Friday, May 28, 2010

REVIEW 2010: ASMP-NY Portfolio Review

New York Photo Awards: Fine Art Single Image, Honorable Mention
Photograph (c) Anna Moller/All Rights Reserved

The Innocent. Casualties of the Civil War in Northern Uganda (book)
Photograph (c) Heather McClintock/All Rights Reserved

Photograph (c) Metin Oner/All Rights Reserved

The Gender Frontier (book)
Photograph (c) Mariette Pathy Allen/All Rights Reserved

Tribal Bhil Families at the Bathing Ghats at Baneshwar Mela
Photograph (c) Terri Gold/All Rights Reserved

Photographer Lynn Goldsmith, former ASMPNY President Stephen Mallon, with Fine Art Consultant Mary Virginia Swanson

Photographer Heather McClintock, with Reviewer Mary Virginia Swanson and a Board Member

Publish Your Photography Book, Princeton Architectural Press, Fall 2010
by Darius D. Himes and Mary Virginia Swanson

Review 2010 Organizers, Photographers Stephen Mallon and Susan May Tell

My experience at the American Society of Media Photographers / New York REVIEW 2010: Fine Art Portfolio Review was excellent. It was a great platform for photographers to network with over 40 Reviewers that included industry insiders such as Fine Art Consultant Mary Virginia Swanson, Editors from PDN (Photo District News), Gallery Owners, Director's, Curator's and Photo Agents. I was impressed with the high level of work and creative presentations. I came away with many photographers to keep in contact with and profile here in the future. There were also a couple of very successful professionals there to show their new work (Lynn Goldsmith!!!), as well as a few first time students. Thank you to all the photographers:

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Lynn Goldsmith, Heather McClintock, Manjari Sharma, Mariette Pathy Allen, Terri Gold, Sheri Lynn Behr, Joseph Squillante, Peter Braune, Peter Riesett, Andrew Prokos, Barbara Beeman, Jason Gardner, Peter Riesett, Melissa Lynn, Robert Hooman, Teresa Kruszewski, Raymond Adams, Meton Oner, Amy Lombard, Anna Moller, Dolly Faibyshev and Tom Donley

And thank you to ASMPNY's former President, Stephen Mallon and ASMPNY Fine Art Chair, Susan May Tell, for including me! A lot of great people from ASMP/NY worked to produce this event, Calumet Photo hosted the space and WagMag donated Pernod for the after party!

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