Friday, December 31, 2010

Revelations and Resolutions!

XXX Everyone!

To Whom It May Concern,

I think I'm in the twilight zone! Despite last weeks big 'binge fest', lack of water and serious lack of exercise, the scale reveals that I weigh 55kg! (121lbs) I weighed myself a few times and even changed the batteries in the scale and still I'm only up by 0.5kg! (1.1lsb) I don't believe it! I thought for sure I'd be at least 5kg (11lbs) heavier. I can only praise kelp and green tea tablets for this post Christmas miracle! Thank you, my body, you're doing a great job. I'm sorry I'm such a greedy cunt! Needless to say, I'm super relieved. I can start the new year without totally hating my own guts. Yay!

Yesterday was rather stressful. I had to take my eldest kitty to have two teeth extracted. Belladonna was not pleased with me, but she was extremely well behaved, unlike her brat-sister, Sphinx! I was very worried about how the anaesthetic would affect her, she is 12, after all, but the vet called later that morning to say that she woke up from the anaesthetic in record time and that she took the operation like a pro! That's my girl! She's the most awesome cat! I love her so!

Hai Tooth Fairy, I gets 2 toona fishes, see?!
Ai sleepz now. Kiss my furry butt! Zzzz...!

Resolution wise, you all have some great ones! Here are mine:

To lose weight and keep it off!
To reach my U.G.W. of <;3!
To exercise more and sleep less.
To drink more water.
To be more creative.
To focus more on my textile art.
To keep a cleaner, tidier home.
To be more frugal with my money.
To cherish my loved ones more and
To be a better friend to you all.
I hope this coming year will be better than the last. May we all live our dreams,  reach our goals and be the best we can possibly be!


Cinnamon Brown.

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