Monday, February 28, 2011

Through a Lens Darkly

Derelict building Bath Street Dewsbury

Well a quick trip but don't know what to make of the building !, old big house, mansion or poss small old nursing home !!!!! no history to be found even off the old drunk outside the bath hotel pub ! it's in the early stages of re development so on with the pic's

Pioneer House Dewsbury

My Quarry was the old Pioneer house at Dewsbury once in thought I was home free fek !!!!! was I wrong !, cat n mouse with coppers for 1/2 an hour good job I feel at home on high ground taking shelter on the roof for a while, eventually got my ass down and out whilst they were still in the place.

Quick pic on the retreat to another high place.

Easy entry onto the back fire escape.

My original quarry 'the Pioneer House'.

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