Friday, January 22, 2010

Everyone needs a Fairy God Planner

If there is ANY advice I can give to new brides it is to spend the money and get a wedding planner. Many people might scoff at this but truly it was the best money we spent from our budget.
Enter Ryan Larson and Savior Flair Weddings.

Ryan, Laura (remember me), and Shannon

Let me introduce you to my Fairy God Planner! Ryan Larson is truly a god send. I found Ryan through The Knot. She was the first person I saw and so I emailed her and we set up a date to meet. Mom, Molls, and I piled into the Prius and drove to Burbank to meet Ryan at Starbucks (she must know that a happy bride is a caffeinated bride). Within minutes of meeting Ryan, I realized that she was the one. It was honestly love at first sight. I felt like she understood TD and me after the first few moments of telling her our story. What was wonderful about Savior Flair's services is that they provide it all and everything in between.

Here is what I was looking for in a planner:

1. Someone who knew enough to always point me in the
 right direction but also give me options

2. Someone who forced me to do the leg work (I didn't want someone who
just did everything but I also needed someone who would talk me through it)

3. Someone young and fun.

4. Someone who understood the uniqueness in TD and my story.
(When I told Ryan that we were high school sweethearts, she truly
seemed like her heart melted at the story)

5. Someone who gave me free reign to email at all times
(My IPhone and I are connected at the with it)

6. Someone who had connections with great vendors so that I didn't have to
figure all of that stuff out (little did I know she would introduce me
to another wonderful new person)

Ryan had it all and then some. I truly think she is the cat's meow.  I recommend her to everyone and anyone thinking of having a wedding planner. No one can top her. She kept everything running smoothly and never batted an eye at any hiccups that came her way. What was extra special is that she brought her adorable family up to Ojai while we were there and it was just such a treat to see them at breakfast or the pool. Her adorable family is just an added bonus. I heart his woman. You will too.

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