Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've looked at love from both sides now

I am leaving for a week to Washington. I am excited to be with the bride to be but really going to miss my husband. Funny how those things work. I wanted to share some things that have inspired me today!
I love the intimacy this picture provides. Here they are in formal clothes, on a big day, and yet 
their feet are sandy and they are enjoying one another's company. Sweet.

This tablescape is GORGEOUS! Now the only thing is how do you see the guests on the other side? I do really like the idea behind it but I think that you would need to make it a little more, shall you say, accessible for guests to eat and talk?

This idea is brilliant! The bride and groom decided to create their own "family tree" and hung different framed photographs of their lives and family on a tree that was around the reception site. It was a great way for people to be engaged in their past and present. HEART THIS BIG TIME.

This just inspires me to think outside the box. The bright pink tie is awesome and the look on 
the bride and grooms faces is priceless. You can tell that they are so happy! I love this one.

Again, how sweet is this?!? The elusive piggy back ride that all girls want when
their feet hurt after a night out. I just think that this shows again a sense of intimacy and a peek
into the couples personality that we don't usually get to see.

What a unique idea! This couple used old library cards and put their cards in the boxes labeled for their last name. I think this is such a simple and interesting way to to do your table cards. 

I just want to be here. Enough said.

Again, balloons make my world complete. Simple, whimsical, elegant. 
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