Saturday, June 4, 2011

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  • love quotes for valentines day

  • daze
    Apr 15, 09:28 PM
    I'd like to help. I think my PS3 can do Folding.

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  • quotes for Valentines.

  • kingdonk
    Feb 28, 06:38 PM
    server admin

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  • Spanky Deluxe
    Jun 18, 01:34 PM
    I wonder what the IO performance of the reader is and what a 64GB drive might manage.

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  • gugy
    Sep 27, 07:08 PM
    My friend had nothing but problems with his G5. The computer was constantly in for repairs and would spew out kernal-panics often. It ended up being a bad memory module, which was undetectable even with an extensive hardware test. The only reason he figure it out, is because he had lowned the additional RAM to a mutual friend while his G5 was in the shop for the last time.


    Yes, that might be it. It is the only thing that hasn't been replaced. The Apple memory has been replaced but not the third party RAM, I'll exchange for a new ones.
    Thanks for the input.


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  • misdy
    May 1, 04:33 PM
    Maybe Puzzle Quest? Although, that doesn't use hearts or potions. It's the type of game you're talking about though.

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  • macfan70
    Oct 16, 04:41 PM
    PDA! Oh man, if it can match some of my treo's functions. I will drop my current contract in a heart beat. ((BEAT)) :p


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  • MBP13
    May 6, 07:28 PM
    When I was deciding on getting a laptop, an HP Envy was suggested over the MacBook Pro 13 because it's supposedly just as good as a MacBook Pro.

    Here's a video of an HP Envy along side a MacBook Pro 13.

    Just seeing all the problems with that piece of crap made me decide that I'll buy the Mac. :) But, why else do you expect from a cheap Windows PC??

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  • Small White Car
    Jan 4, 10:04 AM
    Whoever advised them to now put the maps onboard and download as needed, needs to be fired- poor decision.
    bad decision. apps like motion gps I'd pay $0.99 for and use the maps over the air.

    If I'm going to pay $40 for a gps app it'd be cause I relied on it. Wouldn't chance having service.

    I've been using the iPhone's Google maps in that way for almost 3 years and I have not once had that be an issue.

    I dunno, I guess something bad could happen, but it sure doesn't seem likely to me at this point. And even if it does happen to me soon I'm prepard for "once every 3 years" as a failure rate.

    Agreed. Downloading anything on Edge is awful, but downloading mission critical graphical maps and directions when you get lost? Just dumb.

    Ok, but when a road changes and you don't have the newest map then what are you doing? Manually downloading is what.

    I'd rather it be an automatic process.

    Both methods have drawbacks: "Not always available" vs. "Not always current."
    Given that I've never had a problem with availability, I'm actually interested in an app that promises to stay current without my having to download maps manually ahead of time.


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  • skunk
    Apr 3, 07:07 PM
    Am I winning you over?I have no idea what you're talking about. I was responding to Ugg. :confused:

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  • dukebound85
    Apr 4, 03:59 PM
    In CT we are taxed I believe 50 cents on every gallon. The problem is that as gas prices rise people buy less of it and the taxes dry up.

    so they drive less as well if they don't buy gas..

    But these taxes are historically for funding the construction and upkeep of the highways, not to curb gas usage or to spur efficiency.

    A car that gets 60 mpg will do just as much 'damage' to a road surface as a car that get 8 mpg....but the 50mpg car will pay much, MUCH less for upkeep of that road than the other in a gas-tax based situation.

    No. A car that gets 50mpg is likely much lighter than a car that gets 8mpgs... and hence doesn't put near as much wear on the road


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  • Chef Medeski
    Nov 21, 05:17 PM
    Wouldn't using the "extra" electricity to power fans to decrease heat lead to less "extra" electricity???? :rolleyes: I hope they really think this through - and I'm sure they will. Of course powering fans isn't the only use for electricity.

    No because this thing only can produce electricity from a heat difference. If the inside of your computer was all one temperature... guess what no power. Fans are needed to cool the air around the fans thus creating greater differences in heat. So, not only are fans necessary for this to work, but the more the better. This is probably best to merely attach to a current system and add battery life. You could not decrease the cooling. So, its nice. But its not a wonder tool. its merely a bit of extra juice in the battery. Its just like a hybrid. You wont gain any extra efficiency unless your braking hence the average highway MPG of a hybrid, even though its city is stellar. Even then its not a revolution that stopped all oil consumption. Even if everyone drove hybrids, total consumption wouldnt drop by much. Highway driving and traffic are huge factors in consumption and those aren't curbed through hybrids.

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  • leetard
    Nov 14, 04:13 PM
    I can't wait for the other ones to be redone:

    "Whassa happonin' Hotstuff? PC Home Movie!"


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  • Juventuz
    Apr 1, 12:13 PM
    Until not that long ago Fox controlled DirecTV, so that is likely why.

    News Corps, which owns FOX, Sky and many other studios/stations/newspapers, had a 38% stake in DirecTV. They sold it over 3 years ago.

    As a long time DirecTV subscriber, who has scaled back some of their services and gone with TWC as well, ever since Liberty Media took over they've done very little. They're falling behind in the HD count and have instead decided to focus on PPV and 3D.

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  • mi5moav
    Sep 25, 10:41 AM
    All Apple software and hardware can be demoed for free at any Apple store. I have brought in cameras, printers, monitors, etc... and was allowed to test them and demo them before I purchased. It's an amazing place go visit sometime.


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  • jephrey
    Oct 26, 04:20 PM
    I can see why they'd do it with a "new" program, but SE16 was my audio editing prog of choice even having to open OS9 to use it. Finally, soundstudio came around and went multi track, and although I like it, the bit view in SE16 was priceless for what I do, and that thing saved and opened files in a snap.

    Even though it's new, I still had hoped that UBs would be the norm for new stuff for longer, especially from someone like Adobe. I got my G5 in mid 04 and had hoped to have it for 8 years. Looks like it'll be more like the 4 years I had ye olde G3 for. Maybe I can squeeze more out of it, but we'll see.



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  • CalBoy
    Apr 27, 08:49 PM
    I asked this because I am new to politics and want to learn more about it. When people answer this question most of the time they have reasons to back it up like things the candidate has done in the past. I am just trying to learn more about politics is all. And it starts a good thread full of information for me to read.

    If you are new to politics and want to honestly learn more about it, you should first figure what you do and don't know.

    The first and most basic thing to learn is the fundamentals of government, elections, the law, and all of the history that comes along with it. If you haven't been in school for a while (or taken a government class in a while), a refresher will always help.

    After that, I recommend reading Hardball by Chris Matthews. It's a great look into how politicians run, strategize, and win elections. It will also give any voter a lot of insight into how politicians act in the US because of how modern politics works.


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  • Goldinboy17
    Mar 24, 10:04 PM
    Just got mine fired up! Love it!

    Why would one jailbreak? What is the benefit? Just curious as I haven't updated yet. Thanks!

    I'm off to browse from the couch :)

    I specifically did it so I could install ZumoCast and use MyWi On Demand so I can tether to my iPad without significantly damaging my phones battery.

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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 27, 07:37 PM
    jesus where do you live?


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  • DeSnousa
    Aug 25, 12:59 AM
    Cool i was wondering also, thanks for putting the effort into making it and im looking forward to it too :)

    Nov 5, 02:34 AM
    This sounds great! I hope that some game developers would now start to make some only for mac games!

    Mar 26, 03:34 PM
    While it doesn't seem surprising that Jobs did all the talking, I would hope that he could also listen a bit and maybe glean some insight on what's going on in Schmidt's head.

    As the saying goes... we have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

    Dec 27, 11:07 PM
    No it's not banned. They are intentionally trying to make it more difficult for you to buy it. You have to do the footwork yourself to get it. It is unprecendented for a company to want to make their product more difficult to buy.

    oh my.. poor baby... such a hard life you lead... having to actually go do something yourself, next you will tell us how you have all of your mail hand delivered to you on a silver platter and your butler or maid reads it all to you.

    Given how many members of MacRumors don't even have an Apple store in their city let alone state or country you come of as a whinger who needs sympathy when in reality you have nothing to complain about in the first place.

    Maybe the truth is you are complaining about losing your easy way to get iPhones through fraudulant means and selling them for a profit? I mean, why else would you suggest that AT&T is lying about fraud as potential reason for blocking online purchases in your area?

    Go take a walk, you can probably hit 5 AT&T resellers of some sort or Apple stores throwing a baseball from your front doorstep.

    Apr 4, 05:34 PM
    I'm a writer and it (Pages) is totally unsuitable. Clearly a wannabe DTP program, ala Publisher. I'm sure Pages is great for doing a church newsletter. For any moderately-serious writing, Pages is unacceptable.
    I think thats the whole point.
    They wouldn't wanna step on MS' territory... just yet anyways.

    May 5, 02:59 PM
    Oh please. If the NDP had got in then Canada would be royally screwed. The NDP has a poor record in a number of provinces of running the provincial governments into deep deficits and scaring away businesses.

    I would take the opinion piece from someone with the Toronto Star with a little bit of salt. They are like the Huffington Post of Canada or a left leaning Canadian version of those British tabloids that they try to pass for "newspapers" in England.

    So, I should not take Harper's word on his beliefs regarding social issues? Really? Do you really want to put money down that he won't act on those beliefs?

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