Tuesday, June 8, 2010

DIY Drink Stirrers

I love DIY posts because in my head, everyone is rushing out to just try these amazing crafts (well at least Valerie is)! Here is another great DIY project...personalized drink stirrers. Now I am not going to assume that all of the beverages served at your wedding will be so strong that they will necessitate a drink stirrer BUT what a cute little addition to add some uniqueness to your day! Here is an instructional guide to DIY drink stirrer brought to us by Oh Lovely Day:

Materials Needed:

Color Printer
Paper Cutter
8.5 x 11″ 80lb card stock (in color of your choice)
Scissors or Wire cutters
Thin Bamboo Skewers
Permanent Double Sided Tape
OR, instead of card stock and tape you can use labels/stickers, and cut to size (great place to look for these would be Paper Source)

1.  Design your template (this can be done on Word).  Print using the highest settings on your color printer to ensure that the text is sharp.
2.  Cut each flag.  Make sure the strips are the same size (depending on what is on your flag).
3.  Using your scissors, cut the bamboo skewers into 6” length pieces. 
4.  Fold the flags in half.
5.  Secure the flag around the top of the bamboo skewer using double sided tape.

OR for those of you brides that LOVE the idea but don't have the time, check out my friend Mrs. Ford's etsy shop. She can make you your own personalized drink stirrers. Here are a few images of the ones she created for her own wedding.

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