Friday, February 25, 2011

MIGHTY MINERAL - Female Bodybuilding Images of Erin Stern

MIGHTY MINERAL - Female Bodybuilding Images of Erin Stern

Chromium can boost testosterone levels and promote muscle growth
Testosterone is a bodybuilder’s best friend, and cortisol may be a bodybuilder’s worst enemy.
Testosterone is an extremely anabolic hormone that encourages muscle growth; cortisol is an extremely catabolic hormone that encourages muscle breakdown. In fact, cortisol actually competes with testosterone for its receptors in muscle cells to limit the anabolic actions of testosterone. (To determine whether an athlete is in an anabolic or catabolic state, scientists look at the ratio of the athlete’s testosterone to cortisol levels.

By choosing track instead of treadmill, the stretch and training can be considered by itself workout if it done correctly! Athletes must warm up: to increase body temperature, increase muscle elasticity, start the metabolic processes involved with exercise, and to prevent injury. It can be compared with you wouldn’t walk out of the locker room at the gym and squat 200 lbs, you don’t want to show up at the track and just start running.

Erin Stern

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