Monday, September 8, 2008

Old CDs Inside The Chinese Jar

I was cleaning out our attic when i stumble upon my old Chinese Jar where I usually store my old cds. It has lots of cds iburn from softwares to video to mp3s and a lot of Linux CDs. Here are some notable cds i found...

A linux magazine cd wherein i get to try mozilla 0.9 and gnome 1.4(using slackware).

Next is Corel linux which is Debian base and uses KDE. I used this for quite some time before shifting to Lycoris Desktop/LX

BeOS this one is just something i wanted to try out after hearing it from one of leo laporte show(not sure if its call for help or the screensavers).

I'll post some more pics especially linux cds that i used through the years.

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