Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tired Ass Wednesday and a Big Thanks

As the title suggest I'm so damn tired today, my head hurts, I feel bloated and I dunno why... well actually I know it's because I've been busy this past few days with work and that is why I haven't posted anything for the past couple of days.

One of the thing i've been meaning to post is a big thanks to and for linking to this little blog of mine.

well that's it for now i'm off to buy some advil for this headache.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Green River for Blogger

Green River Screenshot
Green River is another Wordpress theme created by it is a fixed width, fixed background and a left menu style theme that is ported to run on This theme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 license.

View Demo Running on Blogger.Com

Monday, May 22, 2006

WordPress Theme for Blogger

A couple of months ago I registered for a free blog account at and I would say that WordPress is nice it has functionalities that really needs one of which is the categories and the ability to highlight recent post and a whole lot more. I really like the themes but what I don't like about it is that I can't mess with the theme/template, maybe there is a way but currently I don't know how to. So what I have been doin for the past couple of days is porting some WordPress themes to work with Obviously we won't get the functionality that is offered by the WordPress engine but we can get is the look and feel of it.

Here is my first port...

Simpla by Phu
Simpla is a clean yet aesthetically pleasing theme that will allow you to showcase your words without distractions.

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Download Simpla

Monday, May 15, 2006

Better Than Me

I was listening to FLOSS Weekly over the weekend. If you don't know what FLOSS Weekly is, FLOSS Weekly is a podcast hosted by Chris DiBona and Leo Laporte over at ThisWeekInTech.Com( and the show covers mostly stuff that is related to opensource software. I was listening to Episode 5 featuring Miguel de Icaza, the charismatic co-creator of the GNOME desktop, founder of Ximian, and father of the controversial Mono Project, designed to port dot-Net to Linux. One of Miguel's statement that caught my ears is that the reason he stop blogging was because he found that there are people out there that are better than him when it comes to blogging. I feel the same way, Like Mr. de Icaza whenever I read blogs I find myself inadequate because between me and them they have better grammar, they are more articulate and they are wittier than me and this is the reason why I abandoned my 1st blog which I started way back 2001 .

So why did I return to blogging even though there are thousand out there who are far more better than I am.. well because I want to share my thought and my feelings and the operative word here "My" yes there are other blogger better than me but their thoughts and feeling is different than mine. We may talk about the same thing but I might have a different view on the topic. There are other reason why I blog but this is the main reason why I blog. what's your reason for blogging?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Just want to say advance Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there especially my Mom who has taken care of me even though I'm one of her biggest headache. Love you Mom, you're the best!

Monday, May 8, 2006

K2 Beta Two r157

I like the Wordpress K2 Beta two theme. I have been using Blogger-templates version of K2 Beta two for quite sometime now. Then I saw revision 157 Its was beautiful, I like it a lot. I went to Blogger-Template to see if anyone has tried to port it for there was none so I search the net for it.. didn't find any. So what I did is I tried to make one and tada here is 1ijack's sloppy version of K2 Beta Two r157.

Why sloppy would you ask? Well the css code isn't cleaned thoroughly there are some code that I didn't remove cause they might be useful in some way that I haven't found out yet. But atleast its functional.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Opera Mini 2.0

Opera just release a new version of Opera Mini. To me this is one of the greatest application ever made for a mobile phone. I mainly use it to check our e-commerce website and the occasional google surfing. One of its new feature that I will definitely use is its ability to download files directly to the phone, now I can download images from our online store whenever I need to know what an Item looks like. Here are the new features in Opera Mini 2.0:

- Content download: Download images, MP3s, etc. directly to the phone.

- New skins: Make Opera Mini your own by selecting from several new and bold skins to suit your mood.

- Multisearch: Opera Mini offers advanced searching functionality by allowing users to select extra search engines for the home page.

- Speed dial: Bookmarks displayed on the home page are assigned a shortcut key combination, giving users faster and easier access to their favorite sites.

- Visual navigation: Quick and smooth horizontal panning when browsing backwards or forwards.

Add Your Blog to Google Sitemap

Google Sitemaps helps you in submitting your site to Google Index. Basically its just a way of informing googlebot what's in your site and where to crawl thus helping you get more traffic to your site. When Google Sitemaps appeared I immediately signed-up for it just to find out that I can't use it using because you need to put the xml file at the server root which we blogger user don't have access to.

But now that has change. You can add you blog to Google Sitemap by just submitting your blog's feed to Google Sitemap.

1. Login to Google Sitemaps
2. Add your site
3. Once your site is added click "Add a Sitemap"
4. Choose "Add General Web Sitemap"
5. Check all the boxes and add your site's feed.
6. Then go back to "My Site" once there click "verify"
7. Choose "Add META Tag" as a verification method
8. Copy the META tag listed below and paste it in your site's home page in the first <HEAD> section of the page, before the first <BODY> section. Save template and republish.
9. Then click "Verify" again and that's it, your blog is now successfully submitted to Google Sitemaps.