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Valentine Wallpapers, Love Backgrounds for Computer

Valentine Wallpapers & beautiful Love Backgrounds for desktop Computers

Happy Valentines Day Wallpaper

Nature Backgrounds for Computer Desktop Background Wallpapers

Nature BackgroundNature Background

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Beautiful Nature WallpaperBeautiful Nature Wallpaper

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Free Nature Desktop BackgroundFree Nature Desktop Background

Free Desktop Wallpaper NatureFree Desktop Wallpaper Nature

Beautiful Nature Computer BackgroundsBeautiful Nature Computer Backgrounds

Thom Yorke ~ A Caricature Study

Tonight I have a manipulated caricature study of Thom Yorke, an English musician with some unique characteristics. This was just an experimental manipulation. I tried to get a little warp in his face like Russ Cook often does. Mine is not nearly as good as his but I'm studying his work among others like Sebastian Kruger and Jason Seiler. I would love to take some formal lessons. Anyway I've posted the original source image I worked with below.

Original source image nelow:

I hope you enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Riots in Egypt...

Reading about riots in Egypt reminded me on a 10-days-adventure-through-Egypt we took in 2008. We traveled there in August when the temperature was highest (in The Valley of the Kings it climbed to 48°C) and we traveled almost 1000 kilometers cruising the Nile – our starting point was Cairo and our finish line was Aswan. The scope of Egypt itself is magnificent – river Nile, the Pyramids, extraordinary history and above all - magnificent people; those of you who traveled there, know that :)

So I dug up some old photos I took on that journey for those of you who weren’t so lucky to travel there yet:

Personally, temple that impressed me the most was Temple of Edfu:

The best way to explore Nile is on a felucca (Egyptian sailing boat):

If you feel like getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning, traveling three hours in a convoy throughout desert you will be rewarded with  breathtaking beauty of Abu Simbel temples:

On a day trip to nubian village we visited their school, sit at their homes, swim in the Nile and drank coffee: 

Last but not least, Egyptian people. Their favorite saying “Only for you my friend, special offer…” can be heard from every corner: 

Beautiful Australia For Sydney Opera House Photos, Images

The Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world. The Opera House covers 1.8 hectares of land. It is 183 meters long and about 120 meters wide at its widest point. The Concert Hall is the largest interior venue at the Sydney Opera House. With its high vaulted ceiling and interior finishes of brush box and white birch timber. There are restaurants at the Opera House. It is often possible to purchase a combination deal of dinner and a ticket to a performance. The original plan to build the opera house was put forth in 1950, and designed by John Utzon. Transportation to the opera house in Sydney is generally quite convenient from any place in the city. Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Australia Pictures. As well as many touring theatre, ballet, and musical productions the Opera House is the home of Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house sydney_opera_house

Amazing Unusual Tree People Pictures And Photos, Gallary

Trees are important components of the natural landscape and a wonderful living organism which gives shelter, food,warmth and protection to all living things. Though common trees are fascinating immensely butthere are some of the more unusual and amazing tree specimens found inthe world. This is one great tree in Limpopo, Mozambique. Amazing Tree which looks like a dancing girl this morning at yoga. It is unique tree because it is a tree which have many carvings on it.

Amazing Tree People WallpapersAmazing Tree People WallpapersAmazing Tree People WallpapersAmazing Tree People WallpapersAmazing Tree People WallpapersAmazing Tree People Wallpapers

Snow Tracks

Emily and I went snowshoeing and the light was quite beautiful. Moreover there were tons of animal tracks including this very well maintained animal road.

On another note this marks the completion of the first month of the blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now 1/12 of the way done with it :-)

Beautiful Coffe Art Decorate Photos, Beautiful Coffe Art Pictures, Gallary

This method however is limited by the experience of the barista (coffee-making individual) and the professional quality of the espresso machine. A barista is like a “Gretzky” doing the same thing over and over again until he finally becomes an expert coffee/latte artist. Baristi all around the world are skillfully talented and creative coffee-making individuals who are the true creators of coffee art masterpieces. One thing you may not know about me is that I really like coffee. "While many agree that making a good cup of espresso coffee is an art within itself, 'coffee art', also known as 'latte art', refers to creative patterns made from the velvety milk foam skillfully poured into a rich crema-crowned espresso coffee.Feel free to share any stories or images of coffee art, your favorite coffee house, or even a recipe for the perfect cup of coffee.*

Coffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art WallpapersCoffe Art Wallpapers