Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 7

Anne Hathaway

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Clytie,
Thank you for signing in. May have the things of which you dream!

QUESTION 7: Do your parents know you’re trying to lose weight? Do they care? 

I've not spoken to my parents in 12 years. I don't think this one's going to be a problem!

NOTE: My apologies for this first potion of text being smaller than the rest. Despite numerous attempts to correct it, Blogger insists on publishing this post in this way. It is in no way meant to imply that you are in any way undeserving on normal sized text, Clytie!

Hey, ladies! Without meaning to sound like a total smug twat, I'm pleased to report that today was another success! I can't believe it!

CALORIES: 500 or less
EXERCISE: 1 hour or more
WATER: 1.5-2 Litre

Anyway, I thought I'd do a proper post tonight, seeing that I have more time, as I will not be going on my power walk, due the pouring rain! So, I'm going to do a post all about happiness and I'm dedicating it to Heather, who has been finding it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there, Babe. We're all here for you and we love the teddy bear stuffing out of you!

This morning I left this comment on Heather's blog: "WE ALL HAVE A CHOICE... CHOOSE HAPPINESS." I meant it to be empowering, but I realise now that it might have seemed impatient and insensitive. I do apologise if it sounded so, Heather, it was not intended to. I think I just hate the idea of not being in control of my own life. Perhaps it stems from never being allowed to make my own choices as a child, but I firmly believe in free choice. Always choose the most empowering and positive outcome/answer/situation in life! After all, you're going to be here a while, might as well enjoy the ride, right?!

On the topic of happiness, I've noticed that a number of our local magazines have been printing articles on that very thing! I've seen lots of spreads on positive thinking, self-empowerment and positive body image campaigns and I had to wonder if it didn't have something to do with this time of year. Even here in the sunny Southern Hemisphere, winter means lower light levels and therefore people tend to suffer from S.A.D. Seasonal  Affective Disorder, which can really have a big impact on our happiness levels. I think the acronym is perfect, don't you?! Over the next few posts, I thought I'd share some of the tips from various articles with you as well as an odd joke or two, just for shits and giggles!


The Happy Face

"There are hundreds of studies that show if you simply put a smile on your face, even when you're sad, you can actually create a happy feeling." Professor James Laird

The Happy Back

"Good posture helps elevate your spirits. Instead of slumping, roll your shoulders back and down, stand up straight and lift your chin." Professor James Laird. Hence the saying: 'Chin Up'!

The Happy Feet

"If your feet are sore, you're going to feel grumpy" Dr. Keith Wapner. He prescribes a good foot rub at the end of the day (research shows it boosts the mood all on its own) and stretching out the back of your ankles, which can get overly tight from switching between heels and flats.


Two weasels are sitting at the bar. The one starts to insult the other. He screams: "I slept with your mother!" The bar gets quite as everyone waits to hear what the other weasel will say. Again the first weasel screams: "I slept with your mother!" The other weasel says: "Go home, Dad. You're drunk!"

I leave you now with some more quotes, this next one is dedicated to all of you. Thank you so much for your kind words and inspiration. I love you all so very much.

Cinnamon Brown.

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