Tuesday, September 29, 2009

PELLE CASS: Selected People

Frog Pond, Boston Common
Copyright (c) Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Celeste's Friends
Copyright (c)
Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Football, Cypress Field, Brookline, MA
Copyright (c)
Pelle Cass /All Rights Reserved

Each of the pictures in the series Selected People is a composite of around a hundred or more exposures of unposed people taken over periods that range from five minutes to several days. With the camera on a tripod, I take dozens of pictures. Back in the studio with Photoshop, I leave in exactly the figures I choose, always in the precise position of the original scene. I organize the figures in my scenes by the color of their clothing, by mood, age, attractiveness, gesture, position, race, or even just by oddness. The result is both the product of imagination and a document of fact.

Pelle Cass was awarded a Yaddo residency for 2010 to work on his Selected People Project. Cass was named a 2009 Critical Mass Top 50 photographer by Photolucida, Portland, OR. Pelle Cass Website

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