Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • vina92
    12-11 08:44 PM
    I am in MN and would like to join in.

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  • lazycis
    02-12 04:21 PM
    My company is downsizing for sometime now...and I can be next.

    In that case can I move to EAD in the given situation ( as above) ?

    Of course you can move on EAD provided EAD is current.

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  • vjkypally
    01-24 12:30 PM
    I just checked with my Lawyer. I am a July 2 receipt guy and my 180 days got over. Currently my wife moved from her H1B(not stamped yet, she moved from H4 to H1) to EAD and I am still on H1B.

    My lawyer says if I am on H1B and she is on EAD it will create issues when our EAD goes for renewal. She claims I also should change my status now to EAD. I thought staying on H1B was safe and now I get this response. I told her so many people I know have done the same thing and she is asking if I will jump into the well like others:))).

    Please advise

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  • dreamworld
    06-30 12:57 AM
    There is no time to think at this situation. If the labor says BS+3 years then you need that exact same experience to qualify.

    I do not want to say NO to you. But someone else can help...Anybody here...


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  • eastindia
    05-10 10:31 AM
    You nailed it my friend.

    I have been thinking of it for years.

    It has to be discussed very seriously.

    Note: Give me your lawyer email id. I will ask him to charge every question you ask, so he does not have to have any clients except you for his living.

    A lot of lawyers do not charge money for every question you ask if you are their client. You can easily email them and ask questions or post on their intranet. It is part of their service that helps them get more business.

    If your employer is their client, then of course the lawyer may not respond to you. Why should he?

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  • kumar1
    11-24 02:11 PM
    There is always a calculated risk in extending I-94. No one can predict the outcome of this process. Personally, I would not do it.


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  • gk_2000
    05-15 09:57 PM
    Most probably this is just an eye candy for us, to be eaten and excreted. But, I hope I am dead wrong!

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-12 01:58 PM
    Thank You for the information. But
    1) I have heard from someone that there is a statement on their website that the transit visa is required only if the stay is more than 10/20 hours.
    2) Where do they check for the transit visa? is it done while boarding into the airport in US or while entering into the German airport? If they find that we don't have a transit visa in Frankfurt airport, what would they do?

    Please answer to my questions, this is really needed for me to act on getting the transit visa.

    If you can type a question in this forum, then, I guess, you could also do the research by yourself and let us all know about it. If you heard from 'someone', please ask him/her to send you the link and post it here. Thanks.

    Most nations do not require a transit visa as long as you are remained in the Airport and changing planes to your destination. If you decide to take a break for few days, then you need a Transit visa, which you can either get prior to your travel by contacting the respective consulates or Embassies or at the transit airport.


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  • radhay
    04-09 02:27 PM
    looking at your handle you might be working for IBM. Not sure if they are still using Fragomen law firm.
    You don't need to get H1 stamping done if you have Advance Parole. Some firms may be suggesting their clients to renew H1B so they can charge bunch of fees. Since it is no cost for you it works in your favor as having H1B and EAD as backup doesn't hurt.

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  • wandmaker
    03-18 11:22 AM
    I am positively sick of seeing the same "case received and pending" status on my I-485 case for the past two years (almost). I call CIS and they parrot like repeat the same status which I see on their website. They tell me they have no further information.

    I simply can't take it any more. I have already paid unnacceptably high human cost for this GC. If my case has any discrepency and it is going to be rejected eventually, then I dont see any point of working in US from this point onwards itself. I would rather move back to India and use this time to build my career there.

    I can hang on only if I somehow get to know if my case has been pre-adjudicated for approval, and no more bureaucratic actions are required on it. But how do I do that?

    Any ideas?

    Please update your profile w/ correct information.


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    12-21 09:56 PM
    Its mystery. My friend visited one Canadian consulate for VISA interview. He sent his I-171 and DS160 to them in email to get PIMS done before his interview date and they said that they received the documents and noted info & can come for interview. He though PIMS check is done and he can go peacefully for interview.
    But today they gave some document saying they need to verify PIMS, so the conclusion is always better to go home country sothat we can have nice time with relatives atleast.

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  • Karthikthiru
    07-18 01:14 AM
    We all should organize and fight for Recapturing the VISA numbers and also for SKIL bill



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  • kirupa
    01-17 09:22 PM

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-06 02:47 PM
    I wonder if anyone has any info about this.
    A friend comes here on h-1b. She works for 6 years on h1 and files for adjustment of status. She can't do 7th year due to PERM filed and approved less than a year ago. Now, her H-1B expired and she is her as AOS pending, without H1. Now, she is afraid there may be something wrong with her 485 and wants to switch back to H-1b. Can she do it? Can she do go back to H-1B status? The thing is that now her Perm and I140 are approved and she is entitled to 7th H-1B extension, but she is an "Adjustee". Please let me know if anyone was able to change from AOS to H-1B without leaving the US. Thank you for you info.

    glus, Since she now has an approved I140, she is eligible for a 3 year H1 extension, provided her PD is not current. She need not be continuously be on H1 to be eligible for applying H1 for the 7th year.

    Once you get the H1 paper, you would have to enter the US, so that the status changes from "Adjustee" to "admitted" i.e., H1 status...or, if the H-1B paper come with the I-94 stub, you need not travel out and get it.


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  • Saralayar
    08-07 10:42 AM
    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?
    Check the threads in the forum and then create a new thread if necessary.

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  • sunny26
    11-16 08:20 AM
    Hi Raj
    If ur case is pending more than 30days from the processing time shown on there website ur lawyer or employer can open a service request(SR).they will send u the decision usually within30days from the date of SR.

    Quizzer rd is dec2006 EB2. But there site shows they r processing feb2007 case so after 30 days his lawyer opened a SR and got response that what he meant.


    What is raised SR means?

    Mine also filed in DEC'2006; but no news yet.



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  • eagerr2i
    09-08 01:38 PM

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  • thakkarbhav
    11-17 09:17 AM
    DMV stopped issuing DL based on EAD card in Virginia. I guess it will be same for TX and other states. You need original I485 receipt to get one year extensiton. EAD no more valid document for extension.

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  • jediknight
    02-08 07:02 PM
    We need to work with everyone and fix the legal immigration mess.

    Once that is fixed, there would be no reason for people to break the immigration law. That problem will automatically go away.

    "What line?" is a good question to ask all the anti-immigration groups. I hate it when they have names like "Americans for Legal Immigration." They should publish a list of their accomplishments for legal immigrants :-)

    - JZ

    03-16 05:54 PM
    My company informed me today that, when spouse is added to the insurence, the insurence will start from day 1 of next month. My wife will be comming in the middle of month. How to cover this gap with insurence...?? Any suggestions...????

    If you show them marriage certificate they should be able to backdate the dates of coverage. That is what happened in my case. Other option is to shop for private insurance for few days. You will pay premium. Get some cheaper insurance then you run risk of lot of loopholes in coverage. Get travel insurance from companies in India. There are plenty and you can find discussion on this forum. Check with pre existing condition clause with your insurance company even if the coverage starts from 1st.

    Other option is to have your wife come after 1st of month or pray to God that she doesn't fall sick, just kidding.

    09-07 06:36 PM
    Please respond so that we can get an idea of the distribution of EB cases.
    You have to be logged in to participate in the poll.
    Thanks to MrWaitingGC for the initiative.

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