Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ready for my closeup....

Have you heard of Wedding Paper Divas or Tiny Prints? If you check the back of your recent onslaught of holiday cards, you will most likely find one of these names branded onto the back of an adorable card. This company is just plain awesome. We were lucky enough to have a good family friend who works with this company hook us up! We took pictures. She submitted them to the company. We got a discount. And now...we are famous! Check it out! I will upload our invites at another time but I honestly get a kick out of seeing TD and me in all of these sample invites. It was so worth the day at the beach!

Samantha and Bejamin Anderson

Adele WHORTON??? I am happy to be going to Mason I guess...

Another holiday wish from the Scarborough Family!
TD so looks like Quentin.

Frederike:) That is just awesome.

Amelia and Christopher send out Thanksgiving cards. Overachievers!

I hate this picture. Looks like prom.

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