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Tracks Through the Field, Kansas, USA, May 2008
Photograph (c) Camille Seaman /All Rights Reserved

Casing the Storm, Kansas, USA, May 2008
Photograph (c) Camille Seaman /All Rights Reserved

The Collapse III, South Dakota, USA, June 2008
(c) Camille Seaman /All Rights Reserved

The storms we were chasing were Supercells, capable of producing grapefruit sized hail, and spectacular tornadoes; they were 50 miles wide and reached as high as 65,000 ft. into the atmosphere. These clouds were so large that they had the capability of blocking all daylight, making it very dark and ominous standing under them.
+ + +
CAMILLE SEAMAN, from Eastern Long Island's Shinnecock Tribe, is an Award-winning photographer best known for her Polar Iceberg images. She studied photography with Jan Groover and master workshops with Steve McCurry, Sebastiao Salgado, and Paul Fusco. She was named by American Photo Magazine as one of the top 15 emerging photographers of 2007. Other awards include: Artist in Residence onboard M/V Orlova in Antarctica (2007); Critical Mass Top Monograph Book Award (2006); National Geographic Award (2006); Nikon.Net Editor's Choice Award (2006) and was honored with a solo exhibition, “The Last Iceberg” at the National Academy of Sciences, Washington DC in 2008.

The images in "The Big Coud" series were made in May and June of 2008 in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota. A total of 5,600 miles was driven in just under a ten-day period.

The Big Cloud Exhibition
The Soul Catcher Studio Gallery, Santa Fe, NM.
Camille Seaman Website


Halloween Art Gallery Visitor
Foreign Body Exhibition, KlompChing Gallery

ANTHONY CROSSFIELD: Foreign Body / "The fused, melted and hybrid bodies in Crossfield's uneasy photo-manipulations are very literally joined at the hips, yet appear eerily isolated and lonely in their dilapidated and tragic surroundings." L Magazine October 29 — December 19, 2009

111 Front St, Suite 206
Dumbo 212-796-2070

Opening Reception: Nov. 5th, 6pm—8:00pm

Thursday, October 29, 2009

CHAMBER MUSIC: Tom Chambers Photograph Inspires Indie Rock Song Writers

Black Dog's Retreat, 2002. Photograph (c) Tom Chambers

TOM CHAMBERS photograph Black Dog's Retreat was chosen by musicians Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie and J. Robbins of Jawbox and Burning Airlines to inspire and create Mercury, a soaring song inspired by Chambers cataclysmic image. Video's documenting the songwriting process and performance of "Mercury" here. About Tom Chambers.
Tom Chambers

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Send SMS Text Messages Through Gmail

Gmail has SMS messaging via chat available since last year but it's only limited to US phones only. There is another way to send SMS in gmail by using a web service called Using Chikka you  can send free text to mobile subscribers in the following countries: United States, Philippines, Guam, India, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), United Kingdom, Spain, Indonesia (XLcom only), Saipan and Italy.

Now let's get started.

First off you will need to login to your Gmail account, once you have login start by clicking on "Contacts" then add new contacts. On the name field enter the name of the person you would like to text and on the email field you should enter the following detail using this format Country code + CellphoneNumber + example: Click save and your done.

An added bonus if you added your Gmail/Googletalk account to you will now be able to send Text messsages using Meebo and that also goes for Pidgin(the multi-platform IM client) too.


Fiat's Gianni Agnelli and guest Heidi von Salvisberg, Beaulieu 1967
Photograph (c) Benno Graziani /All Rights Reserved

Jackie et les Paparazzi's, Port d'Amalfi 1962
Photograph (c) Benno Graziani /All Rights Reserved

Benno Graziani photographing Jackie Kennedy and Marella Agnelli, Amalfi, Italy 1962 Photograph(c)Benno Graziani /All Rights Reserved

Jackie Kennedy Nageant, Ravello, Italy August 1962
Photograph (c) Benno Graziani /All Rights Reserved

Jacqueline Kennedy and sister Princess Lee Radziwill, Ravello, Italy 1962
Photograph (c) Benno Graziani /All Rights Reserved

'Match was our little club, there were no editors meetings because we hardly spent time apart from each other – and it worked! Some editions sold more than two million copies...The world's press envied us and tried in vain to imitate us
+ + +

BENNO GRAZIANI, photojournalist and former editor of Paris Match, exhibits his iconic black and white images of the legendary rich and famous on the French-Italian Riviera of the 1950's-1970's. Graziani was friends with some of the biggest celebrities of his era. He was the inspiration for Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

Having met as journalist's while Jacqueline Kennedy, then Jacqueline Bouvier, was working for the Washington Times Herald in the 1950's, Graziani had the privilege of documenting the Kennedy lifestyle as seen in his book Private Collection (Editions Verlhac).
His work has been exhibited in The Metropolitan Museum, New York, 2000; Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 2001 and Galerie Photo12, Paris, 2007 and 2009.

NYC exhibition by appointment only through Nov 14. public_realations(at)olegcassini(dot)com

Post thanks to Jean-Jacques Naudet, legendary editor,
author and champion of important image-makers

Shirley and the family

I felt honored to shoot this family and truly enjoyed meeting them! Christopher (their son)is a marine and will soon be leaving for Afghanistan.....thank you and your family for all you do!

Garvin and Janelle are engaged

Such a fun E-Session! I love meeting all my future wedding couples before the wedding for an engagement session:)

Trash the Dress, MT style!

One of my favorite brides from the summer decided to literally trash her wedding dress:) WE had lots of fun and even ventured into the Yellowstone River for this session!

Fellow Photographer

While in IA I had the honor of photographing my dear friend Patricia. We had a blast.....shared secrets of the trade, talked about our favorites in the business and or course discussed equipment we drool over:)

A new baby and big sis

Oh how I love the new babies! I also love to catch the interaction in a new family, the siblings are so in love:)

catchin' up again!

So we went home to IA for three weeks and during this time I had an ear infection and sick kids. Now we are back home and I have sick kids and a sick dog, could it get any better.....I have however, stayed fairly busy with sessions and am enjoying all the wonderful families and couples that I get to meet. With this intro I am going to start catching up, enjoy!

First up is baby Alyssa ( adorable 3 month old )

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Finger-Lookin' Good, London , Kentucky
(c) Susana Raab /All Rights Reserved

Chicken in Love, Athens, Ohio
Photograph (c) Susana Raab /All Rights Reserved

Rennaissance Fair, Crownsville, Maryland
Photograph (c) Susana Raab /All Rights Reserved

The Unfortunate Result of the Demise of the Public Phone Booth, Metropolis, Illinois Photograph (c) Susana Raab /All Rights Reserved

The festival is ongoing, but the party is over
+ + +

SUSANA RAAB is a documentary and editorial photographer who "creates warm, and often quirky images of people and places, familiar and strange. She approaches subjects with a generous spirit and sense of humor. She's received wide recognition for her work including the IPA/Lucie Awards, Light Awards, American Photography24, Photo District News, The Camera Club of New York, PhotoEspana, The White House News Photographer's Association, The Ernst Haas/Golden Light Awards, PhotoLucinda's Critical Mass, and the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities."

Susana Raab


Kenyan's (click for bio's) Samson Parashina, Martin Sunte, and Parashi Ntanin in NYC to run the Marathon

Samson Parashina, Edward Norton, Parashi Ntanin, Andrew Wolff, Martin Sunte, Luca Belpietro, Founder of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Parashi Ntanin with Dung Beetle

Kenyan Running Shoes

Huge Strangler Fig Tree, Sacred to the Maasai, in the Chyulu Forest

Maasai are natural runners, it is a part of their culture and tradition as warriors, so it seemed very organic to have some of these new generation ‘eco-warriors’ come brave the NY streets for their community–Edward Norton

NOVEMBER 1, 2009, actor Edward Norton and three Maasai Warriors from Kenya, will lead a team of 30 runners in the New York City Marathon to raise awareness and funds for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Monday, October 26, 2009

JOCHEN BRENNECKE: really new york

hop on, hop off / New York Sightseeing
(c) 2009 Jochen /All Rights Reserved

break / the lunch
(c) 2009 Jochen /All Rights Reserved

hang on sloopy / Sloopy Hang On
(c) 2009 Jochen /All Rights Reserved

step / pink
(c) 2009 Jochen /All Rights Reserved