Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Opera Mini 2.0

Opera just release a new version of Opera Mini. To me this is one of the greatest application ever made for a mobile phone. I mainly use it to check our e-commerce website and the occasional google surfing. One of its new feature that I will definitely use is its ability to download files directly to the phone, now I can download images from our online store whenever I need to know what an Item looks like. Here are the new features in Opera Mini 2.0:

- Content download: Download images, MP3s, etc. directly to the phone.

- New skins: Make Opera Mini your own by selecting from several new and bold skins to suit your mood.

- Multisearch: Opera Mini offers advanced searching functionality by allowing users to select extra search engines for the home page.

- Speed dial: Bookmarks displayed on the home page are assigned a shortcut key combination, giving users faster and easier access to their favorite sites.

- Visual navigation: Quick and smooth horizontal panning when browsing backwards or forwards.

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