Monday, November 29, 2010

Recovery Monday!

Shashi Naidoo - South African Indian actress, TV presenter, model.

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Elara, black angel (Kate), hanks for your support on my previous post.

So, the wedding was awesome! Boy, do Indian people know how to party! The festivities had already been going on for two weeks by the time we arrived and were made super debauched by a certain fellow named Raj. (Close friend of the groom and his family) It seems Raji and his crew (the other men in the family) never go anywhere without, at least, a six pack of beer and a bottle of Irish and they're ever so generous, Bless 'em! I went to work with a delightful hangover this morning! Thanks boys!

The venue was beautifully decorated, draped in white cotton, red and gold chiffon and a mass of golden fairy lights. Indian couples get married on a stage, as opposed to at the alter, seated on the love seat, in front of their friends and family. This is what it looked like just before they arrived. The white chairs to either side are for the grooms parents and the best man and maid of honour and the red bench on the right is for the brides parents.

The bride looked so beautiful in her wedding sari and she's impossibly tiny! Needless to say I felt like a whale. My friend, Avi looked super handsome in his kurta, so grown up! They make such a lovely couple. Despite the rain, it was rather hot, so I decided to ditch my two-tones for a pair of black, satin kitty heels. The wedding party were decked out in the most beautiful saris I've ever seen! The colours were amazing and the bead work on the saris was out of this world! Please note that the links are examples of traditional dress and not people I know.

I won't lie, I committed serious carbacide at the wedding reception! The dinner was totally vegetarian, Gujarati (Western cuisine) and super yummy! Even though I only had a side plate full, I should have known better. I just can't eat chili bites, chapatis (rotis), yellow dal and fragrant Basmati rice! Trying to fit in can be hazardous to your health. Needless to say, I'm on heavy restrictions this week!

Please don't feel obliged to comment on this post. I realise that it is one of my more boring ones, but I just needed to take stock of the weekend's events.

Hope you are all well and having a great start to your week.

Cinnamon Brown.

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