Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunshine of your LOVE

Lately I have been drawn to the color yellow. I find that as I walk through a store, down the street, into someone's home, it is the first color that catches my eye. It exudes warmth, happiness, sunshine, and spring time...all things that warm the soul and make you want to celebrate being alive. In honor of this awesome color, I scoured the net for some amazing ways brides have intertwined this color theme into their weddings. Hope this inspires some of you out there to add a little sunshine into your day!
I adore the cork bottomed shoes here! I wish they told you where to get them as 
I would purchase these little sweet things so quickly!

Love the yellow accent tie. We did this with lavender but it is so
happy with yellow too! Great idea:)

What is cool about this RSVP is that you have to look closely
to see all the midden pictures! What do you see????

God I love this. The yellow lines in the background with the couple
wearing all black. Such an amazing engagement shot. 

I obviously love the little additions of colors (as you can tell by my red shoes for
TD and my wedding) but what I adore about this picture is the grooms socks! How cute:)

Whimsical. Romantic. Will not wilt.

Love these antique feeling earrings. I can totally see KPC wearing these at any occasion. I am thinking vintage jewelry for her when she does take the plunge. Noted!

LOVE this save the date! I think gray and yellow go so well together
and this one is just so simple and sweet. 

For my Nor Cal girls. I love the yellow bouquet that the bride is wearing
but honestly...just this shot with the bridge in the background makes me giddy. 
Ms. Cameron...I expect to see something like this on the big day!

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