Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • rbalaji5
    02-20 05:25 PM

    If you don't mind sharing can you please give info like, your priority date, which service center your application is being processed.

    Looks like they have begun processing applications filed in July 07.

    NSC - PD MAY 29 2007.
    I-140 APPLIED ON JULY 06TH 2007
    I-485 APPLIED ON JULY 27 2007.
    I-140 APPROVED ON JAN 15TH 2008

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  • va_labor2002
    06-16 01:22 PM
    Excellent idea. Please talk to the Core team.
    We should set up a webfax/email for all members to be sent to CNN and FOX like the ones we setup for the senators.

    Any comments from Core team ?

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  • wanaparthy
    03-24 12:21 PM

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  • mhtanim
    09-07 05:29 AM
    What a joke! Their system does not work so we will have to pay the price!


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  • rocky17105
    07-28 10:32 AM
    Is there a way I can have my 485 reopened sooner than waiting for AAO decision which is 25 months right now for denied 140 for EB2?

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  • onemoredesi
    07-27 11:46 AM
    Congrats ajkastar..Pls let us know when you filed for your 485? How long did it take you after the finger printing..
    Finally my 485 is approved,
    " On July 26, 2007, we mailed you a notice that we have approved this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS"

    Long wait is over....
    I thank IV core members and all others for their efforts and information.

    Case details
    EB3 - India
    PD - Nov2003
    RD - Aug 2004
    Approved - 7/26/2007
    RFE - Birth Certificate and 325, Yes replied last Sept.


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  • istrategist
    01-26 04:07 AM
    EB3-I, PD Nov 2002, 485 filed 2004. Have EAD and also have approved H1 (year 9 -12), but not stamped on passport. With about 7000 people ahead of me, wait time for my GC is estimated to be 2-3 years.

    Have been with employer who filed GC for over 10 years now. There is a job opportunity with another employer, but the job description may be different from what was filed on my original GC. Pay will be similar, but travel will substantially reduced, allowing me to be home more.

    What should I be careful of if pursuing this new opportunity? Is there anything I should be asking the new employer for related to the job description filing? Should I be asking them to file H1 transfer or use my EAD? Should I ask them to file EB2-I and port my PD over?

    Thanks - just want to make sure I am not jeopardizing my 10 year wait for this opportunity.

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  • itsmesabby
    06-27 08:47 PM
    Using AP does not necessarily mean that one is using the EAD. It is just a document that allows you to travel when needed.

    Elaine you can correct if I am wrong ? I had a question though... say the H1-B is valid for more than 1 year but if AP is used the I-94 given would be of only 1 year, should we then extend the I-94 or is our H1-B valid till the duration it is approved for..


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  • ilikekilo
    09-17 04:04 PM
    u pushed it a bit too mcuh,,,but its ok,....not biggy.who knows some people might have been encouraged

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  • div_bell_2003
    03-25 09:20 PM
    I used Fedex Ground , just a tad more expensive than USPS Priority ( if you add all delivery confirmation etc etc ).


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  • ns33
    06-10 01:24 PM
    You have the instructions since you quote them. Send exactly what they are asking for, i.e. the form, photos, copy of front and back of previous EAD and check to pay them.

    I would suggest you send separate checks if only to be able to get the case number from the back of them when they are cashed.

    The instructions clearly say make check payable to the Department of Homeland Security. I believe if you did write them to the USCIS they will still get cashed but follow the instructions.

    You seem to have it all under control. Have confidence in yourself and get the applications sent in.

    Thanks for encouragement,
    It's always scary the first time. : )

    Re. Check caching - just FYI, now-a-days, they copy the check, convert it to EFT and destroy the original so getting case number from copy may not work.

    Also do I write A# on back of photos or something else? Any idea if there are restrictions for using pen or pencil or such?

    thanks again,

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  • rrk
    03-18 02:15 PM
    Yha i got my EAD through Spouse.

    Is corp to corp a better option or should i ask my other XYZ company to file for my H1B?


    you ned to be more specific about your situation in order for us to give our 2 cents.

    1. Did you get EAD thru your spouse...???

    2. If Not then being on bench is not good since you are on H1b. Try to to get employed...ASAP.


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  • wanaparthy
    03-24 10:30 PM

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  • georchen
    08-02 07:08 AM
    Hello Core Members ,

    We are seeing that some applications are being returned by USCIS mail room people , for improper fees and missing forms . This looks to be a very bit issue for people who have filed the cases , during July . Its possible that the filers may have made any mistake or this can be a mistake of Mail room People too due to huge volume of applications they have received . During Normal process every one had a fair chance of applying again with in the current month or many times even the preceding months. This is definitely not the case this time. If some case is rejected after Aug 17, they will not be able to file I 485 for Years . Can any of the core members suggest a way to contact the USCIS or DHS people and get some relief from this , and allow to re file the I 485 .


    make sure that uscis does not play a tric to us after aug 17th.


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  • DSLStart
    07-29 11:22 AM
    He did ask me who filed for the GC so he knew mine was EB case.
    Is there any document on USCIS website that clearly states that EB AP holder's can visit outside US and return without need of emergency?

    The officer you met did not know the difference between AP applied on humanitarian grounds and AP applied based on pending I-485.

    My wife entered NEWARK after 6 months in India ( using I-485 based AP) and no questions were asked although the waiting time inside the secondary inspection room was really long.

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  • abe1
    06-22 10:56 PM
    Although I filed the Labor Certification Application (regular filing) in mid 2004, I couldn�t apply for I-485 in July/Aug 2007 because my LC was still pending at that time. Later in 2007 I got the Labor Certification and in 2009 I received the I-140 approval.

    While may case was stuck in a DOL backlog elimination center, many people who started their permanent residency process in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were able to take advantage of the I-485 filing window because of RIR and PERM filings.

    I am wondering if I could request USCIS to extend to me the same EAD Card benefit that applicants with a later priority date are enjoying. Is it something I can appeal to an immigration board or to an immigration court? I have been working in H1B since 1999. Would 11 years in H1B (and 3 years in F1 prior to that) carry any humanitarian consideration in a court of appeal?

    Could someone please advice?

    Thank you.


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  • trueguy
    08-11 10:53 AM
    Hi WillWin,

    Can you add 2002,2003,2004 also, so that its easy to estimate for the later dates and count how many are ahead of us..

    Please vote here for prior to 2004 cases;

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  • GotGC??
    04-03 08:24 PM
    DOS tried to update the system reflecting a big jump in the visa dates for May. The system was unused to any changes lately - leave aside such large forward movements - and as a result it crashed.

    DOS managed to recover the system by replacing all date fields with character fields. The rumor is that the value for all those character fields is now "C", whatever that means.

    Why is it still unaccessible? Are you guys experiencing the same?

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  • bikram_das_in
    04-13 02:44 PM
    Congrats bro. Please keep contributing to IV.

    12-14 09:53 PM
    Most of the congressmen hold town hall meetings. This is their method of meeting with constituents.

    This may be a great opportunity for you to push for skilled immigration. He may be against CIR. But no congressmen would say "no" to qualified individuals.

    Explore opportunities for the congressman to place a bill of his own supporting skilled immigration.

    05-24 01:57 PM

    For the last two days, the Senate floor focused on the procedural motions as to whether the Senate should take up and continue S. 1348 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2007. People know that this is the bill which the Senate passed last year and was killed in the House. S. 1348 is this bill which was reintroduced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. By agreeing to proceed and go into debate, the Senate floor at least overcame the opposition by a few anti-immigration Senators.
    On May 21, 2007, the Senator Reid introduced, for himself, Senator Kennedy and Senator Specter, a motion to substitute the text of the S.1348 by the bi-partisan compromise which was produced by a bi-partisan group of Senators and White House during the weekend. Accordingly, there was no serious debate about the controversial issues in the compromise during last two days other than Senator Dorgan's motion to amend the Senator's Reid's amendment to substitute S. 1348 to kill temporary worker program. The floor rejected his motion and his motion was defeated yesterday.
    The debates on controversial issues in the compromise bill are expected to be heated up from today after the Senate floor passes the Senator Reid's motion to substitute the S. 1348. A series of amendments to the substituted bill are expected to be introduced from today on. This means that those who oppose the controversial poisonous elements in the compromise bill must mobilize their forces to pressure the Senate to amend these poisonous proposals in the compromise. This is the most important time for people to arise and act!
    It appears that the restrictionist Republicans opposed the CIR last year on the issues of relief of illegal immigrants including temporary guest worker program and legalization of 12 million illegal aliens in the country. Since then, as affected by the pressures from in and outside of the country, including the swift of position in the Christian forces, Hispanic forces, White House, and other forces, these core groups of restrictionist Republicans shifted their strategies in such a way that they give concession to the issues relating to the illegal aliens including guest worker program and legalization of illegal aliens, and instead focus on strategy to overhaul immigration system to achieve control and reduction of the number of immigrants allowed to come into this country and more importantly to control the types of immigrants allowed to immigrate to this country in terms of the ethnic and racial backgrounds, and immigrants from non-English speaking countries. Underlying the point systems, concept of control of chain of immigrants, and removal of certain family-based immigrant categories are the hidden agenda of the restrictivonist and right wing Republican forces to control immigrants and more importantly immigrants from certain part of the world. This hidden agenda is disguised in the name of the country's need for immigrants who can contribute to the nation's economy. The center of development of this concept and proposal was the Heritage Foundation, the think-tank of the conservative Republicans. This agenda has been pushed forward for the last few years through its arms in various communities, including some immigration groups. They penetrated into some immigrant groups, particularly employment-based immigrant groups, to divide the immigrant community and their supporters.
    By now, people have learnt the hidden agenda of the conservative and restrictionist group, and the opposition to the poinonous agenda that are conceived in the compromise is growing fast. It is clear that the country and the immigrant community have to pass a comprehensive immigration reform legislation this year. The way to achieve this goal is to contact with the legislators en masse to remove the poinonous segments in the bill and the hidden agenda of the restrictionists and pass the bill. Accordingly, the amendment process is extremely important to achieve the overall goals of passing the CIR and passing the CIR without poisons. This is achievable since this is the Democrat Congress. This reporter assures the readers that should the Senate fail to pass such workable bill, there will be no, repeat no, CIR legislation enacted this year and in the next few years.
    Please copy and send this message to any one or any organizations via email or web posting or fax as quickly as possible!

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