Monday, March 8, 2010 the date in an interesting way.

As I inch my way closer to 30 (yes it is creeping up quicker than I would like to admit), I am finding that more and more of my friends are getting engaged. This means that my fridge is piling up with more and more save-the-dates. This of course got me thinking about all of the fun and unique ways to tell your friends and family to save-the date for your big day. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that I have seen lately. Hope it inspires:)

This adorable save the date was featured on none other than Martha Stewart's blog. 
I love that it is so simple and sweet yet totally different than all the other straight cards I have seen.

The magnetic photo strip is a classic. I love the color twist on this one with the black and white photographs
and the contrasting colors. Good friends of mine did this on their own by taking the pictures, scanning it,
and putting it on magnet strips. A less expensive way of doing these time honored save the dates!

Okay. HOW AMAZING is this one? I love the line "one ticket to love".
TD and I are huge concert goers and I thought about creating a ticket type save the date
for our wedding. The idea never came to fruition (still thinking of how to include that in my life)

For those "reading fools", this is such an adorable and interesting idea. Using book titles
to create your save the date is something that will stick in your guests mind and help you create a fun
and interesting theme to your wedding. 

 For all of you kids from the 80's who loved using a Ouija Board (reminds me of my friend Darcy), this is 
just an amazingly unique save the date. This save the date was used in a Halloween wedding, 
which just allows for the fun and scary!

This is for that funny couple that wants you to know that their wedding is not going to be a formal event...
but a fun and exciting party!  How simple to ask a friend to take a picture and use this as your save the date!

For the beach wedding. Perfection.
(I especially like the H that connects through their feet!)

I have never ever before seen the scratch off idea for the save the dates but this was such a cute idea.
The tag line reads "Scratch Off For A Great Match On A Winning Date".
 Great way to your guest involved right?!?

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