Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Slight Chill

Angelina Jolie

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear thelifeofm, ~Nessa~ Human, Ana's Angel, Lou and Jenn cattaneo,
Thanks so much for signing in. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and get up to lots of mischief!

Marlena Dietrich

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the great comments. Brr.. it's getting chilly! This morning's temperature, when I got up (5:30am) was 6°C (42°F). I realise this is a warm and sunny day in some places but it's cold for here! Peri, my heart goes out to you. Being closer to the South Pole, you must be fucking freezing! Keep warm, Babe! Well, judging by your comments on my last post, it seems that, like most things, chili is one of those things, you either like it or you don't. Fair nuff!  Mich, I totally agree, the best way to clear out your sinuses is with a hefty dollop of wasabi! I bloody loves it! I thought of you Izzy, I came across a wicked recipe for chili-chocolate covered strawberries. How evil! Starving Artist, you are such a clever girl! Cinnamon is a great way to warm up and it's a blood sugar regulator. Perfect for girls on restrictions or on the fast! You ladies are all so wonderful for popping in to chat with me. I can't thank you enough! Your comments always make my day!

Carol Lombard

I'm still hanging in there. Another Friday without weighing in and I'm getting a little antsy! Ariana, like you, I have a terrible sense of apprehension about getting a new scale. What if the old one was faulty all along and I'm really heavier then I thought I was and now I have to work twice as hard to reach my goal weight. Murder me! Oh well, it's all part of the process, innit?!

Greta Garbo

I've not had a binge in ages and it feels great! I think I've finally swung the other way, back into restriction and exercise. I love it when that happens! The binge hump is not my favourite place to be. I'm still working hard at making exercise my new addiction. I'm starting to feel the rush of the workout and I find myself wanting more. This pleases me. I can see a difference in my size, but next week will decide whether or not I've made any significant progress. This last binge caused a disturbing gain. I put on 5kg (11lbs), putting my weight back at 60kg (132lbs). I was too ashamed to change my stats, but I've decided that if next week's weigh-in shows no significant change, I will change them and live with the shame. Mia culpa!

Uma Thurman

I hope you're all enjoying a better week and that this weekend will be a good one. I've decided that if it's cold here this weekend, I'm staying in bed with the kitties and a big mug of raspberry and rose hip tea! Next week, I'm going to spoil myself with a packet of Masterton's Irish Cream Dessert Coffee. Goddess bless Masterton's, the only decent establishment in this crappy, one-horse town! I'm rather fond of dessert coffees. Girly may they be, they do help for sweet cravings and it's coffee, dammit, what's not to love?!

Marylin Monroe

Until next time, I wish you all the best and all my love. Be good to yourselves.

Cinnamon Brown.

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