Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What was it that the Terrorists hate?


Photographs (c) Elizabeth Paul Avedon /All Rights Reserved.

Soma Watanabe, son of photographer Hiroshi Watanabe, explores the Alexey Brodovitch Galleries at the Hearst 8 X 10 Photographers Biennial Meet The Artists Event. More event photos can be viewed HERE. Congratulations to:

Brad Carlile Andy Freeberg Mark Kessell
Edith Maybin Louie Palu Benedikt Partenheimer
Nicholas Prior Hiroshi Watanabe

Anoush Abrar & Aimee Hoving Christoph Bangert Rachael Dunville
Roger Eberhard Blake Fitch Jan-Claude Louis Will Steacy
Maura Sullivan David H. Wells David Zimmerman


Saturday, March 28, 2009

ROB HAGGART: A Photo Editor

Magazine pages via aphotoeditor.com

If you haven't followed Rob Haggart's A Photo Editor blog, you've been missing some of the most interesting and informative updates for professional photographers, photo editors and all other readers. Haggart, the former Director of Photography for Men's Journal and Outside Magazine, is a voice of sanity amid the current chaos on the state of magazine and book publishing today, ongoing copyright issues, industry news, and a good resource for creative professionals in general.

This week, "A Photo Editor" posted Richard Avedon's 1976 groundbreaking portrait series THE FAMILY, depicting the most powerful figures in the American political, military, media, and corporate elite at that time. Before the Annie Leibovitz Clinton Administration portraits in 1993's Vanity Fair, and before the recent NY Times portraits of Obama’s Cabinet, this series was commissioned by Jann Wenner for Rolling Stone Magazine.
THE FAMILY: http://www.aphotoeditor.com
All three series: http://petergrahamcom.blogspot.com

An Interview With Rob
APhotoEditor Interview's Me
Rolling Stone Magazine

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Live Without Google

I have been using Google products service for quite some time now and I just realize that everything I do revolves around them. For instance last night I found out that one of my Yahoo email account (I got 2 yahoo mail) has POP3 access. So what did i do? I went to my Gmail account and set it up to access my Yahoo Mail. This got me thinking, I realize that every time i get a POP3 or IMAP access I instinctively setup my Gmail to access them. If they don't have POP2 or IMAP i set them up to filter and foward to my gmail. Even my Mom's email is forwarded to my email.

I used Google Reader a lot as in I check on it like 100x a day. I like it so much that it kinda ruin net surfing for me. I don't get to see websites anymore, I wouldn't know if a sites updates it looks unless I get to read it from their RSS feed. I used to visit Lifehacker.com or Downloadsquad everyday but when I learned how to use Google Reader I don't get to visit their site anymore unless i'm looking for a specific info.

Other Google service that i used often:

Google Maps. Maps is very helpful when I need to send out our in-house messenger to deliver some item to our customers.

Picasa/Picasaweb perfect software to organize my photos store online. Oh and its also available for Linux.

Google Apps for managing  domains. I like it a lot because I get to use a very familiar interface when accessing email which is gmail. I don't get to worry about setting up email client because you can access it via the web. No more "AHHH I FORGOT TO BACKUP MY EMAIL" scenarios for me.

Google Docs spreadsheet is what I usually used.. I do a lot of product listing and price computation for our company.Very handy for times I need to check item inventory and i'm outside without my laptop.

Blogger.com, Youtube.com, Calendar, Web Search and especially Adsense these are other service I can't live without. No need to explain here.

Of course i'm just exaggerating the "I can't live without it" part.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kyle and Cathy are getting married!!!!!!

You and beautiful little Macie were so much fun!
I had a blast wandering around downtown Billings with you guys:)

Friday, March 20, 2009


His Holiness the Dalai Lama and President Barack Obama
(c) Sonam Zoksang /All Rights Reserved

Boy from Kham, Tibet. Photograph (c) Sonam Zoksang /All Rights Reserved

Monks waiting for His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Sera Monastery
(c) Sonam Zoksang /All Rights Reserved

SONAM ZOKSANG was born in Kyirong, Tibet in 1960 after the Chinese invasion of Tibet. His parents escaped to India when Zoksang was one month old. He grew up in refugee schools, got a degree in Buddhist Dialectics, and taught himself photography. In 1985 Zoksang moved to the US, where he now runs Vision of Tibet. Active in the Tibetan Community as an advocate for human rights and political change, he is on the Board of Directors of the US Tibet Committee and has been president of the Tibetan Association of New York and New Jersey.

Sonam Zoksang’s mission is to tell the story of his homeland through photography. He does this by documenting Tibetans and Tibetan life, both in and out of Tibet. Whenever possible, he travels to Tibet to document the conditions in his Chinese-occupied homeland. He often takes pictures of Tibetan refugee communities in India, as well as in the US and other countries. Zoksang’s slide presentations at schools and cultural and community centers are always well-attended; he seeks out these opportunities as he feels education is particularly important. His photos have been widely published in books, magazines, and newspapers, and are widely exhibited, one major show having been in a US Congressional building in Washington DC. That exhibition was forced to close after less than one week due to political pressure.

Sonam has an enormous archive of photographs he's taken over decades of travels with H.H. The Dalai Lama, as well as very elegant landscapes of Tibet and India. I keep the Boy From Kham (center) with his hopeful face posted on my wall at all times.

Exile Lens Gallery

Purchase: President Barack Obama with His Holiness The Dalai Lama

Candle For Tibet PhotoGallery

Sonam Zoksang PhotoGallery

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What have i been doing?

Wow its been a while since i last posted here kinda been busy with work and all. February was a frakkin doozy, Valentines week was fun and tiring at the same time. We got tons of orders and we only got a handful of complaints.

But after the controlled chaos that was valentines day i got sick and also my family. We bought food from three restaurant to celebrate a belated valentines day. The following day i got a major case of diarrhea or diarrhoea (which ever spelling you prefer) i was practically in the bathroom the whole frakkin day. My mom and two brothers got sick too. I wasn't able to go to work for 3 or 4 days.

What else have i been doin? Aside from the usual uploading of new products to sell online, i am also creating a website, an online store again but this time i am doing it the old school way. I'm talking pure html and css code via notepad. No fancy smancy CMS. I feel like I'm in highschool again hehehe. Why am i doing it you may ask? Well the boss wants me to do it for the sake of SEO and stuff, who am i to argue. But honestly doing the site is lots of fun.

What else... I was surfing the net for a e-commerce plugin for wordpress when i found craftycart it was exaactly what i needed. It was nice but my boss wanted me to use pure html so i have to put it in the back burner for a while. Using craftycart for a while got me thinking, can i create an online store using blooger. The answer was yes. So i made one using paypal, you can see my experiment here. Did some blogger tricks to make it look that way. One of the tricks or tips i used was using the conditional tags and Blogger buster's article on conditional tags "Display Elements only on Home, Item or Archive Pages in Blogger" was a big help. Right now I'm thinking of porting CraftyCart template to blogger and use simpleCart(js) + paypal as it's shopping cart. That is if i can make some time for it.

Thats all for now, Cya!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Three amazing sisters serving God!

These three sisters are amazing and
I hope they enjoy these fun images!
Thanks for all you do and best of wishes as you travel back....

Check out these fun and adorable frames!

These are so fun, they are called whimsical frames!
These are currently on special during March so send me an email
and I get you the pricing pdf.


Coliseo Gallo de Oro 2. Copyright (c) Hiroshi Watanabe /All Rights Reserved

"A current that underlies my work is the concept of preservation. I make every effort to be a faithful visual recorder of the world around me, a world in flux that, at very least in my mind, deserves preservation, and that I constantly seek to expand"

HIROSHI WATANABE is a California-based Japanese photographer. Born in Sapporo, Watanabe graduated from Nihon University in photography in 1975 and moved to Los Angeles, where he worked producing television commercials. He obtained an MBA from UCLA in 1993, but two years later his earlier interest in photography revived; from 2000 he has worked full time at photography.

Watanabe's first published book was I See Angels Every Day, monochrome portraits of the patients and other scenes within San Lázaro psychiatric hospital in Quito, Ecuador. This won the 2007 Photo City Sagamihara award for Japanese professional photographers. In 2007 Watanabe won a Critical Mass award from Photolucida that allowed publication of his monograph Findings.

Hiroshi Watanabe is One of 8 winners in the current Hearst 8 X 10 Photography Biennial.
8 X 10
Exhibition : April 1-Sept. 2009 The Alexey Brodovitch and Hearst Gallery, Hearst Tower Galleries, 300 West 57th Street, NY, NY www.hearst8x10.com

Hiroshi Watanabe's photograph Vietnam War Memorial, Washington DC is included in George Eastman House Exhibition Seeing Ourselves through 2010. Podcast by George Eastman House: “SEEING OURSELVES”

Hiroshi Watanabe's Upcoming Exhibitions

June 18 –September 05, 2009 “Hot Fun in the Summertime” (Group Show)
Bonni Benrubi Gallery 41 E. 57th Street 13th Floor, New York, NY 10022

July 1 – December 31, 2009 “Ideology in Paradise” Friends' Center, Angkor Hospital for Children, Siem Reap, Cambodia. Angkor Hospital for Children sponsored by Friends Without A Border is a Pediatric Hospital providing free treatment and care to the children in the Siem Reap area. Please donate to the Angkor Hospital for Children.

September 5 – October 28, 2009 "American Leitmotiv" (b&w photographs of the US) AD-Galerie, route de la Gare,1, 1272 Genolier, VD, Switzerland

Web: www.hiroshiwatanabe.com

Sunday, March 8, 2009