Thursday, June 9, 2011

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  • skark
    03-18 11:55 AM
    I just noticed in I-765 that if you are applying for EAD renewal then they need you to send your current Employment authorization document! Did anyone that applied for EAD renewal send their EAD card with their application. I'm concerned because if one is working on EAD and needs to send this document 120 days prior for the renewal process and does not get the new EAD for couple months, what proof does one have on work authorization?

    I dont want to apply online as I dont want to go for biometrics (FP) again for EAD!

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  • sunnymit
    05-10 01:55 PM
    where is the delay? It usually comes out around 12th (give or take a day or two) of every month..

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  • sanju
    03-28 02:00 PM
    Durbin (father of Dream Act) hates us. He loves to grand stand for "children of undocumented" "the down torn, the poor, the under privileged" and thinks we are like spoilt rich kid. This is a good thought, but who will bell the cat? Durbin is totally irrational when it comes to children of legal and undocumented. Not sure that you know this, but just thought of laying the facts as they are.


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  • forgerator
    05-20 10:15 PM
    Here are my thoughts about this so called Conversation:

    the topic of discussion will be - how to get illegals a greencard in a quick/fair manner. Any discussion of legal non-immigrants and pains they have to go through in the current EB2/EB3/Visa stamp topics will be considered taboo.

    It's sad but inevitable. Illegals are potentially in a better position to get greencard than legals like us.


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  • jonty_11
    02-05 02:43 PM
    this rule is part of the labor substitutuion elimination rule which limits lc to 45 days life.
    OK thx for the info.

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  • roseball
    04-24 08:56 AM
    Since your I-94s are already expired, I would advise to talk to your attorney asap and follow his advise....Do not rely on a forum to get suggestions on a time sensitive situation...


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  • sweet_jungle
    11-25 02:30 AM
    Sweet_jungle, I am in a similar situation. My attorney sent a request to TSC 3 months back to fix the PD but no response yet. What did you do to open the obmudsman inquiry? Did you send him an email or did you send him a letter in the email

    Ombudsman responded saying that my PD is the older PD. Looks like the earlier response was an error.
    NSC AILA liason has also confirmed it.

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  • ash0210
    08-20 10:04 AM


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  • Sakthisagar
    04-30 10:07 AM
    I feel I had taken the right decision. I moved back to India in Nov 09 itself. I had a PD of feb 08 and was in EB-2 but looking at all the mess,I had decided to move back.

    Good for you do you feel in India politics is much better?? man still a forgein lady is ruling India. if you are in India why you bother about this mess. be at peace with yourself. enjoy life. dont bother ..

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  • rockstart
    02-20 07:18 PM
    Unfortunately with banks looking closely at the lending practices people with temp visa's are suffering. I had the same experience when I went with my friend to Nissan dealership; The loan was only approved till validity of I 797.


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  • hopefulgc
    12-30 12:55 AM
    Even though we have a very honest agenda at heart which at its very core aims to help America be more competitive in the global scene, apparently, we need to have the financial clout to be able to turn heads and thus have our voices heard.

    Here is an idea: say we have roughly 500 members out of this vast array of 35000+ members who have the heart and the will to contribute. we get $2000 from each and place it in an escrow trust account that does not release money for expenditure unless we reach $1 mln

    why? because the first 10 or 50 contributers are the most elemental in getting such a campaign off the ground and we need to give them a guarantee that its an ALL or NOTHING DEAL. If for some reason we stop at $10k because only 5 members contributed and no more are ready to contribute (unlikely), those 5 members can get their money back.

    now is $2000 a huge amount?.. absolutely... but maybe we could tweak this amount or do some payback if we have more people stepping forward in excess of 500. and the amount of payback depends on how early your contributed to the campaign. The first 50 guys could even get a substantial part of their contribution back.

    People, we gotta swing for the fences, the next time we go to play.
    It has taken us some time to understand how the lobbying game is played.. but this time "Lets play to win"
    As evident from current campaigns (, we need to be a big fish.. a million $+ whale to be taken seriously.

    Lastly, i'm just presenting an idea .. its not endorsed by IV core.. and I maybe overlooking some finer points of non-profit corporate taxation and finance.

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  • pr02
    06-19 06:24 PM
    From what I remember about my talk with the INS doctor: A child is administered the Tetanus shot three times in the first year or year and half after birth. There after, the shot needs to be taken every 10 years. What the doc is referring to could be based on his assumption that you have never had a shot earlier. Our doc said the same thing to my wife (I had immunization records that showed I had shots early in life). However, he also mentioned that the INS almost never follows up, and the remaining shots are "advised" not "enforced".

    Hope that helps.


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  • paddy.
    02-04 05:38 PM
    I don't think your design skills are quite good enough yet to be starting a studio. No offense but I think you'd be better off with a bit more practice before you step out in to the world of the design industry.

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  • fromnaija
    11-17 11:48 AM
    Hey arnet! I am having the same problem. I filed for EAD renewal and then I got my card the other day, but problem is they gave me the same expiration date w/c is Jan. 2007. I called the 1-800# 4 times the day after I got my new card to let them know of the error. I never felt so disappointed and frustrated in my whole life! The first 3 representative I spoke could not tell me anything but "sorry we can't do anything about that". One of them even told me to go to the USCIS where I had my biometrics taken.. and that was 5 hours drive from where I live. I was so pissed. Then I tried to call again that same day just to see if there's anyone in their customer service who has some sense to tell me. And luckily a lady answered and she told me to fill out another I-767 form and send it to the service center who approved my case without the filing fee. That is if it's their fault, they're going to waive the fee.

    The only thing that gets to me is, we put our trust in these people to do their part.. because we do. We pay our taxes, we pay for all these filing fees, we do not violate their country.. we're just here to work. Yet after all the waiting that we do, all the hoping, all the sacrifices..this is all we get. A MISTAKE on our IDs.

    I filled out a new EAD application, made copies of all the notices I received from them regarding this application...and I even wrote a damn letter just to explain what happened. I'm in so much pressure right now because I need to have my new card as soon as possible... I am due for renewal of my driver's license. If I can't have that card by the end of this year, I am doomed! I will lose my license and my job. Thanks to them! :mad:

    This is one good reason I support the person who posted on another thread that one keeps status in H1B and not work with EAD. I an not trying to justify the USCIS mess up but if you have the option to keep extending H1 until you get GC, please do so.


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  • GCard_Dream
    09-20 05:31 PM
    How does that help us?

    .. by trying to get our provisions included in this bill .. Duh..

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  • jhaalaa
    12-12 04:20 PM
    Folks how are you and where are you all in OK. I am in Tulsa. Here are my details:
    Labor Filing Date: 27 Sep 2002
    Service Center: Texas Category: EB3
    Application Mailed: 22 Jun 2007 USCIS Received Date: 26 Jun 2007
    USCIS Notice Date: 03 Aug 2007 Filing Type: non-concurrent
    I-140 Processing: regular I-140 Approval Date: 30 Mar 2006
    Fingerprinting Date 1: 29 Aug 2007 Fingerprinting Date 2:
    RFE: no RFE Reply Date:
    Name Check Status: pending Name Check Approval/Denial Date: N/A
    I-485 Status: pending Approval/Denial Date: N/A
    Card Ordered Date: Card Received Date:
    EAD Applied: yes AP Applied: yes
    EAD Approval Date: 16 Aug 2007 AP Approval Date: 23 Aug 2007
    Nationality: India


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  • immig4me
    09-07 08:40 AM
    I assume that since you are currently in EB3, your current job description is different from the job description for which your company (if they agree) will initiate the EB2 PERM process for. Also, the EB2 PERM process will be for "future employment" for the different job position than the one you currently hold (I am assuming this, in the absence of any other data), so they might not need to let you go, if they get any responses.

    If they get any responses to the EB2 advertisement, they will have to consider those applicants and provide them the same opportunity and diligence that they would to anyone applying for that position. If they do not find any of the applicants suitable for the position, they must have very strong and valid reasons why they cannot hire any of the respondents. Only in case they are unable to hire anyone of the respondents, can they even continue with the labor certification filing.

    Also, many employers are fairly certain that they will get many responses to job advertisements and hence they do not want to go through the process for hiring a lawyer etc. etc. etc. and initiating the labor certification process for GC, when they can directly hire someone from the market.

    Porting from EB3-EB2 seems to be riddled with obstacles.... not as easy as some suggest.... thank you for your response. A lot to think

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  • Libra
    11-15 11:20 AM
    At least after DEC visa bulletin don't you guys think its time to act? Lets meet and greet in MN.

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  • leoindiano
    09-06 03:27 PM

    you hit the nail on its head.

    USCIS online processing for EAD and AP is delayed by 2 to 3 months compared to paper filing. Online filing was to make it transparent, expedite the process. It is working exactly opposite.

    07-06 06:54 AM
    the dollar has already fallen 15% and you havent seen the indian economy collapsing or the indian IT companies stock values coming down drastically here and in india

    09-29 07:57 PM

    Don't fret about the PERM time lines. It can take anywhere from 1 month to more than 6 months (for Fragomen clients) for PERM approvals/denials. Mine was filed in May and I also had to reply to an audit.

    In your case because your PERM was applied more than 365 days before your 6th year H1 expires, even if you PERM approval doesn't come until Jun 09, your employer can file for a 1 year extension.

    Now, I am not very sure about this scenario in case of a PERM denial. Maybe someone else can comment on that one.


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