Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • karthic
    12-19 08:26 AM
    Hi a_yaja,
    Thanks for you reply. Sorry i didn't post the entire paragraph from the memo. I have attached the USCIS Memo with this post. You can see the following paragraph on the page 17 of the Memo

    My Inference from Memo:
    When a cap-exempt employee files for concurrent application with cap subjected employer then the employee will be counted against the cap only if he stops the employment with cap-exempt employee. If the UCSIS finds that employee have not ceased from cap-exempt employer then UCSIS won't consider the petition against cap. In other words the concurrent petition will be approved but still the employee won't be counted toward cap.

    Please let me know if i am wrong. Thanks

    Below is the paragraph from the attached Memo

    Requests for Changes in Employment or Concurrent Employment Requests
    for Certain Cap-Exempt Aliens.

    Any alien who ceases to be employed by an employer described in
    paragraph (5)(A) shall, if employed as a nonimmigrant alien described in
    section 1101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) of this title, who has not previously been counted
    toward the numerical limitations contained in paragraph (1)(A), be counted
    toward those limitations the first time the alien is employed by an employer
    other than one described in paragraph (5). (Emphasis added.)

    Documentary evidence, such as a current letter of employment or a recent pay
    stub, should be provided in support of such a concurrent employment petition at
    the time that it is filed with USCIS in order to confirm that the H-1B alien
    beneficiary is still employed in a cap-exempt position.

    At the time of filing of a concurrent employment H-1B petition that is subject to
    the numerical limitation of 214(g)(1)(a):
    � If the H-1B alien beneficiary has not �ceased� to be employed in a cap-
    exempt position pursuant to INA �� 214(g)(5)(A) and (B), then he or she will
    not be counted towards the cap.
    If the H-1B alien beneficiary has �ceased� to be employed in a cap-exempt
    position, then the alien will be subject to the H-1B numerical limitation, and
    the concurrent employment petition may not be approved unless a cap
    number is available to the alien beneficiary.
    If USCIS determines that an H-1B alien beneficiary has ceased to be
    employed in a cap-exempt position after a new cap-subject H-1B petition has
    been approved on his or her behalf, USCIS will deny any subsequent cap-
    subject H-1B petition filed on behalf of the H-1B alien beneficiary if no cap
    numbers are available.

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  • asdfgh
    02-27 08:32 AM
    Currently in wetsern europe and going tomorrow to pick up my getting 2 stamps...1 for current extension that ends end of next month and then a second one for the new extension valid until '10....had to pay twice the fees since its 2 stamps.
    They discussed the issue at the consulate and decided that the best way to proceed was with 2 stamps to avoid any issues at port of entry.
    Reason - The stamp needs to match the dates on either get 2 stamps or get 1 stamp for the latest extension which will only be effective for travel beginning 10 days prior to date on 797.
    Guess based on a previous post it varies from consulate to consulate.
    Whatever you get, doesnt matter, as long as you get it and it allows you to come back when you want to.

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  • 2003doc
    08-18 07:56 AM
    immigration authorities have received about 300,000 applications for high-skilled-employment visas since July 1, federal officials said yesterday.
    Citizenship and Immigration Services, the federal agency, was still receiving applications for employment visas yesterday, the last day of a special period it announced on July 17 for immigrants with professional skills to file petitions for permanent residence visas, known as green cards. As a result, the total tally of applications received in the last six weeks was not available

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  • smitin_2000
    03-04 08:29 PM
    congrates buddy, ur loooooooooong wait come to a happy end by being greened, best of luck for moving forward :D


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  • nat23
    02-13 08:29 AM
    I just read about the Lifetime learning credit and it says even the taxpayer can claim upto 20% for $10,000 out of his pocket

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  • sanju
    07-22 11:10 AM
    Lalu yadav changed his name to Michael chertoff, but he could not change his attitude :p


    Why cant you just remove the feature of red/green dot completely. just ban the person directly if he/she is misusing this forum..

    See after ten twenty minutes I will have RED DOT.

    here if you say anything which moderator does not want to hear, you will get red dot or may be just banned.

    for example last week i just asked my question in Free Q/A , did not got answer but i had to say sorry to Pappu just to stay in this forum.

    I know man you can ban me from this forum anytime.

    Just my views.

    Please delete it if you dont like post.....sorry.



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  • onemorecame
    02-15 10:18 AM
    In case one is using EAD and 485 rejected for some reason. you have 180 days to safe guard one self.

    please check other threads for detailed responses.

    Good luck

    I checked other thread but unable to find the related information.
    Please let us know if you read above thing from some authenticated place. �That we have time to safeguard over self if I485 denied, if yes then what is the way?�


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  • Enebreus
    01-20 11:38 AM
    Your entry is really cool, and I am sure nobody doubts that. It is just for a competetion about programming, it is assumed that all code is your own :P

    Awww, well it was worth a shot :D


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  • ujjvalkoul
    07-19 11:36 AM
    LOoks like ur employer has not given you this (I-485 w/EAD)option. It may be that he wants to milk u a little furthur.

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  • paulkurni
    06-17 05:33 PM
    paulkurni, please join your state chapter. Even before Obama's mention in the Cairo speech, IV Core has been trying to do whatever you have mentioned.

    We need members to collectively participate in their state chapters which can provide the thrust needed to perform a collective action country-wide as mentioned by you.

    Please excuse my ignorance as I joined IV recently. Please tell me how do I join state chapter. I reside in DC metro suburbs.

    I am glad that we are at least thinking in this direction. Please let me know how can I contribute. Have we formed any regional leaders who can perhaps guide us. If so, I would like to get in touch with the ones in my area. Any other information I need to know.


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  • nousername
    10-09 04:01 PM
    Thanks everyone for sharing your experience.. After reading your post I was much relaxed to use AP at SFO to reenter.

    I just returned and immigration check went very smoothly. It took 30 mnts to get to the first IO (as couple of flights landed at the same time) . He asked me to go for the secondary inspection and I was out within 20 mnts tops. No questions asked, just asked to sit. My IO was normal but there was another female IO who was acting stuck up with others.

    A very smooth experience..! wife , Son and I came back on last Sunday on AP. No issues whatsoever. Had to go through secondary inspection but was through in 35-40 mins.

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  • actionAction
    07-07 03:33 PM
    Sorry, I was thinking C++. I will post back with more thoughts


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  • chakdepatte
    11-11 09:29 AM
    go to and sign up for e-filing. fill in the I-131 form for urself and wife et al. u will seriously save a ton of money that can be done in 15 minutes and follow uscis instructions only.

    did that 3 months ago. got an RFE about photographs not being compliant with us passport requirements. sending response as I type.

    all the best

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  • Aah_GC
    05-05 07:27 AM
    Hello Friends,

    Thanks for your time and for the suggestion. Some good news, we went back to the airport - got hold of the trolley folks (where my father had misplaced his passport pouch) and there were some really friendly folks who helped us locate the pouch from Lost and Found department. This happened in JFK.

    Thanks again for the help.


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  • snathan
    02-21 10:37 PM
    Thanks a lot for the links snathan. Is it possible to return to India at any stage of GreenCard processing and then come back to India once the EAD is approved.

    It depends on your employer. If your employer supports and the job still available for you, can go to Indian and come back.

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  • chanduv23
    09-16 02:41 PM


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  • desi3933
    05-15 04:21 PM
    I got my GC last year august but her gc/485 status is still pending. Is it even possible based on her case was dependent on me? What can I do abt it. Thanks.

    Its ok. Her I-485 can be approved only when PD is current.

    Not a legal advice.

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  • Pasquale
    01-14 09:50 AM
    That's neat glos :D

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  • Norristown
    10-09 01:32 PM
    I don't know many people are eagerly looking for Nov bulletine. I am almost done with looking for any hope in near future. Most of EB-2 guys might be following these bulletines. If there are some indications that dates are changing then we see lot of traffic on this forum , otherwise just like sleeping dog!

    07-18 10:56 AM
    Granted, its nto the best way. Now, can you suggest a way pls ? What is generally recommended ?
    Can you pls help 'convince' people to contribute...

    one suggestion, make it a paid site. Even a minimum of 5$ a month would add quite a bit to the revenues. Even if we assume only 5000 people will sign up, it is still a decent chunk of money. I am not sure if this goes against the principles of a non-profit organisation. The way I look at it, people are saving a lot of money by avoiding lawyers fees.

    Plus we have people who are willing to donate. How many of these 20,000 people you think are people who people who understand BEC and the long term effect of the surge of applications. It is important to make people understand the effects and the potential problems with retrogression. Let us take a poll for people to see how many of us are just happy to get EAD/AP. We might find some surprising answers!

    09-14 12:13 PM
    How would we know the tune ? Ya got to sing and put that in you tube .

    That is where we need your help

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