Thursday, January 28, 2010

PICTURE HOPE FOR HAITI: Women Photographers Benefit Doctors Without Borders

Rhythm In The Wind, 2009
Photograph (c) Lauren Rosenbaum /All Rights Reserved

Canon Beach, Oregon #9214
Photograph (c) Gloria Baker Feinstein /All Rights Reserved

Lee, from the series BLIND PROM
Photograph (c) Sarah Wilson
/All Rights Reserved

Adong Patricia and Her Grandmother, Palyec Village, Nothern Uganda 2009. Photograph (c) Heather McClintock /All Rights Reserved

Trust - Oracle Of Initiation, 2009
Photograph (c) Melissa Weiss Steele
/All Rights Reserved

Winter Waters, 2010
Photograph (c) Lisa Levine
/All Rights Reserved

Fishes Woe 4, 2008
Photograph (c) Angela Bacon-Kidwell
/All Rights Reserved

08.08.13 #8 Surfer Girls, 2008
Photograph (c) Joni Sternbach
/All Rights Reserved

Soulcatcher Studio and it's Photographers support 100% of the sales of these prints to Doctors Without Borders. Women Photographers contributing to this Benefit include Angela Bacon-Kidwell, Brigitte Carnochan, Desiree Edkins, Cat Gwynn, Jessica M. Kaufman, Karen Keating, Laurie Lambrecht, Lisa Levine, Heather McClintock, Meg Madison, Karen Morgan, Ann Pallesen, Sarah Renkes, Lauren Rosenbaum, Jennifer Schlesinger, Jennifer Shaw, Joni Sternbach, Melissa Weiss Steele, Natalie Young. Prints are in an Edition of 10: $50. Call Soulcatcher Studio #505-310-7685

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