Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DIY Memorial Candles

Honoring those that have passed during your ceremony is a personal decision. Some might choose to do it by having a moment of silence, some might write something in a program, others choose to light candles. I saw this idea and thought it was a beautiful way of honoring those that have passed by placing the candles on the head table during the reception or at the ceremony.

 ink jet vellum, glass cylinders, votives and ribbon.
1.Create a design using Word. 

2. After finishing your design, first print out your design on regular paper and put it around your cylinder so you know for sure that its exactly how you want it. When you've finalized your design, then print it on your ink jet vellum.

3.Before permanently adhering the vellum, double-check the height of your vellum and if needed, trim any extra with a paper cutter or scissors. Using double-stick tape or adhesive, line one edge of the vellum. Wrap around the cylinder and secure.

4.Next, take your ribbon and wrap around the bottom of the cylinder to see how much you need. Cut and place on the table. Use your double-stick tape or adhesive and put a strip on the ribbon the same length. Adhere the ribbon to the bottom of the cylinder and secure at the back. Repeat this process if you'd like to put ribbon at the top as well.

5.Put a votive candle or LED light in each. Do not use a tall candle as this will not illuminate the entire cylinder.

In Loving Memory
Today, candles are lit to remember those who left us too soon, but not before gracing us with special memories only they could create. They have helped shape our character, mold our spirits and touch our hearts. We know that they are with us in thought and in spirit today and always. 
We love them and miss them very much.

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