Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome your guests in style...and on a budget

Something that I believe is a wonderful added bonus (especially if you have guests traveling
 from far away) is to provide these wonderful people with a welcome basket. Now I can not tell a lie...I became so overwhelmed during my wedding planning process that at the end of the day, we decided to cut the gift baskets. BUT if you have your heart set on doing one (I would suggest putting one of the mothers in charge of this task), here are some ideas on what you can include!

  • You can grab local maps and circle your favorite hot spots for those guests that have never been to this location. Include ideas from around the area that will give your guests something fun to do in their downtime.
  • Create a "morning after" basket that might help them curb the hangover. For instance, you can include some tylenol, alkaseltzer, water, gum, snacks, etc. I have also seen people create DIY door hangers that said "The Wedding might have stopped, but the party is still going. Do Not Disturb"
  • Collect an assortment of postcards for guests to jot down a note or two in their down time.
  • Pass out a few coupons for breakfast the next morning or work with your hotel to welcome guests at a discounted rate.
  • Add some water bottles, something salty and something sweet for your guests to enjoy in their rooms. Snacks are always a great idea!
  • Bring in some local flair. For instance, if getting married in a tropical location, you could provide some sunscreen, flip flops, chap stick, aloe vera, maybe even some macadamia nuts!
  • If you know a guest will have children present, you may elect to put a coloring book and crayons with their basket!

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