Friday, September 18, 2009

SAUL LEITER: Photographs + Paintings

Saul Leiter Early Color Photography Book

Saul Leiter Early Color Photographs
Photographs Copyright (c) Saul Leiter /Howard Greenberg Gallery

Saul Leiter Paintings at Knoedler Project Space
Paintings gouache, casein and watercolor on paper

Photographers Saul Leiter and Jean Pagliuso
© Elizabeth Avedon

Magazine editor (l) Gay Morris Empson, interior designer Susan Forristal (c), Exhibition Curator Carrie Springer (background sleeveless black dress) and photographer (r) Jean Pagliuso at Saul Leiters exhibition

Paintings by New York School photographer Saul Leiter, an exhibition curated by Carrie Springer, opened at the Knoedler Project Space last night. Saul Leiter is best known for his early 1950's and 1960's color photographs. "Saul Leiter was a painter and only became a photographer when color photography could encompass the distinct color palette he wanted to include in his images. Since the 1940s, this inveterate walker has trawled the streets of New York, capturing its colors and spirit. His liking for disarray, solitude and elusiveness make him a unique artist, quite unconcerned about joining the throng." Steidl Books.

Sept 17-Nov 7
Saul Leiter Paintings
Knoedler Project Space

Saul Leiter Photographs / Howard Greenberg Gallery
Photographers Speak Interview. Saul Leiter Books Photo-Eye Bookstore.

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