Tuesday, June 7, 2011

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  • airbusfan
    05-19 09:14 AM
    Pappu -- Is there anything i need to do besides sending the e-mail. I've sent the e-mail twice and its been a week since the contribution has made. I am by no means waiting desperately waiting to get access to donor forums but i am curious. Please let me know what i am missing. If the team is busy, may be IV should think about looking for more volunteers.

    I also have access issue, but just since yesterday. Again like Rahul, I'm by no means desperate to have access to the forums, but would be nice. Please let us know if there is an issue that we can help out with in this regards!

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  • sc3
    02-12 07:52 PM
    First of all, you cannot be out of status while I-485 is pending. Your H1 status is expired so technically you do not have H1 status anymore. However, if extension is approved, it will apply retroactively and make your H1 status current as of Feb 7th. Oh, forgot to mention that you can still work for 240 days after H1 is expired and it will not be counted as status violation.

    Yes, but the OP said applied in Nov 2007, and re-entered in Dec 2007. What is the latest rule on going out of country while the application is being processed? Previously it would mean abandonment of the application.

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  • gcwait2007
    10-21 12:13 PM
    I had submitted I-131 document along with I-485 & 765 on 8/1 and received the receipt notices already from TSC.

    I had received my EAD card on 10/10 and Biometrics is scheduled on 11/13.

    I have booked my travel tickets for treveling to India on 01/04/2008.

    What should I do now, to get AP (I-131) approved?

    Thanks in advance

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  • map_boiler
    08-11 03:28 PM
    Congrats bluez25!


    I got my approval today after the CP appointment. I am still waiting for my passports though. I will update you guys with details once I receive my passports.


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  • delhikadesi
    05-02 01:45 AM
    nothing personal against GCmuddu and other jumping for EB2.
    As said, USCIS should be the one stopping this porting of date within categories..

    Till the time keep jumping!!

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  • jaggu bhai
    08-23 10:20 AM
    Pl advise on our situation

    My wife is going to start her masters here.
    My I 140 approved in EB3, with PD May'2009.

    Few people are saying not to shift her visa from H4 to F1 as anytime, some miracle is going to happen and we would be able to file I 485.

    Need ur advise on my situation i.e, whether to shift her to F1 status:confused:.



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    06-16 08:19 PM
    I am in similar situation in regards to my wifes H1B and EAD situation. Following is my understanding but could be wrong. there are gurus in this forum who have been digging rules for years and would certainly point out any indiscrepancies in my reply. Make sure you keep reading the thread for a couple of days.

    I am currently living in the US on H4. I will be getting my H1 approval in a couple of weeks.

    >>>WAS your COS (Change of status) applied while filing for H1B ?

    What will be my status untill Oct 1st from the day my H1 is approved?

    >>>You will be on H4.

    Do they send a change of status to me as soon as I get my H1 approval? Or do I need to apply for change of status to H1 after I get approval?

    >>>If you asked for COS it should come with H1B approval. Which would mean you are automatically on H1B status on October 1st. (if you dont start the JOB or you are not on payroll you are accumulating Out of status time.) The indicator for COS approved I THINK is you will get your I94 (printed on H1B document only, towards the end) with a date valid for 3 years in future starting October 1st. If new I94 is missing that would mean either COS was not applied or COS was denied (usually happens if you were out of status for some time).

    >>>If COS was not applied/denied you need to stamp that H1B in home country or Canada or Mexico. Stamping can be before October 1st. You cannot start working until you have an H1B stamp. make sure you have a valid visa to come back to USA if H1B stamping is denied at canada or mexico assuming you are not canadian or mexican, else you would need to fly back to home country to get a stamp, directly from Canada or Mexico.

    What will happen if I APPLY for my EAD (from my husband,being on H4) before my H1 is approved?

    >>>With the flood of filings, It cannot be predicted if EAD can come before H1B. But if it comes, you can start working sooner.

    What will happen to my H1 APPROVAL before Oct 1st, if my EAD gets approved on Sept 1st?

    >>>It would be valid, I think those 2 can co exist. You will have a choice of working on H1 or EAD. Once you start working on EAD, H1 Status is no longer valid (my understanding could be wrong)

    What will happen if I get my I20 before I apply for EAD or before my H1 is approved?
    >>>No idea.

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  • raj1998
    05-16 02:55 PM
    USCIS - NEWS (http://www.uscis.gov/vgn-ext-templating/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045 f3d6a1RCRD&vgnextchannel=68439c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD)


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  • krishmunn
    05-10 02:54 PM
    so true hawaldar sahib !! then applies to me too, I am replying to this thread !!!

    BTW...hawaldar sahib , aap kuch kaar nahi sakte kya ? hawldar ho...? kuch tho karo yaar !!!:)

    (transalation, hawaldar means police, I am requesting the cop to so something aobut it)

    Chahe to chai-pani le lo. ;)

    (translation: if you wish we will pay you bribe too)

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  • Steve Mitchell
    December 19th, 2004, 02:39 PM
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  • mattresscoil
    11-12 11:57 AM
    I have an EB3-I I-485 Pending with PD Dec 04 and i am currently on 6th year of H1B. I have EAD but not using it. Spouse using EAD to work. Should i go for extension of H1B based on I-140 approval? How many years can i get H1B extension for?
    I am reading conflicting posts with some saying only 1 yr extension and some saying 3 yr extension based on i-140 approval. Anybody been through this or have any info on this, I would appreciate your response. How many years can i get H1B extension for?

    1. You are eligible to get 3 H1B year extension based on an approved I-140. However it is up to the Immigration officer to grant you the appropriate term. The appropriate term will depend on the employer paperwork that can suggest that there is atleast 3 years worth of work available for you to do.

    2. Two of my friends got their H1B extensions on the basis of approved 140 (after their 6th year). One of them provided the client letter proving that there is a lot of work for another 3 years but got an extension for 1.5 years only. My other friend submitted client work order showing work for 6 months but that guy got an H1B extension for 3 years.

    Your best bet is to provide all the paperwork and request extension for 3 years and leave it up to the IO to make the decision. (Certain things are beyond our control, but the things that are must be handled well)

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  • Wish_Good
    06-30 01:08 PM

    I just checked online.. my status is showing follwoing message:
    (This I-485 was a denied case earlier. But suddenly they Transferred my case in last month and now I see this status today).


    Current Status: Case reopened or reconsidered based on USCIS determination, and the case is now pending.

    We reopened this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS on June 29, 2009, and are now reviewing our earlier decision. We also mailed you a notice describing the next steps in the process. Please follow any instructions on this notice. Our review should be completed within 30 days. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service.

    Can someone please shed some light on this.


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  • gcnirvana
    04-30 01:56 PM
    shocked to learn that the wait is getting longer! now I am truly SHOCKED!
    "Jo poora doob gava, usko thandee nahin laagva re!"
    poorly translates to english "Does it get any colder, for one who is already drowned?"
    Shocked to learn that even after CIR or SKIL passes, we will have to wait 8 yrs to get our GCs. If that wasn't shocking I wonder what else would be:confused:
    In your example, its like saving him from drowning, giving him first aid and then throwing him to the sharks!!!

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  • spgtopper
    02-03 09:09 AM
    Seems like a step in the right direction....



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  • Shivani
    02-23 11:36 AM

    Thanks for the response.

    One quick clarification:

    a) COS from H4 to H1 B status, does'nt need me to go through the quota/lottery system etc. Am I right?, because I did hear this from some folks that I would *not* have to go through the quota since I originally had a H1 B visa with validity date. ?

    b) In case of my finding an opening with new employer & shifting COS back to H1 from H4, what time frame would it take?

    c) further addition to point b) what kinds of documents would I need to submit to INS for COS back to H1? any idea?

    Again thanks guys! Have a great day...


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  • ultimate_champ
    11-29 11:14 AM
    After showing all the documentation and the AC21 law links to USCIS site, my lawyer and immig dept agree that 03-Aug-2007 is my receipt date.

    so my 180 days start from 03-Aug-2007. Quite a relief for me.

    On the other side, I already lost out on 1 opportunity coz they took so much time to get back with the answer. I hope something clicks in the near future.

    Thanks for the forum feedbacks and answers. This really helped.


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  • viva
    11-02 08:22 PM
    Yes, Arjun is now chargin $75 an hour as he is moved into a bigger office. I have used him too. Did not actually retain him, but he offers clear and concise advice without trying to paint a rosy picture of the situation and trying to set you up for more consultation services.

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  • immi_enthu
    08-07 10:30 AM
    Relax guys...sorry ..

    do you need to use these kind of words for posting a thread which I did by mistake?

    By Mistake ha ?

    The following is in today

    Posted by wikiuser (394) 9 hours 26 minutes ago
    Folks - August Visa Bulletin is out.

    EB1 - Current
    EB2 - Jun 1 2006 (Unchanged) for India/China
    EB3 - Unavailable.

    http://travel.state.gov/visa/frvi/bulletin/bulletin_4310.html (reply) (report this)

    Posted by wikiuser (394) 9 hours 23 minutes ago
    Haha - Was just trying to be funny :)

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  • krishnam70
    05-06 11:43 AM
    I have been a silent follower of IV for more than a year but this is my first post so be kind :)

    I am a full time employee. My 140 was approved in Jan 2008 and I am one of those who missed the July'07 fiasco (as you can see from my PD :().

    I am being given an opportunity to join another team in my company. I do not want to impact the GC process but do not want to let go of this opportunity.

    The other team is ready to replicate my roles and responsibilities as per my PERM and give me a similar title. My company lawyer believes that this would be the best approach and would not hamper my existing PERM and I140 and I would not have to restart my GC process.

    I am reaching out to the collective knowledge base of the IV community for their insights/inputs/comments and red flags to watch out for.

    Thanks in advance :)

    1. A letter from your employer with same or similar job description and title ( check the equivalency list)
    2. Make sure your income is along the lines which is defined in the LCA. There should not be very huge variance in income levels.

    - cheers

    01-08 02:27 PM
    I and my wife got our licences from Bridgeport, CT DMV in July 2008(till 2014). I'm on H-1 and my wife is using EAD. We chose to get the renewal based on pending I-485. All they needed regarding immigration was I-485 original reciept(they did not accept photo copies). Try a different DMV in CT and see, it could be that pirticular officer who may not be trainied properly. I had to argue with one officer at that time because he also was giving me a similar reason that they gave to you, and he was corrected by another person at the office, probably a more experienced one.

    I think it might be CT issue. There is an ongoing immigration fraud investigation against state employees so now they are over doing enforcement.

    02-05 02:16 PM
    Guys labor substitution is still not in place!!!

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