Thursday, June 9, 2011

Day 9

Audrey Tautou

To Whom It May Concern,

Dear Wings to Set me Free and Shauna Nicholson,
Thank you both so much for signing in with me. May your day be as awesome as Audrey legs! (see above)


Speak Up!

"Being assertive enhances self confidence and shuts down feelings of helplessness" says Dr Elizabeth Lombard, author of A Happy You. Plus, there's that little perk of getting what you want!

QUESTION 9: Did people ever make comments about your weight in a negative way?

Yes, all the time! Try being known as the fat person formerly voted 'so thin she's most likely to die of anorexia' in her matric (senior) year! One instance in particular comes to mind though, allow me to fill you in. A while back, my neighbour came to mooch a favour and exclaimed, rather loudly in front of my 7 guests, that I had become very fat. Naturally, I refused the favour and told her to get knotted! A few months ago, she had her third child and totally whaled out! Being the bigger (read 'smugger') person, I said nothing about her weight, 'cause I'm cool like that and not at all conceited! Ha! Karma's a bitch, innit?!

Hey ladies, what's shakin"?! I had a bit of a bum day. I didn't exercise because I was sick. I don't think it's wise to work out when you have a cold or the flu, as I believe it puts tremendous pressure on your heart. While I'll admit to sometimes showing a keen interest in taking a sprint towards the 'final exit', the truth is, the chances of me dying just aren't very likely! So, I figure I'm here for the long haul, might as well make the journey a comfortable one. I sure as shit wouldn't want to go through life with a dicky ticker, would you?! Anyway, today looked like this:

CALORIES: 500 or less
*EXERCISE: 1 hour or more
WATER: 1.5-2 Litre

* Sick day :(

Thanks again for all your wonderful comments. It's so good to get such positive feed back from you. I really appreciate it. Have a good one, sisters! All my love.

Cinnamon Brown.

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