Monday, January 31, 2011

Riots in Egypt...

Reading about riots in Egypt reminded me on a 10-days-adventure-through-Egypt we took in 2008. We traveled there in August when the temperature was highest (in The Valley of the Kings it climbed to 48°C) and we traveled almost 1000 kilometers cruising the Nile – our starting point was Cairo and our finish line was Aswan. The scope of Egypt itself is magnificent – river Nile, the Pyramids, extraordinary history and above all - magnificent people; those of you who traveled there, know that :)

So I dug up some old photos I took on that journey for those of you who weren’t so lucky to travel there yet:

Personally, temple that impressed me the most was Temple of Edfu:

The best way to explore Nile is on a felucca (Egyptian sailing boat):

If you feel like getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning, traveling three hours in a convoy throughout desert you will be rewarded with  breathtaking beauty of Abu Simbel temples:

On a day trip to nubian village we visited their school, sit at their homes, swim in the Nile and drank coffee: 

Last but not least, Egyptian people. Their favorite saying “Only for you my friend, special offer…” can be heard from every corner: 

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