Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Little Love

One of my oldest and dearest friends Amanda (check out her blog all about her life and her adorable baby August: http://meandwhateverelsefindsitswayhere.blogspot.com/) sent me this picture. Let me tell you...I needs this and no...I am not preggers. I just need to keep it for when we do (which is not anytime soon Mom) go there and I know TD would agree.

I am sure you are asking (if you don't already know) what the heck is the deal with the "All You Need Is Love" thing. Okay twist my arm, I will tell you! Have you ever seen "Love Actually"? It is one of those movies that every girl just loves because it blends billions of love stories into one fantastic hour and half of cinema running time. My brother, sister, and I went go see this movie together (sibling outings are truly the best) and I think that Moo will tell you she left with a bruise on her leg from me hitting her saying, "Remember this scene okay? I want this at my wedding! Okay?"
The scene I am talking about is when Peter and Juliet get married. As they turn to walk down the aisle and leave the church as husband and wife for the first time, a choir starts to sing out of nowhere. With that, musicians start playing, a singer with a microphone starts belting out "All You Need Is Love" and I was left teary eyed and covered in chills. Click here to see the scene from the movie

Fast forward years later and TD and I are getting married and this is the only thing I can think of. TD and I have a huge affection for The Beatles (more on that later) and so of course, this was the ONLY song we were willing to walk down the aisle to for the first time as husband and wife. I told my pops that this was always my dream. We talked to the band. We got a quote...and my dreams were crushed. It went way over budget and so my idea was sent packing.

But pops had a different idea...and he sure surprised us!People will tell you that your wedding goes by so fast. That you won't remember it. Let me tell you this...I remember it all. But what I remember most, was kissing my husband for the first time, turning to walk down the aisle, and hearing from the distance the sounds of the trumpets, the guitarist, my friends singing "All You Need Is Love" and knowing that my life as Mrs. Dexter was already complete...because I had love...and really that is all you need.

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