Friday, August 21, 2009


from Living Stone, Dying River/100 Eyes Magazine
(c) Khaled Hasan/All rights reserved
from Children of the Black Dust/100 Eyes Magazine
Photograph (c) Shehzad Noorani/All rights reserved
from The Stone Throwers/100 Eyes Magazine
(c) Tanvir Ahmed/All rights reserved

“Pathshala is far more than teaching photography. Pathshala is about using the language of images to bring about social change.”

ANDY LEVIN is a photographer living in New Orleans, Louisiana and a former contributing photographer at Life Magazine and Black Star. In 2007 Levin was a finalist for the Eugene Smith Grant for Documentary Photography. 100 Eyes Magazine is edited, written, (beautifully) designed and programmed by Levin.

SHAHIDUL ALAM founded the Drik Picture Library in 1989 in Dhaka, Bangladesh and Pathshala, the South Asian Institute of Photography, taking advantage of a World Press Photo initiative. Most of the photographers showing work in this issue of 100Eyes went to Pathshala or taught there.

rom Andy Levin's Introduction: "Alam and his fellow teachers, along with the World Press folks including Robert Pledge of Contact Press, have done a fantastic job. The students are exposed to classic photojournalism, poring over old issues of Life and National Geographic. Having spent hours going through the Drik archives I can testify to the training of the photographers– they always look for the single image that tells the whole story."

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