Friday, January 22, 2010

My Happy Place

Is there any place more magical than the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa? No. There is not. We picked this spot for a variety of reasons...and in the end, it made for the most amazing weekend of our lives!

Here were our reasons:

1. We wanted a place that felt as if we were secluded from the hustle and bustle of "city life". We understood that many of our friends and family would not be able to do a destination type wedding and we wanted to respect that. Ojai for us was far enough away from home that it didn't feel like our backyard but close enough to visit for anniversaries (hint hint TD)

2. It had natural beauty. Both growing up in one of the most beautiful places in the world (Malibu), we are spoiled with natural beauty. We wanted a place that was so simplistic and natural that we needed to do little to it to make it special. Ojai was the exact right spot for that.

3. We fell in love with the coordinator right away! Tiffany Emch is probably one of the most amazing people I have ever met. Of all the sites and people I saw and spoke with, Tiffany truly captured the excitement I had been looking for. As we worked together, we became friends. We are still waiting to do our sushi dinner and wine night with her!

4. The place has been a spot that both of our families have spent memorable times at. TD's Grandfather celebrated his 80th birthday there, my family spent Xmas eve there after my parents got divorced, my girls and I have had spa days that will go down in history in their amazing spa, TD and our dads have golfed there multiple times. We wanted a site that we connected with, that meant something to us.

5. The spot where we got married  had a private courtyard and was surrounded by rooms that had to be rented out in order to get married there. We thought this was amazing! This way we could get married in a private area and the rooms surrounding the site would be filled with our favorite people. It was truly the best of both worlds.

Honestly this list could go on and on but the once we committed to Ojai, that was the moment I felt like our wedding was truly on its way.

Outside of the Ojai Spa.

The Courtyard set up for our ceremony

Looking into the Casa Blanca Courtyard where we were married.

View from the course

Another picture of our site set up

The Resort as seen from the course

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