Monday, May 23, 2011

Music, Lyrics & Hope

To Whom It May Concern,


Ariana's Monday Morning Encouragement Post

We all need to check this one out!


Interpretation: To change your life, first change your thinking!

Hey gang, what's shakin'?! Sorry for being such a dumb ass! Regarding  my previous post, dessert coffees are actually just flavoured coffees. So flavours such as 'Hazelnut Cream', 'Vanilla Fudge' and 'Blueberry Muffin' will all fall under the category of dessert coffees in this country. Heather, so envious! I'd kill for 'Blueberry Muffin' flavoured coffee. Hope your flat mate's into sharing!

You may have noticed that I've added a new page to my blog, titled 'Jukebox'. It's a collection of 40 songs with which to get your noir freak on! If you click on the little music note (♪) next to each song, it will take you to a link where you can listen to it! There's everything from bossanova to swing to jazz and a few murder ballads thrown in just for fun! I cheated a little and added 'The Music From Twin Peaks' as one song, but you can listen to the whole album, thanks to the fantastic folks at Last Fm! I love Jim White. His music is of special significance to me as his songs all have a message. The man has the most beautiful voice. Some days I feel as though he sings my pain. Jailbird is killer! I'm dedicating it to you, Heather!

Speaking of Jims, I've added another Jim you might not have heard of, Jim Neversink! Check out his website here. He hails from Durban, South Africa, our 'Seattle', only not as cool! Critics call his music a 'South African take on Americana', but he describes his work simply as 'loserbilly'. I like it because it's unpretentious and real with a hefty dose of the hopelessness that comes with living in this country! I can't blame him for upping and moving to Denmark! I like that he sings in his own accent. Many musicians in this country sing with a faux American twang. It's just ridiculous! My current favourite of his is a song called Hope, off the album Skinny Girls Are Trouble, which is currently in my CD player! It's about a girl who jumps off  of Van Stadens Bridge (suicide bridge). This bridge is in my town!

Van Stadens Bridge

I've also added Ride, Ride, Ride, from his self titled album. It's a song about one of our most notorious bad guys, Andre Stander. In my opinion, Thomas Jane did a outstanding job playing Stander! The typical South African accent is particularly difficult to mimic and even worse to understand. Just watch District 9 to see why! Also appearing is Transfer To Harding, from the same album to give the feel of living in a shitty, one horse town like I do! Hope you enjoy the music!


She was standing looking pretty
She didn't even see me
So I went over just to say hello
She handed me her things
And said something vague
And pointed to where her car was parked

I watched that little girl go
I watched her skinny body blow
To the bottom of Van Stadens Bridge
It's a terrible thing
I wish that girl had wings
I wish that I could say that it's not true

I went over to her car, looked down at the note
There was a pentagram written with blood
A list of some names
And mine circled on it
And a sticker on the dash
That said 'HOPE'

I raised the bridge-side phone and a voice said
Don't do it, why is your life so bad?
And suddenly I felt cold and believed I was dead
So I uttered one word

POINTLESS INFO: I know a woman who answers the calls from the bridge-side phone. She's a wonderful and compassionate person who has saved countless lives and gives people hope in their darkest hour. I'm privileged to know her. Have a great week everyone. I wish you all hope! It's out there, we just gotta find it!

Cinnamon Brown.

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