Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Beautiful Day Photography=Crazy Delicious

I know I have sang her praises many times before but Laura Grier (owner of Beautiful Day Photography, my awesome wedding photog, and now friend) is just mindblowingly amazing. If you don't follow her blog, you should start. Her pictures warm my heart and I love reading about the couples she shoots and how they become a part of her life. I think that is what makes her so special. She truly gets to know you as a couple and once she is in, she is able to really capture all those little moments that mean something. I am still sad we never got to do our engagement shoot with her. Our schedules got so busy that instead she ended up just coming to our rehearsal dinner (pictures that I am forever grateful to have btw). Below is a shoot she just did for a couple that will be getting married in Seattle in October. Again...enjoy and be amazed by her pure genius!

McKenzie and Michael are getting married 10-10-10 in Seattle, Washington.  I have never been, so I am super excited to go. I have known McKenzie for a while and not only are they my friends, but they live in my hood!  So we decided to do their engagement shoot near us and start at the Santa Monica Pier an then end up at the Venice Pier (which ironically is the route McKenzie and I run in the mornings when we actually get motivated!).  Of COURSE we picked the day after my belated birthday party celebration to do the shoot….All of us were slightly hung over to say the least, but that didn’t stop us!  The shoot lasted almost three hours with 3 wardrobe changes and we ended up getting completely soaked in the waves! Thank god some guy on the beach rescued our stuff from the waves..LOL, but we had a blast and got a chance to be outside and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Sunday at the beach…which I NEVER seem to do anymore and I LIVE here!

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