographs of Paolo Woods

MOVING WALLS 16 includes the work of six photographers - Benjamin Lowy Iraq/Perspectives, Eugene Richards War Is Personal, Stefano De Luigi Liberia's Child Soldiers: Recovering Innocence, Tomas van Houtryve Nepal: A "People's War" Topples the God King, Paolo Woods Chinafrica and Zalmaï Promises and Lies:The Human Cost of the War On Terror in Afghanistan - who cover a range of social justice and human rights issues of significance to the Open Society Institute. These photographs were selected by a 16 person committee that included Susan Meiselas and Stuart Alexander as curator's of the exhibition. September 30, 2009-May 21, 2010. Open Society Institute, 400 West 59th St, NYC. This exhibition will travel to Washington, D.C. in the future. On-line Exhibition.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PELLE CASS: Selected People

Frog Pond, Boston Common
Copyright (c) Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Celeste's Friends
Copyright (c)
Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Football, Cypress Field, Brookline, MA
Copyright (c)
Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Each of the pictures in the series Selected People is a composite of around a hundred or more exposures of unposed people taken over periods that range from five minutes to several days. With the camera on a tripod, I take dozens of pictures. Back in the studio with Photoshop, I leave in exactly the figures I choose, always in the precise position of the original scene. I organize the figures in my scenes by the color of their clothing, by mood, age, attractiveness, gesture, position, race, or even just by oddness. The result is both the product of imagination and a document of fact.

Pelle Cass was awarded a Yaddo residency for 2010 to work on his Selected People Project. Cass was named a 2009 Critical Mass Top 50 photographer by Photolucida, Portland, OR. Pelle Cass Website

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Largo Carlo Goldoni
Copyright (c) Tod Papageorge /All Rights Reserved

At The Trevi Fountain
Copyright (c) Tod Papageorge
/All Rights Reserved

In The Pantheon
Copyright (c) Tod Papageorge
/All Rights Reserved

Tod Papageorge and friend
Photograph: Deborah Flomenhaft

Tod Papageorge is the Walker Evans Professor of Photography and Director of Graduate Studies in Photography at the Yale School of Art. This summer he spent six weeks in Rome as the American Academy in Rome Photographer in Residence using a digital camera, a Leica M8.2, for the first time. The American Academy of Rome's website has posted a recent Interview with Tod Papageorge by AAR Mellon Professor Corey Brennan. Read the entire Interview here. More Rome Project Photographs here

More Tod Papageorge links and video clips

Saturday, September 26, 2009


South Downs Way, West Sussex, 8th October 2007
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

Holkham National Nature Reserve, Norfolk, 18th February 2008
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

Camel Estuary, Padstow, Cornwall, 27th September 2007
Copyright (c) Simon Roberts
/All Rights Reserved

September 10-October 24, 2009


Roberts first monograph * Motherland
(* view Roberts impressive photographs of contemporary Russia)


Sand Drawing by Jim Denevan

Sand Drawing by Jim Denevan

Jim Denevan Drawing in Sand

JIM DENEVAN makes freehand drawings in sand. At low tide on wide beaches Jim searches the shore for a wave tossed stick. After finding a good stick and composing himself in the near and far environment Jim draws-laboring up to 7 hours and walking as many as 30 miles. The resulting sand drawing is made entirely freehand with no measuring aids whatsoever. (from Jim. thanks madamelamb)

Jim Denevan Art

Thursday, September 24, 2009

NICK BRANDT: A Shadow Falls

Elephant Drinking, Amboseli, 2007
Copyright (c) Nick Brandt
/All Rights Reserved

Rhinos in Lake, Nakuru, 2007
Copyright (c) Nick Brandt
/All Rights Reserved

Portrait of Two Zebras Turning Heads, Ngorongoro Crater, 2005
Copyright (c) Nick Brandt
/All Rights Reserved

Ostrich Egg Abandoned, Amboseli, 2007
Copyright (c) Nick Brandt
/All Rights Reserved

September 25-November 28, 2009
Nick Brandt: A Shadow Falls
Photo-Eye Gallery, Santa Fe

Brandt's New Book A Shadow Falls Published by Abrams

Monday, September 21, 2009


Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

(The Long-horn Miao-a small branch living near Zhijin County
Copyright (c) Alessandra Meniconzi /All Rights Reserved

"I prefer remote and rugged places, mountainous terrain and desert. I love to find people who can manage to survive in these places, to discover and record their ancient way of life before they are changed by the modern era."

ALESSANDRA MENICONZI is an adventurous Swiss photographer shooting in remote regions of the world. A trip to India at 21 sparked over a decade of exploration of cultures on the ancient trade routes. Her books include Hidden China, Mystic Iceland, The Silk Road, and she is currently working on books about the Tibet, Himalaya, and the Arctic.

Alessandra Meniconzi Gallery

Arctic Trek Greenland I Greenland II Greenland III
Mani Stone
The Long-horned Miao Headress
Canon Interview

Friday, September 18, 2009

SAUL LEITER: Photographs + Paintings

Saul Leiter Early Color Photography Book

Saul Leiter Early Color Photographs
Photographs Copyright (c) Saul Leiter /Howard Greenberg Gallery

Saul Leiter Paintings at Knoedler Project Space
Paintings gouache, casein and watercolor on paper

Photographers Saul Leiter and Jean Pagliuso
© Elizabeth Avedon

Magazine editor (l) Gay Morris Empson, interior designer Susan Forristal (c), Exhibition Curator Carrie Springer (background sleeveless black dress) and photographer (r) Jean Pagliuso at Saul Leiters exhibition

Paintings by New York School photographer Saul Leiter, an exhibition curated by Carrie Springer, opened at the Knoedler Project Space last night. Saul Leiter is best known for his early 1950's and 1960's color photographs. "Saul Leiter was a painter and only became a photographer when color photography could encompass the distinct color palette he wanted to include in his images. Since the 1940s, this inveterate walker has trawled the streets of New York, capturing its colors and spirit. His liking for disarray, solitude and elusiveness make him a unique artist, quite unconcerned about joining the throng." Steidl Books.

Sept 17-Nov 7
Saul Leiter Paintings
Knoedler Project Space

Saul Leiter Photographs / Howard Greenberg Gallery
Photographers Speak Interview. Saul Leiter Books Photo-Eye Bookstore.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Autoplayer Compiler

If you want to use the Mafia Wars Autoplayer Script but don't want to use Greasemonkey or do the manual process that i talked about a couple of post ago. Here a much easier war, just go to and it will compile the latest Greasemonkey script of Mafia Wars Autoplayer to a Firefox extension.

Warning: Remember this is cheating and you may get ban for using this.

MW Autoplayer []


Rikuto Tada, Matsuo Kabuki
Copyright (c) 2003 Hiroshi Watanabe /All Rights Reserved

Chikako Suga, Matsuo Kabuki
Copyright (c) Hiroshi Watanabe /All Rights Reserved

September 11 - October 31, 2009
Hiroshi Watanabe Books + Hiroshi Watanabe Website

Opera Mini 5 beta

Opera Mini my favorite mobile browser for my java compatible phone has just release a beta version of Opera Mini 5.

Top new features

Tabbed browsing - Browse several Web sites at the same time. Jump easily from one to another.

Password manager - Log on to your e-mail, social network and other sites with just one click.

Touch & Keypad - The interface optimizes the display for both touchscreen and keypad phone

Speed dial - Your favorite sites are just one click away.

opera mini 5opera mini

Opera Mni 5 []

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

JASON FLORIO: Makasutu Mecca In The Forest

Makasutu, Gambia (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Makasutu, Gambia (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

Makasutu, Gambia (c) Jason Florio/All rights reserved

I have been arrested by the Taliban...ridden into far-flung Afghan valleys in search of nomads with mujahideen as my security, dressed as a woman to cross a border, was at the foot of the Twin Towers as they collapsed, enjoyed the 'comforts' of a Cuban hospital, hunted bats in Surinam, chatted with Somali pirates over Coke and biscuits and danced like a fiend in Beirut nightclubs...among other things.
+ + +
JASON FLORIO was born in London and relocated to the USA in 1987. He moved to NYC to pursue photography after seeing Richard Avedon's In The American West exhibition. Jason's Makasutu: Mecca In The Forest Project
Jason Florio Website

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Insomnia Shanghai Heights (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

Photograph (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

Photograph (c) 2009 Douglas Stockdale/All rights reserved

An exploration of the feelings of detachment, disassociation, and loneliness that can occur when one leaves their family and home due to the need to travel alone. These feelings can be intensified when the travel also includes multiple time zones, different cultures and customs, changes in food and diet and other physical or emotional differences.

Insomnia: Hotel Noir Web Journal
The Photo Book Web Journal
Douglas Stockdale Website

Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Trace/ Billings Photographer

So cute and cuddly....I could have spent the whole time just holding the little one!

Congratulations Michelle and Tommy!

Kelly and Jeremy/ Gallatin Gateway Inn

The biggest wedding of my season and I loved every minute of it! Kelly and Jeremy had thought of every detail and the whole day was amazing.....

Thanks and enjoy!