Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Debian Chopper

A couple days ago I uploaded a wallpaper I made for my Knoppix desktop over at kde-look.org and it's kinda cool to know that people are downloading it and using it as a wallpaper on their desktop. The original version of this wallpaper can be found here the only difference is that the original has the word knoppix near the bottom. I used GIMP and Macromedia Fireworks to create the wallpaper. I used GIMP when I'm at home and Fireworks at the office and yes virginia I'm using windows xp at the office).

The strange character that you see before the copyright is basically my last name written in a old filipino script called baybay also known as alibata. To know more about baybayin/alibata visit www.eaglescorner.com/baybayin/.

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