Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Since Birth...

Amy Singley and Steve Smith have a name for their love story: "Destiny."
They were born on the same day in the very same hospital. Their mothers even shared a hospital room. Now, 23 years later, the Lehigh Valley couple is about to get married.
“Everybody says we were destined to be together,” Amy Singley told The Express Times.
Amy and Steve's mothers shared a room in the maternity ward when the two were born, but nobody knew a coincidence like that would ever evolve into a happily-ever-after moment.
Growing up, the two kids knew of each other because their families went to the same church.
"I basically just knew she was the girl with the same birthday as me," Steve says.
The casual acquaintance gave way to true love when they were 16 and Steve asked Amy out.
"I knew he was the right guy for me after our second date,” Amy says.
After they'd dated for a year, Steve wrote Amy a poem he called, "Destiny." Seven years later, they're getting married.
"I love him for being my other half and for supporting me through everything," she said. "He is the most amazing and caring individual I have ever met."
Said Steve: "She compliments me. . .She's my best friend."
Amy and Steve tie the knot on June 12.

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