Sunday, June 12, 2011

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  • willwin
    08-11 11:29 AM
    Ok we have the poll, now can we start guessing when our dates will be current.

    possibly we need another poll with these options asking when do you think your PD will be current

    1) 10-12 years
    2) 12-15 years
    3) 15 - 20 years


    You are one optimistic dude in EB3 queue!!

    Not so early :-)

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  • sameerkhan7860
    07-02 11:34 PM
    Hello Folks,

    We should call the new organizations. But in this case people will talk about this issue for a day, maybe two. The one thing that will catch people's attention is we do something OUT of the way!

    I support one suggestion put forward by one of our members - Go the Munnabhai way! Send them flowers! Do you guy have any idea what kind of news that will be? If USCIS suddenly receive 1000s of flowers everyday? Granted we will be spending money from our pockets but that is a small price to pay to make our woes known to others!

    This is really a cruel joke played by DOS and USCIS! We should not stand by and do nothing!

    So, if people are interested... let us start a send a flower a day campaign!


    If we plan to send flowers, we should send them to the SAME place, same person, if a 100 different news stations receive these flowers, this would be of no consequence, the ideal person to send these to would be Bill O reiley, God (yea I invoke his name ;) knows that he loves to talk aout himself, and if you get him involved, and throw in the words like , "BUSH wanted us to be able to AOS", he is going to be all over it.

    I am going to see if I can send him a note :)

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  • logiclife
    07-21 02:57 PM
    The name of the lawyer we have talked to before is Joe Hohenstein.

    See more details here:

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  • Ann Ruben
    05-27 05:12 PM
    Pappu's response is exactly correct. Because you have an advanced degree, you meet the first prong of the NIW test. But, that is the easy part. Meeting the 3 criteria Pappu lists is much more difficult, and, as a practical matter may require you to demonstrate not only the "substantial intrinsic merit" and value of your work to the US national interest, but also your unique/exceptional ability to do that work.


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  • adhantari
    08-13 03:29 PM

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  • sathyaraj
    10-26 03:36 PM
    I got my AP approved. We were not asked for any such proof.


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  • gconmymind
    02-29 01:00 PM
    Just ask your company to furnish all financial evidence asked for, like Tax statements, Revenue, etc. This is a one of the more common queries for 140. Dont worry too much and respond as soon as you can.

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  • gouridighade
    04-29 04:09 PM
    The Travisa website doesnt say that they require notarised copies of anything.


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  • narendra_modi
    03-04 03:45 PM
    Hi guys,
    this is my first post, so please bear with me ..How can a novice know that this forum is for EB category ? small suggestion to iv team, a small iv admin fix...

    can typing take us all to "" or" ? (eg. takes you to In that way eventually everybody will know its a eb immigration voice and no other legal immigrants forums..

    Sr members, please share your views on this topic..


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  • ramraj_02
    10-20 09:20 AM
    On a different note, how safe it is to go for Visa stamping in Canada. My visa stamp in passport expired last year, my H1B is valid untill end of 2007. Will it be ok to go to canada for visa stamping at this stage. Please let me know if anybody has any good/bad experiences with this process.


    Hi, I have been through canada for my last visa stamping, Went to montreal had no problem at all.


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  • logiclife
    06-02 05:35 PM
    IV on Bay Area TV - FOX-2 (KTVU)

    Pratik Dakwala of Immigration Voice was interviewed by KTVU, a local Fox affiliate of San Francisco Bay area. The name of the interviewer was Priya David.
    The program will be telecast between 5PM and 6PM Pacific standard time and the interview is about 5-6 minutes long.

    Dont live in Bay area:
    If you dont live in San Francisco/San Jose area, you can see the link that they would upload on website : We will post the link here once available.

    If you live in San Francisco/Bay area:
    This will be probably available only in Bay Area and nearby areas where they can have KTVU Fox-2. The good thing is, since this is a local channel, I dont think you need cable to see this. However, if you do have cable I am sure you can see it, but then I am not sure whether it will be channel 2 or some other channel.

    This is one more media coverage event in the series of events that has helped immigration voice highlight the problems of legal employment-based immigrants. Other media stories that covered Immigration Voice can be found here(also a menu item on home page): IV in the News (


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  • cvk90
    07-05 01:08 PM
    Bump >> Please help


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  • Raju
    07-02 09:51 AM
    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

    Read the mission statement. FYI... We are not trying to stand on other to reach the top but, we do not let others stand on us to get to the top. I dont think you understand the subtle difference here. CIR is PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION bill and has nothing to offer Legal EB immigrants.

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  • raysaikat
    06-05 09:27 PM
    I think my question is: is it possible for USCIS to review the case and change the decision they made after approval? Thanks.

    Yes, it is possible.


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  • MannyD
    09-07 06:36 PM
    Please respond so that we can get an idea of the distribution of EB cases.
    You have to be logged in to participate in the poll.
    Thanks to MrWaitingGC for the initiative.

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  • Krish09
    06-27 03:41 PM
    Hi Everyone, I need suggestion regarding my present situation. I got H1B approved for the year 2009. But my H1B was approved as to be get stamped in INDIA. I am is currently in USA since August 2008 on B1 Visa (10 years multiple) and the B1 I 94 getting expired on August 3rd 2009.

    Company A filed my H-1B on April 1st, 2008 and my case got selected in the lottery. I have waited until August, 2008 for my H-1B approval, It didn't happened any status update. I came to USA with B1 on a business visit to Company A. I have waited another 2 months but nothing happened to my H-1B and was upgraded to Premium processing on November 13th, 2008. There was a query on the H1B and Company A was not able to clear that to USCIS. That H1B case was withdrawn by Company A. So I applied new H1B thru Company C on April 1st 2009 and the H1B was approved on 3rd week of June 2009

    Now my B1 I-94 is getting expired sometime in early August 2009, can I apply current B1 status change to H1B using the current H1B approval (Current B1 I-94 to H1 I-94)? so what are the options now.

    Please advice me what can be done to get my transfer to H1B done without leaving the country.


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  • katrina
    05-20 10:44 AM
    I had not read that one...If cornyn amdmt gets through we are in a good shape then...

    I kind a feel that would be a miracle eventhough this amdmt get approved for Philadelphia PBEC to finish all the labor within 6 month :) I'm not sure about dallas since Dallas PBEC already start processing 2005 application.

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  • krishnam70
    06-11 05:13 PM
    Dear Viewers

    Could anyone please advice me on how to claim the unpaid salary from the previous employers.

    I was working for a company based in Michigan run by an Indian. This person did not pay me my last month salary. He does not pick up his phone or respond to my email. I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request. This guy owes me around 5000 dollars.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

    1. Send an email to the employer
    2. Send a letter with a proof of delivery and signature stating your case and that you need to be paid and reminding him/her of their legal obligation and give them 7-10 days to comply failing which you will report to DOL.
    3. If you have not received your dues, complain to your DOL immediately

    I assume that your legal status is not compromised by doing the above and you have a backup for maintaining your legal status in case the employer comes back at you by canceling your H1 etc.

    - cheers

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  • kiwi
    06-22 09:32 AM
    This is from my attorney:

    All your previous I-20s if you were student here, including all the notes made on the I-20s for any change (travel, course related paid work experience, OPT etc.);
    EAD card copy for OPT if you had any;
    All the visa stamps for reentering the States;
    All H1b approvals;

    I had some I-20s missing but I was able to contact my University International Student office - fortunately that they have everything on file.

    "Proof that person is maintaining valid status in USA since last entry in USA" - not last entry but the first entry. All the doucments are to prove your entry is legal and your stay is as legally approved.

    02-05 06:29 PM
    have to agree with eb3retro. I took the same route as well.

    09-18 12:04 AM
    Thanks, I am in DC now - will see you all in the rally

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