Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Phenom Photog

I told you before to remember Laura's name. Here it goes...
Meet Laura Grier who is the awesome owner of Beautiful Day Photography!

I met Laura through my Fairy God Planner Ryan Larson. Here is something I have now learned about the wedding industry...they are "connected" in ways we brides don't even begin to understand. Ryan and Laura have worked together on a ton of weddings but what I thought was really, really awesome about these two is that at the end of the day...they were great friends. I met Laura right by my work one day after school and we grabbed a Starbucks and just started chatting. Like with Ryan, I felt an instant connection with her. I had only interviewed one other photography company (whom I really did like) but after my meeting with Laura, I knew she was the one for us!

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about Ms. Grier is that she is young, fun, and reliable. We spoke a bunch before the wedding. Unfortunately for us, we were never able to do any engagement shots (weather, scheduling, etc) so Laura offered to come to our rehearsal dinner instead and take pictures. What a treat that was. We were so lucky to have that special moment captured by a professional (although I must say that my girls are pretty awesome and taking pictures too:D) We loved Laura so much that we put her up at the Ojai Valley Inn the night before the wedding as well. It was great (just like it was with Ryan) to see her hanging out at breakfast, going on bike rides, and just having her there to share in the fun and the energy. ALSO...a few of my friends fell madly in love with her so I am still trying to adopt her into my friend group. She will cave I swear.

Another added bonus about Laura was that we got our pictures within a week and they were ours. None of this, we own the negatives and you must print through us stuff. She realized that the bride is chomping at the bit to get her photos once the wedding was over and she was there, ready and waiting. Plus she met me at Starbucks and uploaded ALL 7,000 pictures onto my hard drive TWICE.

Here are a few of her amazing shots. Honestly ladies, book with this woman and you will be happy for the rest of your life. I have friends that got married and hated their pictures that they ordered nothing. Don't be that bride ... choose Laura.

TD and me listening to a speech at the rehearsal dinner

Getting ready before the wedding

My parents watching as I put the dress on for the first time.

My awesome red shoes with our bands. How cool does this shot look?!?

She made me feel like a model:)

Such a sweet shot. Have it framed by my bed.

Goosebumps every time.

The Wedding Party coming down for the group shots.

First look..Not posed at all. She just knew the moment to capture.

The party pictures were amazing!

Love to Ms. Laura Grier and her amazing team. She truly is one in a million!!

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