Monday, February 28, 2011

Best Effective Bodybuilding Exercise And Tips

Best Effective Bodybuilding Exercise And Tips
Leg Tuck (Seated) Bodybuilding Tips:

Sit on a bench sideways, grasping the edges for support. With knees bent, raise your legs slightly and then straighten them, leaning backward as balance requires.

Lunges (Smith Machine) Bodybuilding Tips:

The basic purpose of lunges on the Smith Machine is to develop and separate the muscles in the thigh and shape the muscles in the glutes. Step into the Smith machine and place the bar across your shoulders / traps as you would to squat. Put your right foot two feet in front of you.

Military Presses (Seated) Bodybuilding Tips:

Your target zone are the Front Delts. Your supporting and secondary muscles are your side and rear delts, triceps and traps. Sit on a bench with your back supported. With a wide grip – four to five inches past shoulder width

Power Snatch Bodybuilding Tips:

Bend at your waist and knees to grasp either dumbbells or a barbell on the floor with an overhand grip. Straighten your torso and lift the weight as if performing an upright row; rather than stopping at the top, raise the weight overhead in one continuous motion by rolling your wrists back and ‘throwing’ the bar or dumbbells overhead. Reverse the movement to return to the start position.

Pulley Rows (Seated) Bodybuilding Tips:

Attach a V-handle to a low cable pulley machine and sit on the machine with your feet braced against the footrest or metal plate. Keeping your knees slightly bent, grasp the V-handle with your palms facing each other

Pull-Up Bodybuilding Tips:

One of the most overlooked exercises in bodybuilding. An excellent exercise in developing the lats and lower-trap fibers, and stresses the biceps quite well, too. Grasp the bar with an overhand grip, hands about 10 inches apart.

Pulldowns (Reverse Grip) Bodybuilding Tips:

Stand in front of a high pulley with your feet shoulder width apart. Grasp the pulley handle with one hand using a reverse grip and stand back, bending slightly at your hips. Hold the handle so that you upper arm and elbow are vertical and slightly in front of your body with a 90 degree bend in your elbow.

Pushups (Flat Floor) Bodybuilding Tips:

Lying facedown on the floor, place your palms next to your chest a little wider than shoulder width apart.

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