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517, 2007
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar
/All Rights Reserved

Hong Kong II, 2007-2009
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar
/All Rights Reserved

Hong Kong II, magnified
on website you can drag pointer on image to magnify
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar /All Rights Reserved

Hong Kong II, Detail
Photograph (c) Adam Magyar /All Rights Reserved

I alter space. What you see in my images is artificial.
Real details can be used to create a non-existent reality

ADAM MAGYAR, now living in Berlin, was born in Debrecen, Hungary. Magyar, Jeffris Elliott and 4 others (names tk) won the 2009 Photography Now PQ #99 contest. Debra Klomp Ching, co-owner of KLOMPCHING GALLERY was Juror. Their work will be published in issue #99 of Center for Photography at Woodstock's PQ Magazine. Magyar's work has won several other awards, including the 2009 International Photography Awards 1st Place in Fine Art/Collage for Squares and 1st Place in Special/Aerial for Squares, 2006-2007 Josef Pecsi Scholarship and the Hungarian Press Photo Grand Prize in 2004. I asked Magyar about this series:

Can you give a short detail of how you arrived at this project?

I like to work with simple, real and obvious matters like pedestrians. I started experimenting with different digital techniques, because I did not find places that I wanted to see in my images. I wanted to depict people in endless and seamless environments, without recognizable or particular surroundings. The images are really detailed, you can see a lot of tiny things if you go close to them.

Did you set up the people in the image #517?
In a sense I did. All the squares are artificially set up from hundreds of images that I took from about 4-5 meters high of pedestrians on sidewalks. This distance, or rather, closeness allows me to create extremely high-resolution images, thus allowing the viewer to survey each person close-up. Yet, observing the image at close range makes it possible for us to see it as a whole, while looking at it from a distance results in losing all the details.
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