Monday, June 6, 2011

zac efron holding hands with guy

zac efron holding hands with guy. Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron
  • Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

  • mabaker
    Apr 14, 02:39 PM
    He is a spy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zac efron holding hands with guy. over Zac Efron and Vanessa
  • over Zac Efron and Vanessa

  • hyperpasta
    Oct 16, 04:16 PM
    "iPhone Pro"

    Sounds about right.

    zac efron holding hands with guy. zac efron hairstyle 2009.
  • zac efron hairstyle 2009.

  • ender land
    Apr 12, 12:55 PM
    racism is more or less tolerated against a majority (at least in the USA).

    zac efron holding hands with guy. That, with another man the
  • That, with another man the

  • jelloshotsrule
    May 7, 04:27 PM
    Originally posted by scem0
    Does SJ really think that a 16 year old who
    has to pay for his own computer will be able to afford a mac?

    i agree that macs could be cheaper... but your reasoning isn't exactly perfect... i mean, does mr. bmw think that a 17 year old who just got his license and has to buy his own car can afford a bmw?

    you get the point.

    i know it's not the same, but yeah. word.


    zac efron holding hands with guy. long hair guys. Zac Efron
  • long hair guys. Zac Efron

  • SteveSparks
    Mar 23, 06:55 PM
    They're going to realize that the existing machines they have- or Windows machines that can be had for much cheaper- are quite capable of handling any non-classified activity without switching to new hardware.

    The Government, I mean serious government, with big purchasing power gets great deals on Mac's better than you think and competitive to the high end systems you might get from Dell etc

    zac efron holding hands with guy. justin bieber zac efron.
  • justin bieber zac efron.

  • Huntn
    Mar 12, 04:39 PM
    That being said, I love any Fender guitar I have come across whether owning it, testing it out, or borrowing it for a gig, every Apple product I have ever owned, and the Matix jeans, my sole American product are not bad either.

    But your Apple is made far far away. Of course if the criteria is loving electronics made in the U.S., we can hook up some string phones.... ;)


    zac efron holding hands with guy. Sexy Zac Efron Pictures,
  • Sexy Zac Efron Pictures,

  • rpp3po
    Sep 21, 06:33 AM
    Can anyone confirm that the update does not make the Mac Pro noisier?

    In the past Apple has repeatedly upgraded fan speeds by these updates a couple of months AFTER all reviews had been written. I had once bought my Powerbook G4 (besides other aspects) because it was very quite. A few SMC updates later the fan was running continuously and as such probably lowering average temperatur and service return rate for Apple.

    zac efron holding hands with guy. zac efron 17 again car scene.
  • zac efron 17 again car scene.

  • Benjy91
    Apr 26, 09:59 AM
    I don't want a boring DVD. I want Lion to come on one of those cool MacBook Air-style memory sticks, only compatible with ThunderBolt.

    Yea! And limit their new OS to about 20% of their users.


    zac efron holding hands with guy. Asian Guys Hairstyle -Kim
  • Asian Guys Hairstyle -Kim

  • jwong3854
    Mar 12, 09:11 AM
    delete post please

    zac efron holding hands with guy. Nice car man.
  • Nice car man.

  • Jako7286
    May 2, 04:04 PM
    thicker thinner, is it really worth front page news? let us have news of obama bin ladens death!

    Um... This is MacRumors. So... front page news = new news and... yes?


    zac efron holding hands with guy. old man from the twenties.
  • old man from the twenties.

  • SevenInchScrew
    Jun 17, 06:01 PM
    The systems are now starting to show up in retail today, and some people have posted pictures to give some scale to things. Here is the new 360 between the older 360 and the older PS3. It isn't exactly battling the Wii for smallest console, but it is a decent amount smaller...

    zac efron holding hands with guy. “They were holding hands at
  • “They were holding hands at

  • garybUK
    Mar 16, 04:27 AM
    Surely a 'Made in USA' car is a thing to avoid? Big, no style, bad engines (huge capacity with no power), poor reliability, nasty plastics inside.

    Get a european one, more reliable (VW, BMW, Mercedes, Audi) far far superior technology in the engines, safer and better for the environment, plus you pump money into our economy :p

    Some really sexy cars: VW Scirocco, BMW 3 Series Coupe, Renault Megane Coupe, Audi TT, Volvo C30.... plus they will last for years!


    zac efron holding hands with guy. THIS IS SERIOUS YOU GUYS.

  • StealthRider
    Sep 14, 06:00 PM
    Yeah, I get to have my wisdom teeth out next Thursday, so it's anesthesia for me too!

    Although...this should be ok...because my step-grandfather founded the anesthesia department at Cincinnati Children's. So...the current head of department is personally putting me under. I'm expecting a great nights sleep after that...

    zac efron holding hands with guy. and kept holding hands
  • and kept holding hands

  • rovex
    Apr 5, 11:21 AM
    Regarding touch buttons, my post above. Regarding pressing the wrong side in the dark, although I have done that a couple of times in the past, I think they make the button concave so you can feel where it is without looking. I (personally) think that a glow in the dark button would look tacky, especially because they glow in that eery green colour. :(

    When you are watching a YouTube video, I tend to forget where the home button is. Or when surfing the web for some time while in the dark.

    And I don't literally mean glow in the dark like those cheap Halloween things, I'm talking about an actual light behind the capacitive square symbol which has a sensor which turns on when there is a certain level of darkness.

    I can easily envisage this happening . It would look fantastic.


    zac efron holding hands with guy. “They were holding hands at
  • “They were holding hands at

  • scirica
    Mar 29, 09:28 AM
    Just curious if the daily lines are getting any shorter. The last few times I stopped by (late last week) they were still around the corner of the building at 8am.

    Thanks...Anxiously awaiting the replacement of the iPad I lost in New York in January!

    zac efron holding hands with guy. cuddling and holding hands
  • cuddling and holding hands

    Nov 18, 11:21 AM
    I want mine programmed so when I walk by a vending machine it spits out a Dr Pepper and a honey bun.
    Then I can tell me wife I didn't do it, but waste not want not.....:D


    zac efron holding hands with guy. Girls EyesGold/Yellow Girls
  • Girls EyesGold/Yellow Girls

  • jwong3854
    Mar 12, 09:11 AM
    delete post please

    zac efron holding hands with guy. Posted in Zac Efron
  • Posted in Zac Efron

  • SuperCachetes
    Mar 12, 05:38 PM
    Anyway, environmentalist or not, what do you think about the Fit's overall city and highway gas mileage? And does it really beat the Prius in overall gas mileage? Toyota also has a very similar small type of car that is totally sexy. To me, small is sexy (but not Smart Car), and I could parallel park easier than my huge SW, and get great gas mileage.

    I have also considered Mazda 3 and Pontiac Vibe.

    Where the Fit excels is its interior volume. It is seriously like the Tardis in its ability to betray its small appearance on the outside with its actual capacity inside. For example, I have filled it with a family of four's luggage and knick-knacks for a week-long trip, with room to spare.

    Mileage is as advertised, mostly high-20's squirting around town, nearer to high-30's with the cruise set for hours at highway speeds. I don't have the knowledge to compare it to the Prius, but I will say that the Fit's interior fit-and-finish, while well-detailed and more than adequate, is "cheaper" than the Prius, and maybe even my old Civic's.

    While it won't win many drag races, it is a fun runabout, as it's probably the shortest wheelbase car I've ever owned. Meaning, it "hops" over bumps and sneezes will put you in the adjacent lane. I haven't driven a Mini Cooper, but I suspect the sensations are similar.

    I'd buy one again in a heartbeat.

    zac efron holding hands with guy. zac efron and
  • zac efron and

  • simsaladimbamba
    Apr 7, 07:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (iPhone : Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_6 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8E200 Safari/6533.18.5)

    Seriously, who wants to wade thru over 500 posts to find out there isn't one? Not I. There should be a sticky. No iPhone app.

    ... people?
    Often it just helps to look at the last page of such long threads.

    Sep 19, 03:58 PM
    Not everyone will want to install BOTH updates.

    everyone WILL have to install both updates, you can not update the SMC until you update the EFI, the SMC wont even show up in Software Update until the EFI is done

    also, i did the SMC update, and the fans are so freaking loud, i mean LOUD

    Apr 28, 02:27 PM
    seriously just shut ur pretty faces with the tired backlit keyboard anthem. this is like the least desirable feature esp since it has a direct impact on battery life.

    Backlit keyboard is a nice aesthetic feature for many. It's also extremely useful for those of us who type while looking at the keyboard and tend to do a lot of traveling at night/underground. Plus, since all iterations of the keyboard have user-controlled brightness levels, the argument against it as a power sink fail. In my opinion, and as someone who really wants a backlit keyboard, the best argument against the feature is that it has the potential to increase the price to maintain such a large margin.

    The TDP of the C2D and 320M combined is about 25W, I believe. The i5 2357m is a 1.4GHz proc with the HD3000 core and a TDP of 18W. By including this as the base processor, the battery life would inherently improve (without increasing the size of the battery), but a little bit of internal space would open up where the 320M was. This could be used for an SDHC card on the 11", or increased battery, or maybe an additional USB port. My wish would be to bump the base speed of the i5 up to 1.6GHz or even 1.8GHz and maintain a TDP of 25W.

    A larger screen and/or thinner bezel would be nice, but I'd settle for coloring the darn thing black (without the weight of the glass over the screen). The bezel on my MacBook Pro is fantastic in comparison; I find the silver distracting.

    A 2lb 11" Air with an i5 proc at 1.8GHz, a 256GB SSD, backlighting, 8+ hour battery-life, and a starting price of $100 less (dream on, I know), and there is no way I could keep myself from buying one.

    Apr 30, 11:34 AM
    3GB download. It's times like this I wish I lived in Hong Kong.

    Mar 24, 12:03 PM
    ATV quality is in Apple's control but T quality is not. If they do decide to license the software technology then every tv manufacturer will implement with their own hardware. Its possible that Airplay will work better on one device versus another. I believe that will taint the Apple brand. Apple should stick with its guns. ATV works well because it fits in Apple's model. Licensing software that is so hardware dependent is just a bad idea.

    Sep 25, 10:28 AM
    Another event, yet another disappointment.

    Personally all I wanted was iLife integration and from the looks of things I got that. Everything else is just a welcomed bonus.

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